December 11, 2010

Presenting....the Wise Owl Pillow!

As you can see, I finished my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap 4! Yay! The design of this whole pillow pretty much revolved around the three owls, because that's the first part I sketched. I love owls. I've loved them ever since I was little because I was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology, and owls were a symbol of my favorite mythological goddess, Athena. My parents were constantly buying books for me, and if you want a hilarious mental image, when I was 7 they got me a copy of D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths and for my 10th birthday I received Bulfinch's Mythology. If you know anything about either of those books, you know they're both HUGE, so I was kind of like Matilda - a tiny girl toting ginormous hardback books to school, my sister's soccer practice, airports, car rides...pretty much everywhere. Random Fact: did you know "bubo" means owl in Latin? Hence the little tin owl being named "Bubo" in the original Clash of the Titans. (I was a Latin minor in college...and not exactly shooting for practicality at the time)

Anywho, moving away from my mental bank of nerdy facts....I noticed my partner had favorited lots of sewn goods on Flickr with whimsical little critters in them, so I thought she'd be just the type of person to appreciate some precious appliqued owls. I didn't want to mess with the center design, so I quilted only the string-pieced border with giant squares set 1/2" apart.

And here's the back, done up in Freespirit's Freckles in Orange. I kind of wanted a solid, but not really, so I went with the Freckles because it looks like a solid from afar...

...and a print up close.

Question: my husband says you can't really tell they're owls and I should add some eyes. At this point in the game, the only way I could do that is to embroider some. Personally I like the look of the solid silhouettes compared to the craziness of the border, but I'd like your opinions because I'm clearly biased.

So what do you think...eyes or no eyes?


No Eyes!!! For me it Looks like three owls from backside. So there can Not Be Eyes ;)
Best wishes

no eyes. love the pillow and your affinity for greek mythology. i wish i would have gotten into greek stuff as a kid because i'm surrounded by it now, the modern type (married greek, we spend summers in athens). Greece annoys me so much, i think if I knew more history/mythology I could enjoy it more.

I don't think it *needs* eyes, per se...but i think eyes would be really cute! eyes are often my favorite part of crafty critters, because you can get some really fun personality in. But you definitely can tell that they're owls without.

I think they're cute this way! But, you could add some button eyes if you wanted. Big huge mismatchy button eyes.

Great job, by the way!

I'd go for eyes. But that's just cos I like eyes and think they give owls their character

They look cute as they are but I think I'd give them eyes for added whimsy :)

I'm for eyes too- also cos I think that's what gives them their owlish look!

I'm also for eyes, because that's what owls are known for. Buttons would do the trick nicely, either flat or shank.

What a cute pillow! Please tell me your secret for envelope backs. Yours is perfect! Mine always make my pillow look like an owl.

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