January 3, 2011

I feel like this....

Sometimes (like right now) I wish I could fit into cozy little spots like this.

We rolled into town late Saturday night after a 15 hour car trip, and I'm still trying to get my bearings. We had a bunch of church activities + the Telschow family Christmas on Sunday, so our house is a shambles, presents are everywhere, and all our suitcases are still packed and lying on the bedroom floor. Rather than unpack, I have a feeling we'll be picking the carcasses of our suitcases for clothes until Saturday.

I feel like I've been gone for a month rather than a week. My parents' internet is so slow it's infuriating. Simple tasks like pulling up a website take at least 20 minutes, so I only got on the computer 2 or 3 times to briefly check my email. If I'd tried to use it any more often, I would've ended up maiming someone. I LOVE the internet, so you know it has to be slower than molasses and completely maddening to keep me away.

On top of that, Whiskers got another bladder infection while we were in Kentucky, so we're dealing with that as well. I feel terrible for him and his poor little bladder because he was awesome during our trip. He's truly the perfect dog when it comes to traveling. We throw a fleece blanket over a fluffy pillow and he'll silently lay in the back seat and sleep forever. No barking, drooling, motion sickness, panic attacks, or leaping around and trying to look out the windows....seriously...other than occasionally trying to curl up in my lap in the front seat, he's the world's best traveler. My poor little baby doesn't deserve a bladder infection :(

So please be patient with me, dear readers. I'll be up and running again shortly...and I promise it'll be worth the wait, because at the end of the rainbow are many, many pictures of things like: not one, but two finished quilts, a small mountain of fabric from a fabulous quilt shop I discovered in Louisville, a magical Christmas snowfall, received swap items, a completely-cut-and-ready-to-be-sewed new quilt, and what you're all probably most eager for...giveaways!!! Stay tuned!

P.S. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas...feel free to tell me in the comments where you traveled, delicious feasts you ate, and awesome new sewing accoutrements you received. I'd love to hear about!


Poor Whiskers! I hope he is recovering quickly. My dog has had three and I feel so bad for when she has them. Hope you are all settled back in home soon and you find a nice place to cuddle up for a rest.

As for new sewing stuff...four sewing/quilting books: material obsession 1 and 3, Simplifly by Camilee Roskelly and Sewn Spaces! As if that wasn't enough-$$ for fabric. Santa was kind.

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