January 13, 2011

2010 Recap (....only 13 days late)

I've had the flu for the past two days, and I'm about ready to tell my husband to drag me out back and shoot me. I've been out of my bed for a combined total of about 30 minutes since yesterday morning...but the good news is that I got to watch a lot of girly movies my husband doesn't particularly care for....like Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the Sound of Music. Plus Whiskers is loving the whole sick thing, because instead of being cooped up in the kitchen by himself all day while we're at work, he's living the high life napping on our bed and watching movies with me.

So....being that I'm pretty worthless right now and can't do much of anything, I went ahead and put together some photo mosaics to summarize my past year in crafts! Of course, Whiskers needed to make an appearance, so I dug up my favorite puppy photo of him to mark each mosaic :)


 (Technically the black, white and yellow quilt isn't done yet...but finally finishing the top was kind of a personal milestone for me, so I threw it in anyway!)

  Things I Made for Flickr Swaps

Miscellaneous Crafts

And there you have it.

2010 was a blast, so here's to an equally productive, creative, and fun year of sewing in 2011!!! Happy New Year!


Love your projects, and I especially love your photo of Whiskers!

What a year!!! Lovely projects. I hope that you are feeling better soon. How's Whiskers at making soup?

Your projects are so pretty - and I hope you feel lots and lots better soon (but milk those chick flicks for all it's worth!

Feel better! Love that AB Apricot Wallflower bag!

Lots of gorgeous, fun, and wonderful things!!! Whiskers sweet face makes me smile every time!! Rest up, look after yourself and get better soon!!

Hope you are soon feeling better. Loved all your pictures - you've been busy! Since I live in Kentucky I was happy to find your blog. Do you still have family here?

Well weren't you kind of awesome in 2010!

OMG Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one of my favorite movies! Great choice! Hope you feel better and congrats on so many awesome creations!

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