December 16, 2010

Finished 3x6 blocks!

My right arm is now shriveled like a T-Rex's and my neck is hunched up like Quasimodo, but I finished! Yesterday I got home from work, sat down at my sewing command center, and didn't stop until 10:30. I had 4 blocks to go and was running a day late, so I didn't really have any other choice. I hate being late. Speaking of's a funny thing, but I'm always late to MQG functions. And I'm the group leader. I hate being late. I'm a super punctual person...and yet somehow I'm late for almost every single one of our meetings. I don't know how that always happens. Drives me crazy though.


Here are my remaining four five blocks (I just realized I never posted pics of the one I made last week...oopsie poopsie). You can see detailed shots of the other one here.

for miesmama
(orange + gray + white)

for samilou1
 (orange + gray + white)

for littletykesmomma
(orange + blue + gray)

for SayYesJuliet
(aqua + green + gray)

for Mollie 2010
(orange + red)

And below is a mosaic of all my blocks together. As you can see, our merry beehive of quilters was just a tad partial to gray ;)

Ooh...and before I go, can I tell you about a really, really exciting trip I'm about to take?  No one else I tell will be as excited about it as you guys...I can always count on ya'll for an appropriate response ;)

In case you don't know, I grew up in eastern Kentucky. I'll be headed home next week for an extended Christmas stay, and my mom and I are gonna make a day trip out to Paducah! We're gonna make pit stops at a few quilt shops along the way, and then cap off our trip with a visit to the National Quilting Museum and several hours at Hancock's of Paducah. I'm seriously about to pee my pants just thinking about it. If I had a little tail like Whiskers, it would be wagging in excitement. Plus I don't make it home very often, so I'll get some good mom-daughter QT (quality time). Ray's bringing his XBox, so he'll be playing Plants v. Zombies (and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood...but he doesn't know that yet ::wink::) at home while we're gone. He'll be happy as a clam.

I promise to take lots and lots of pictures of the museum + quilt shops. And lots of pictures of gorgeous snowy mountains. I miss snow. And trees. And hills *sigh*


love those blocks kaelin!! and that sounds like an amazing trip, have a great time!!!

Your post made me laugh! I recently went to the largest quilt shop I have ever been in, The Painted Pony and Quilts in Texas. My mom, a non-quilter, went with me. She was under strict instructions that she could not rush me. Well, when I walked in, I wanted to kneel on the ground and look to the heavens in gratitude. OMG this place was fabulous. So, after $175 and 3 hours later (with a teeny-tiny lunch break in between---remember Mom was with me) we were done. And, Mom was out of her misery, although she sat outside in one of the rocking chairs doing her crossword puzzle most of the time. That, my friends, is shameful. At least she came prepared, I guess. Anyway, enjoy Hancocks, I am envious. :)
And, your blocks are fabulous!

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