December 20, 2010

More Presents!

Just a quick lil' post! I wanted to try my hand at making something totally different from what I normally do, so I designed this fabric necklace for my sister's birthday. The top is paper pieced, sewed, and then flipped right side out. I inserted eyelets at the top to attach the chain, and the rosettes are attached with a tiny bit of hot glue (I found sewing them onto the necklace distorted the shape a little).

The back.

Bird's eye view.


Kaelin, that's so very pretty and you are so very clever!

I love it! I can picture this hanging in Anthropologie it's so pretty.

I keep thinking that it looks like an Egyptian necklace that Cleopatra would have worn!

@ Angela...this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I used to sit next to a girl in high school Calculus that had a Lisa Frank folder with a picture of an Egyptian cat-woman on it with the word "Cleocatra" below it.

I'm forever ruined, because until the day I die, I will always think of that stupid cat folder whenever I hear anything about Cleopatra.

Oh! I love this necklace. So pretty.

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