January 24, 2011

Man Down

My machine crapped out on me Saturday morning, so I just finished taking it to the repair shop. I know I have an addiction to sewing, because I was more than a little stir crazy this weekend without it. To ease my anxiety, my husband bought the 1st season of Modern Family and in 1.5 days we watched from the pilot episode, all the way up to the one that aired last week (we streamed the 2nd season from Hulu Plus). Why did we take so long to get into this show? I've probably had 20 different people tell me I need to watch it over the period of a year, but still dragged my feet for some odd reason.

I think my favorite episode is "Fizbo". I laughed so loud at the scene at the gas station that I woke Ray while he was napping next to me. I love Cam so much. I wish he were a real person so I could be his best friend.

So yeah...this will be a fairly quiet blog week for me, but I'll try and give you updates on my slow 'n' steady hand work as it progresses.


Oh I'm so glad that you are watching this show!!! I love Modern Family. It never fails to make both Mike and I laugh. And I really should buy season one on DVD as well. That episode is sooo funny from above. Cam is definitely my fave character on the show too!

If you want to sew, you can come over and use my machine...I'm most organizing still...so it's sitting all lonely. ;)

great show! Cam is awesome, but I think Mitchell is a kindred spirit. My fav ep is the Halloween one from this season - Mitchell as Spidey at his office about killed me - pee my pants funny!

I haven't seen Modern Family, Sounds good though, I'll check it out. Bummer about your sewing machine, you'll get lots of hexi's done.

I must admit, one time I put my machine in for a service I thought about recording the sound of it just so i could listen every now and then.

that show is so great. I do love Cam! Manny is my favorite though :) Do you watch Cougar Town? Terrible name, awesome show. I want to be like them when I grow up, drink wine all day and do crazy things...

Love modern family! And I feel your pain with your sewing machine at the shop. I have to take mine in too. I have a back up that I can use for piecing but not quilting. It is kind of nice to have that back up...

This is so terrible...I actually have a back-up machine, but the bobbin case has been broken for 2 months and I wasn't in any hurry to get it fixed (since it's the back-up). Totally regretting that decision now!

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