January 10, 2011

Clearly, the fame has gone to his head.

After reading about how cute he was in all the comments, Whiskers has become a bit of a diva. He says it's time he took a more hands on approach (since the blog is named after him), and decided to oversee my "photo shoot" last night. You can see more evidence of his constant presence if you check out the top right corner of one of the photos below.

I have lots and lots of pictures today - yay!

This is the latest 3x6 Bee block I received in the mail from Mollie 2010. Isn't it GORGEOUS?! I can't stop staring at it when I'm at home :)

And this is some fabric I purchased from The Fat Quarter Shop. It arrived this weekend and I couldn't wait to show you guys!

(From L to R: Timeless Treasures Pac-Man, Sanctuary Zen Garden in Gray, Sanctuary Zen Garden in Sherbert, Riley Blake Wheels in Orange)

A few of us NOLA MQG ladies had a little get-together on the North Shore this weekend (reality: Angela and I invited ourselves to Karen's house and arrived bearing gifts of fabric and chocolate because her birthday is in a few days!!!). We then muscled our way into her fabric lair, where we freaked out over the fact that she has a HUGE munki munki quilt top she's been withholding from us for months!!! Can you believe her nerve? Then we raided her fabric bins and stole her leftover Munki Munki scraps, with the promise that we would pay for them with our own delicious fabric scraps at our meeting this Thursday :) I love swapping.

I also swapped Angela some Heather Ross Horses in Green for some precious green Katie Jump Rope flowers. I LOVE SWAPPING.

Karen also gave me a quilt. On her own birthday weekend. Who does that?

Look at the wee baby robots! She's so amazing.

And naturally, three members of the Modern Quilt Guild couldn't have a get-together that didn't involve a fabric store! It would be borderline sacrilegious. So we made a trip over to a shop in Mandeville called Bright Hopes. Conveniently enough, they were having a sale on the best fabric lines in their shop. Angela and I bought the last two yards of the orange Park Slope print. It's odd how I keep finding that fabric line on sale in LQS's, because it's a fairly old one. All of the prints below were on sale for $4.99/yard....how awesome is that? I made out like a bandit!!!

(From L to R: Nicey Jane Welcome Road in Sky, Nicey Jane Hop Dot in Sky, Nicey Jane Swing Toss in Pink)

(From L to R: Henna Garden in Spring, Park Slope Leaf Dots in Orange)

(From L to R: Michael Miller Ta Dot in Moss, Amy Butler Garden Maze in Green)

(From L to R: Amy Butler Martini Dots in Green, Tula Pink Bird Cage in Brown)

And just so you can see what kind of antics I'm having to deal with, here's another shot of Whiskers doing quality control. He was inspecting/sniffing all the fabric to make sure it was up to par ;)

Also, one commenter had asked if people outside the New Orleans area are welcome at our meetings. I couldn't reply to your comment directly because it was set to No Reply, so I'll have to answer it on here! You are more than welcome to come to our meetings, and you can visit our website at http://nolamqg.webs.com/ to get all our meeting info!


I am loving all of those fabrics that were swapped! Is that a yoga girl fabric? Which line is that? I should find some of that for a friend who loves yoga, I could make her something :)

Your dog is just so cute. He reminds me of the dog in Lady And The Tramp. My favorite disney movie. Pretty fabrics too.

Great scores! I heard all about your fabric shopping expedition already. Tsk, tsk, luring Angela off her diet!

LOL well he is pretty cute! I should post pics of my little pooch one of these days :) Once you have kids they take over most of the dog photo shoots. LOL

I never saw that quilt that Karen gave you...that must have been when her husband was lending me all those books! LOL.

This post is bursting with fabulousness!!

Whiskers is as cute as cute can be!! Oh, the quilting stuff is good too, but he is adorable!!

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