December 8, 2010

Pardon Moi

I just realized I never showed you all photos of the mug rugs I received in the second round of the Mug Rug Swap! It's borderline scandalous that I haven't, considering how wonderful my package was! My partner ended up being Kati aka from the blue chair, and I couldn't be more happy with what she sent me! I honestly can't use enough exclamation points to express my excitement!!! I wish I'd remembered to take a photo of the entire contents, but alas I'm a scatterbrain and completely forgot, so I'll just have to describe it all for you. First of all, she sent me not one, but two gorgeous mug rugs made from some of my absolute favorite fabric lines....Nicey Jane, Katie Jump Rope, Kei Dots, Castle Peeps....not to mention all the linen...gahhh!!! The cuteness is almost too much to bear!!!!

As if she hadn't already gone over and above by making me two awesome mug rugs, she included some fat quarters (in my favorite colorways no less!) of Monaluna's Metro Cafe, some lovely charm size pieces of fabric (including lots and lots of polka dot prints....if I haven't said it before, i LOVE polka dots!!!), and last but certainly not least, some treats for Whiskers! She was thoughtful enough to send my pup some lovin' in the form of chicken-flavored treats and a precious lion squeaky toy. Whiskers loooooves squeaky toys. I haven't decided if he goes for the jugular and rips out the squeaker ASAP because he thinks it's taunting him, or because he thinks it's some kind of hide-and-seek game. Sometimes I swear he thinks I have a stopwatch timing how fast he can tear the squeaker out. He's ruthless!

But I'm sure you want less of me and more of the mug rugs. I promise to stop my incessant typing after I say one final thing. And it's that I can't believe how incredibly lucky I've been with my swap partners this year. I've been continually blessed with abnormally sweet, talented, and generous partners...and I often wonder what the heck I've done to deserve them and their beautiful things! I'm honestly overwhelmed with gratitude every time I receive a package. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I think quilters are some of the most generous and big-hearted people on the planet.

To those of you that have never done a swap before, I highly recommend it! This is the first year I've been involved in swaps on Flickr, and it's been such an overwhelmingly positive experience. You can see my received items here, here, and here.

And here are a few more mug rug pictures to make up for my failure to snap some of the entire package:

Mug Rugs in action...I've been drinking a lot of Mighty Leaf Vanilla Bean tea lately.

Back of the wonky mug rug.

Back of the rectangular mug rug.


I'm so glad you like them. I had a lot of fun putting them together. I think I need to make a few more of the wonky ones--maybe a bit larger as hot pads. That one was my favorite.

Those are awesome looking! I agree that the quilters I've met online are probably the most generous group of people I've ever known!

~ Meagan

I love swaps too! They are so great!

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