January 12, 2011

I promised another finished quilt, didn't I?

The Snuggle Buddy Quilt

I mentioned a while back that I had not one, but two new finished quilts to show you guys! This will sound terrible, but I've actually had this finished for a couple weeks now....I'm bad, I know. I didn't mean to hold out on you, it's just that we've had terrible weather and it's been overcast almost every day since I got home from Christmas vacation. I meant to have Karen and Angela help me take photos on our sunny Saturday afternoon outing, but I forgot my camera at home because I'm a scatterbrain :(

I couldn't take the suspense any longer though, so I scurried home from work yesterday so I could take photos in the dying light. I know I've said this before...but I can't wait for the longer days of summer. It gets dark too stinkin' early in the winter. Boo!

I'll give you the basic info and then let the photos do the talkin'. It may seem odd that I've named it the "Snuggle Buddy" quilt, but I made it for my best friend from college. When we roomed together, we referred to each other as "snuggle buddies" because we used to snuggle up in our respective beds and watch movies all the time. She loves to sleep in a freezing cold room while snuggled up under a quilt (seriously...she used to open up the window behind her bed in the middle of winter when we were going to sleep every night...crazy woman), so I thought the title "Snuggly Buddy Quilt" was more than appropriate.

The pattern is Amy Butler's Brick Path pattern, which you can download for free here. The front is made entirely out of Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow line, and the binding is the Honeycomb in Sunglow print from the same line. The back is done in Little Folks Voiles (Froth, River Rock and Water) and I can't say enough about how awesome that fabric feels. It's sooooo stinkin' soft. I told my friend that her quilt may or may not arrive used....because I couldn't resist napping under it's snuggly softness once or twice. Whiskers couldn't either. It's been decided. I'm gonna have to buy enough yardage of the voiles to back a quilt for us.

If you'd like to view previous posts or work-in-progress photos of this quilt, click on the Modern Meadow label on the left-hand side of the screen and it will pull up all my old posts on this quilt :)


The outside light doesn't do it justice. It is beautiful and looks so warm and snuggly!


Lovely! I have some of the little trees on white background fabric that I'm wondering what to do with - your fabric combo is great! Thanks for sharing!

It turned out great! love it!

Very Very lovely quilt! I do so love it! Thank You.

Love it, where did you find solid voiles?

Lovely quilt! Lucky friend!

That is so pretty, and I love the design!! Simple yet striking!!

when you do your straight line quilting, where do you start? the middle? do you keep all lines going one way or do you start a new line at the same end of the quilt where you just finished?

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