December 14, 2010

Package for my Modern Swappers partner :)

I finished all my stuff for my Modern Swappers partner. I have lots of pictures. I'm going to let the pictures do the talkin'.

This is all her loot. It includes 6 Innocent Crush FQ's, a cell phone case, 2 flour sack towels, and two mystery items that I can't reveal. If I did, I'd have to kill you. Not really...but it would immediately ruin the surprise for my partner.

Flour sack towel numero uno.

Flour sack towel numero dos.

Both towels. Their dimensions are 22" x 38". Ordered from here.

Cell Phone Case (front)
I'll go ahead and admit this isn't my finest sewing. I threw this together at the last minute because I wanted to include one more small project in my package. I've never made a cell phone case before. My first two efforts crashed and burned. It's kind of lumpy...and I had to use gray thread for the yellow snap tab because I used up all my yellow thread during the first attempts. I almost threw this in the garbage, but I figured I'd let my partner decide if that's where it truly belongs.

Back of craptastic Cell Phone Case.

Top of craptastic Cell Phone Case.

Naturally, gifts from the plaid scottie must be wrapped in plaid paper. I have an obscene amount of plaid Christmas paper....and about 5 rolls of Scottie dog paper :)


Cute! What a fun package to give and receive. I don't think your cell phone holder looks craptastic. You should see the lunch money cuff I made for my that's craptastic!

your partner is going to love his/her package.

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