December 1, 2010

Finally, a quilt!

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like I haven't posted anything about actual quilting in a long time. Whether you've been feeling that way or not, I have a healthy dose of quilt action for you today! I've been covertly hand-quilting my Scrappy Spidey at work during my lunch break every day for the past week. I'm terrible at keeping secrets and my poker face is non-existent, plus my husband is super nosey and good at guessing surprises, so this was the only solution I could think of!

Every day I duck into an old, unused office, close the door, and listen to the Glee Christmas soundtrack while I quilt for an hour. It's actually kind of nice. I'm considering doing more things that require hand-quilting in order to keep this tradition alive once I finish this project :)

There wasn't enough room to spread the quilt out on the floor of the office I've been using, so I had to wait until the work day was over yesterday and spread this out over by the copiers, haha! I used Kona in Indigo (a rich navy) for the sashing and the backing. The sashing is about 4 inches wide.

I'm using a kelly green embroidery thread for all the quilting because 1) I've always loved the navy/green color combo, and 2) I think it gives the quilt a distinct, "manly" look.

And I apologize readers, but the pictures of the back came out awful! It's hard to get good photographs under fluorescent lighting! Everything either looks too light or too dark. Sadly, the photo below was the best of the bunch.

I'm really excited about how the back is going to look with all the circles! I'm quilting 4 circles within each spiderweb, and I'm not measuring diameters or anything while I quilt because I want it to have a really cozy, wonky look to it. Once I finish all the circles, I'm gonna stitch several straight rows down each side of the sashing. The dear hubby loves imperfect, scrappy quilts, and I'm SO EXCITED about how the finished product is gonna look!!! He's also a sucker for a nice cozy quilt, and I find hand-quilted quilts are a little softer & snugglier and drape better than machine quilted ones.

I'd really like to give him this when it's just the two of us, so hopefully our Christmas date night works out! We're waking up early to drive to my parents' house on Christmas Eve, so we're talking about staying downtown at The Roosevelt on the 23rd. There's nothing quite like dinner in the Quarter and strolling along at night amid all the decorations and music :)


What a rad quilt! It's totally "manly" and I love how you escaped to a random office to get the quilting done! I'm sure he will LOVE IT!

I love the idea of a little covert lunch-time quilting to Glee Christmas music. (Better, even, than my lunch time quilt blog reading)

Awesome quilt and I just love the quilting! What a great gift for your hubby. I love the idea of quilting at work to Glee. Hmmm..... maybe my next one ....

Love it! That little bird is really cute! In a manly way tho :)

Everything about this quilt is 100% awesome. Thanks for sharing!!

Wow!! It looks awesome, great job!!

Kaelin that looks wonderful! I am so pleased to have been a little part of this- it is the first bee quilt I have seen almost completed. Green thread is perfect!

Looks great! I bet he will love it. I made one for my man in January this year and its the first quilt I ever made myself. He loves it and takes it with him whenever he is out of town....all his construction buddies love it too. Go figure lol

So fun Kaelin! And I should have guessed that you would have the Christmas Glee soundtrack too. Mike bought it for me as a little gift for our long drive now I'm VERY familiar with it! LOL.

It looks awesome! You've done a great job and I'm sure he's going to be very excited about it :-)

~ Meagan

Your Christmas date night sounds awesome and I love this quilt! The hand quilting looks fantastic.

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