January 5, 2011

Finished Scrappy Spidey Quilt....wahooo!!!

I'm done I'm done I'm done! Ahhh-hhaaaaa-aaaahhhh-hhaaaa-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (that was the sound of the heavens opening and angels singing) I've been working on this since JULY (if you click on the label "Spiderweb" along the left-hand side of the screen, it will pull up all my posts on this quilt) and I'm glad I was able to finish it in time for Christmas and the end of 2010! Once I post photos later this week of my other finished quilt, I'll make a lovely mosaic of all my finished quilts and swap items for this past year :)

My husband was completely surprised (for once!) and has been living under it the past few days. He gets a little possessive if I try to use it, which I think is really cute ;)

Apparently I must have accidentally touched the lens before I took these, because there's a smudge in each of these photos. I'm sorry! Unfortunately I didn't notice until late last night when it was dark and I couldn't go outside to retake them....and it's raining right now, so I can't run outside and snap a few quick photos this morning either. Boo! So for now dear readers, you'll just have to live with blurry spots :(  I cleaned my camera last night after I discovered the annoying blurry spots, so it won't happen again.

And please pardon all the dog hair. My parents have a St. Bernard and his fur got ALL OVER this quilt. The hair you see is what remains after 2 vigorous washes, so I can tell I'm going to have to lint roll every square inch of this quilt to get it all off...not looking forward to that. 

I used Kona Cotton in Indigo (navy) for both the sashing and backing, and perl cotton in a kelly green color for the hand quilting. For the binding I chose Joel Dewberry's Herringbone in Lake because it matched the navy really well, plus I thought it was kind of spidery looking when I laid it horizontally next to the quilt....so that's how I cut it. This print in Lake and Pond are my two favorites from the Modern Meadow line and I've been stockpiling them like crazy!

I needed to bind it in time for Christmas so I could have a somewhat presentable quilt I could wrap, so I still have to quilt the semi-circle webs that run along the outside edge of the front (next to the sashing).

Ick. The dog hair is seriously grossing me out. If I'd thought it would show up this much in the photos, I would've spent an hour sticky-rolling it. But I didn't. Because I'm impatient. And wanted to put photos up for you guys. Please don't imagine I have a dirty, disgusting house with dust and dog hair floating about on everything...because I don't! Far from it. Whiskers is a low-shed dog, plus I vacuum and dust religiously. Scouts honor.

P.S. In case you'd like to make your very own Spiderweb quilt, here is the pattern I had my fellow bee members use.


Wow!! Great finish!! I love the hand quilting!!

it looks SO good Kaelin!! almost makes me want to make a spiderweb quilt myself...

Kaelin, it's fabulous!! Definitely makes me want to make a spiderweb quilt. I'm totally inspired that you hand quilted the whole thing too. Way to go!

It's gorgeous! I love how the indigo border really makes all the other fabrics shine :)

It is incredible! I so badly want to make one!

Whenever I go and visit my mom she has dog hair everywhere and she has a clean house, even has a cleaning lady come every other week. I have a short hair dog and a no shed dog so Im lucky my quilts stay pretty dog hair free. Or at least you cant see it. I do love this quilt though, its so cute when a guy likes their quilts too. I made one for my husband and he is the same way with it if I try to use it. I just tease him and say that he is the only grown man I know with a blankie. LOL

This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the hand quilting as well.

I just blundered over from Heather's blog, and wow have I hopefully found a new quilty bff! I was actually born in Chicago, and ended up moving to Eastern Kentucky when I was 6. I've been here ever since.

What a great quilt - LOVE the hand quilting, and the photos are great, (alleged) smudge and dog hair included. :)

I love it, I think you are noticing the dog hair more than anyone else. I am just in awe of the beauty of the quilt. I have 3 hairy dogs so maybe I'm just use to it. Your blog is definitely one I will be following.

Hi and Happy New Year! I'm so glad Heather pointed out your blog. I love this quilt and look forward to following your work this year :)

Great hand quilting! Really makes a statement on the back! Well done!

I just finished a quilt with a black background. It looks like mohair what with all the white dog fur stuck to it. I completely empathize. I will have to give it away after thoroughly cleaning it- stupid of me to think of owning such a thing with 4 dogs in the house. Your wuilting is great!

Wonderful quilt. Me too, I love the pond heringbones :) Too bad the dog hair wasn't washed away, lint rolling ain't fun.

This turned out so well!! I love spiderweb quilts, don't you? I totally get the dog hair thing. WE have 5 cats and 1 dog and hair is just a given in everything! I'm sure you will love it anyway!

Beautiful! All that time working on it totally paid off. And, another one who gets it with the hair, although it's orange cat hair in my case.

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