November 15, 2010

A Very Merry Fabric Birthday

You know you have a sickness when the only thing you want for your birthday is fabric. If someone had told me when I was 10 that one day I would desire nothing but yards and yards of fabric for my birthday when I was older, I would have thought they were crazy or a liar. I did a lot of damage this weekend, but shopping is always more fun when you're spending someone else's money...hehe! The world's most awesome mother-in-law (mine), gave me gift certificates to our two local quilt shops this weekend!!! My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but due to my office hours I'm only able to get to our local quilt shops on the weekends...and she knew I'd be chomping at the bit if I had to wait 4 days to use my giftcards...isn't she so thoughtful? Nod your heads yes :)

So here's the rub. From The Quilted Owl I bought the above fat quarter bundle and an ADORABLE vintage style Santa tablecloth that came in a precious matching fabric envelope! (sorry...I forgot to take a picture of that one!) I'm a sucker for vintage Christmas items, plus it reminded me of my grandma's house...which made me sad and happy at the same time since she passed away at Easter this year :(

I thought the FQ bundle would be sweet for a baby girl quilt. The Quilted Owl doesn't carry any modern fabrics, only vintage reproductions and a few batiks...but you know what? I'm not a subscriber to the belief that you can only use modern, designer fabrics if you're a modern-style quilter. I try to be a pretty open-minded person and I think if we turn our nose up at traditional fabrics and write them off entirely, we're no different from the quilters that are dismissive of the modern quilt movement (or machine sewing for that matter...hehe!). Do reproduction fabrics typically suit my taste? No. Do I gravitate toward them? No. But whenever I go in their shop, I always find some fabrics I can use. Always. I think if I mix these up with some of my modern pink fabrics and a chocolate brown Kona, it'll be a pretty awesome fabric party. Nuff said.

Next up is a FQ bundle of the entire Wild Thyme line. It was 35% off at Mes Amis. Party on Wayne.

And here we have a smattering of delicious fabric flavors. Nicey Jane + Love + Weekends = Awesomeness.

And this is a picture of all my loot from the weekend. Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. Has anyone see this video? I die every time at the "happy birthday to the ground" part!!!

P.P.S. Check out the awesome corduroy bag I bought from my friend Mandi. We had a MQG holiday party on Friday night and she was showing us all her leftover bags from a recent craft fair. Can you believe no one bought this??? I would be outraged, but it meant that I got to buy it :) Believe you me, as soon as she pulled it out of her Show & Tell bag o' magic tricks, I swooped in with my eagle talons and snatched it before anyone else could get any wise ideas.

And look at her smug decorative applique stitching. Do you know this crazy woman actually free-motioned a puppy AND a dinosaur onto a baby quilt during our recent quilt retreat? She was like "oh it's easy...just like drawing!". Whatever devil woman. I'm not buying what you're sellin'. To test her casual dismissal of free motion, we started yelling out things she should try and "draw" onto the quilt...and that's how the dinosaur was born. Guess she showed us ;) Moral of the story: Never test a woman from Texas. You'll lose every time.


In case i forget tomorrow, Happy Birthday!!! You got some fabulous deals. Was the bundle from the quilted owl something that they picked up at Market or is it part of their regular line of fabrics?

And I avoided temptation at Mes Amis by not going for the sale...but I didn't have a birthday and gift cards from one of the most fabulous MIL's that I've ever met! I'm glad you got to increase your stock of Nicey Jane!! And I want more weekends...the fabric. ;)

Oh and I have some wild thymes if you ever need some for a quilt...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow :)

Happy birthday tomorrow! And, that was a fabulous shopping spree! Woo-hoo! I found a shop online that lets you make a wish list and send it out. (Stitches and Giggles) I jumped on that train, you know.

And, yes... don't ever challenge a stubborn woman from Texas. :)

Happy Birthday! My mom and I get each other fabric for the holidays. In fact, she just went to HI and brought back fabric with Hawaiian prints for me...Fabric is always a fun gift!

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