November 11, 2010

Squares for the "Rain or Shine" Quilt

This is what I did with my evening:

I need ya'lls feedback. Do these groups look balanced? Each block uses 4 prints and all the blocks are the same design, but you're supposed to use 4 different fabric groupings to liven things up. I tried to get a good mix of purple/yellow, small print/large print, geometric/organic in each group, but I need some fresh eyes (plus I had to stop working on it because The Mentalist came on). Thanks in advance :)


i LOVE this! the colours are great, and i think it's a great balance. the only thing i can think of, and it's nothing major, is that there isn't a yellow solid (and 2 purple solid), not sure if that's something you want to play around with. but seriously, this is looking great! also, i love the mentalist too! but i usually pvr it and watch it later =P was it a good one today??

I think the groups look excellent! I love love these prints!

your fabrics look really fun~
the bottom right group doesn't have a dark though..

absolutely -- they're perfect. I'm adoring them SO much!

My favorite groups are those on the left. My least favorite is bottom right cos I think it needs a plain to balance out the large prints. Perhaps take the yellow from bottom left and swap it with yellow bottom right??/ Hope this doesn't sound too critical. The fabrics and colors are lovely!

I think it looks good, and I think these fabrics are going to be absolutely amazing in that quilt. Can't wait to see it!

I think they look perfectly balanced. I can't wait to see them in blocks. They are adorable!!

I think the groups look great - LOVE the fabrics and can't wait to see this when it's done! The only thing that caught my eye is the bottom right group, it doesn't have a dark fabric.

I think it looks FAB! I'm so excited to see your progress on this one... gonna head to Barnes & Noble today to swipe this new book! I love this pattern so much!!

I love your selections. The solids throw me off a bit, but I think they will be great once the quilt is put together. I love the variety!

These are lovely! I think (when squinting which is how I check contrast) that the bottom right might need one that's darker?

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