December 12, 2010

The "eyes" have it!

Get it? Eyes vs. ayes! wokka wokka!

I decided to take your suggestions and add some button eyes. I bought a pack of these precious little buttons almost four years ago, but never found the right project for them. I'd forgotten I even had them until I was rooting around in my drawers. Isn't it satisfying to use up things from your stash? (especially when it saves you a trip to the store!)

It'll be on it's way to my partner tomorrow. Hope they enjoy it...I'm know I'm going to miss seeing it sitting on my rocking chair :(


Good call. Those buttons are 100% perfect. LOVE this project!

Dude, those buttons match perfectly! I think they were destined for this project. Super cute, by the way!

Eyes definitely give it a special something extra 8-)

Good decisionn! They look great!

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