January 7, 2011

The Plaid Scottie Presents: A 10,000+ Hits Celebration Giveaway!!!


Since it's a mini tradition for Whiskers to be my "fur Vanna" and pose with the giveaway items (here and here), I went to go fetch him once I collected all my goodies. But when I saw him peacefully napping on a snuggly pile of quilts, I didn't have the heart to disturb him :)

So here we go, sans Whiskers....

In celebration of the new year + my blog surpassing 10,000 hits (I know...some blogs get that in a week or even a day, but it's a lot in my eyes!) There will be FIVE winners in this giveaway. Wahoo!!! Four of the items are pictured below, and the fifth item is a mystery prize to be awarded according to a different set of rules. Yes, I know what the mystery item actually is...it's not a stall tactic! And yes, the criteria for winning said item is also a mystery....ooooooooohhh....what could I be up to? I'll be sharing this information with a 2nd party before the item is awarded so they can vouch for my honesty :)


ITEM #1: Henna Garden Fat Quarter Bundle
(from Top to Bottom: spring, melon, pink, raspberry, citrus, leaf, brown, and speckle)

ITEM #2: It's a Hoot + Classic Kona Charm Packs

ITEM #3: 1/2 yard each (1.5 yards total) of three different Ruby Star Rising prints
(From Left to Right: Viewfinders in Multi, Vintage Ladies in Ivory, Transistors in Orange)

ITEM #4: Copy of Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts 
(I know it's been out for a few years, but it's a fabulous book and my go-to for gifts)

So now all you need to know is how to enter! Well there's the usual...

Entry #1: Leave a comment.
Entry #2: Become a follower, or if you're already a follower, leave a comment telling me so.
Entry #3: Blog about this giveaway, and leave a comment telling me so.

And the unusual....

Entry #4: Leave me a helpful tip about using Photoshop Elements. I have version 9, but I'm sure there are more similarities than differences between versions 8 & 9. Know of a fabulous tutorial? Leave a link. It'll make my day! But please don't do a 2 second Google search and slap down any old link you find...I'm really looking for links to tutorials you've actually used before and have found to be helpful. Know of a fabulous book/user guide? Give me the name and author.

Entry #5: My husband and I are looking into buying our first home. Leave us a pearl of wisdom! (prayers are also appreciated, but definitely not required ::wink::)


If your email is not listed on your Google profile, leave me your preferred email address. IF I DRAW YOUR NAME AND CANNOT FIND AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOU, I WILL IMMEDIATELY CHOOSE ANOTHER WINNER. The winners will be announced next Friday, Jan. 14th.

This giveaway IS open to International participants. Prizes mailed within the U.S. will be sent via Priority Mail. Prizes mailed Internationally will be sent via First Class Mail.

Muah! I heart you all and wish you good luck ;)


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Congrats on all the hits, a wonderful accomplishment indeed :D

Congrats! I found your blog not to long ago through Heather at A La Mode :) I've loved browsing through all your craftiness!

Buying your first house is so exciting (my husband and I did the same last year). Number one helpful tip: patience! Don't be afraid to wait until you find just the right fit (a toughie for me, I had to really work at being patient!)!

So many yummy prizes!!!!!! When you do a giveaway, you do it right!

I'm a follower--how else would I be reading your blog at 730 am?!?!?

Ugh. I'll be looking at the comments about Photoshop too. I have it, but I use it by trial and error. Lots and lots of error. On the whole I find it more trouble than it's worth unless it's for one special picture. That's probably because I don't know how to use it though. :) As for the house, don't be afraid to be picky about things. It's a huge investment and you want the best for your money. Consider hiring an AC/heating specialist to check out the cooling system. Those are extremely pricey to replace and in the South, you can't go without air! Better to spend $50 having it checked out before you buy than thousands of dollars later.

That is a great accomplishment! Congratulations!

All my best wishes to your lucky day! I did some of the 10.000 clicks ;)
Best wishes

And I am a follower too :)

#5: My tip for your new house: Don't buy a house in need of renovation. You need the time for sewing and blogging ;)
A nice garden for Whiskers would be great.
Best wishes

Congrats on the hit count! :-) That's a big milestone!

Wow, wow, wow! What a giveaway...always so inspired by your work!

For house advice, I found myself staring at the way the homeowners decorated rather than the possibilities. It took me a while to see a house as a blank slate and just to look at the layout. We ended up with a fabulous house at a great price, and even though we had to repaint every single room, it looks like a completely different home!

What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for hosting it :)

I follow you on Google Reader :)

Never used Photoshop before...but I have bought a couple of houses! My best advice originally came from my dad (a Realtor). If you don't get your first choice of houses(i.e. you are out bid, deal falls through, etc.), don't worry because there's always a better house for you out there. I was sooo disappointed when I didn't get my first choice home, but I continued with the search and the house I ended up with is so much better for me. Have fun with the search!

Aaaahhh!! I kinda want them all :D Your pup is so stinkin' adorable, and I don't blame you for not wanting to move him from such a sweet spot.

I'm a follower as of earlier this week courtesy of Heather! (ALaMode). I'm so glad I found this gem of a blog! Unfortunately, I've not bought a home, nor have I used photoshop so less chances for me.

Congrats on so many hits! That's a lot to me too. ;)

I'm a follower thanks to Heather at A La Mode for introducing you!

I'm a Photoshop Elements user so I can't give you a tip. But my favorite resource which is PS and PSE focused is this blog http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/
She has so many great freebies,tutorials, actions. It's where I've learned almost everything I know for PSE.

Oh, wow. What wonderful giveaway gifts! Thank you!


And I am a follower!


You are wonderful! Thanks for the chance!

What a generous giveaway! And congrats on all of the hits! I'm still a long way off from that number. lol...

Re the new house, I have so many words of advice. We are currently moving into a house that took us a year to find. 1st - take your time. In this market, things generally aren't moving too fast so you dont' have to feel rushed.
2nd - make a list of what you are looking for and decide which is most important and what you are more flexible on.
3. Try not to be emotional about it(says the emotional one). It's easy to get emotionally attached to a house and not see some of the practical problems with it (my hubby was good at the practical side thankfully!). Best of luck on your search!

And I am already a follower!

What a give away:)
Thanks a lot for it and CONGRATS!

Those are such fantastic prizes! I received that same book for Christmas, and you're absolutely right - it's such great gift inspiration!

Oh swoon!!! I've been so anxious to get my hands on some Ruby Star Rising! This is one generous give away you have going here!

Apropos house: TAKE your time - no rush (because rush is the best reason for buying the wrong)

Oh how lovely!

I have that book too, and I just love it!

Wow what a fabulous give away! Huge Congratulations 10K in hits is worth a celebration!

your give away is on the sidebar of my blog under 'give aways'

I've been following you for a while now! Still love that cookie recipe you shared with us before Christmas!

I've never bought a house, but my boyfriend did a year ago. I suggest taking pictures at each one (or the ones you really like!) to remember them, as when you look at so many, they can start to blend together!

Sorry I can't offer any photoshop words of wisdom. My other half got me photoshop for my new laptop and I've not used it - I tend to get him to do it - I suspect you want better advice than get your other half to learn and do if for you though lol

As for buying a house. Well anyone can have a house. Buy somewhere that feels like it could be your home.

Hello from Northern California. What a generous give away!

Great blog, I love your box pouch tutorial!

I follow your blog in my reader account.

I don't have photoshop so can't give you any advice there, I use Picknik.
I don't own a home so I wouldn't take my advice too seriously...buy the best house you can afford! And one with good light, you don't want to feel like you're stuck under ground (or do you?! I wouldn't know lol!) And remember that although buying a house feels like a pretty permanent decision, nothing in life is forever so buy the house that's right for you now and in your near future...my two cents :-)

Congrats on your 10,000 hits !!!
Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

Congrats! :)

Wonderful giveaway!

So, DH and I have bought two houses. First, it will SHOCK you how much money the bank will loan you. For our first house, we figured out our price range based on our incomes, expenses, etc. The bank was willing to give us much more. DON'T DO IT. You don't want to be house poor and not have any money left for buying fabric ;)

Second, don't assume that people will do their jobs. I know this sounds really cynical, but I had to be a major PITA and double check everyone's work from the mortgage company, to the inspectors. Plan to make it nearly a full time job and follow through with every call, fax, and email to make sure that things are being done, put through, etc. This was very hard for me to do, usually I am laid back and assume people do what they say they will do, but make sure you keep on top of things.

Third, be prepared for some stress induced arguments, and know that once the stressed has passed, so will the fighting. Schedule some special time for yourself and with your husband to help get you through. Wow, I could go ON and ON about this, but I will stop here. Good luck, it is so wonderful to have a place of one's own and well worth all of the stress.

10,000 hits sounds good to me. Congratulations.

I'm already a follower and sorry but I don't (yet?) use PS9 so I can't help there at all. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Thanks for the chance to win.

I was following just in google reader, but I added myself as a follower too :)

You are sooo cute! I found you through Doll Quilt Swap but you are sooo going on my sidebar!

Have you tried Pioneer Woman, Ree?? She has good ideas and helpful info about Photoshop

Tips for house buying. Have everything in order for the loan company and follow up with them often. If buying a new home from a builder don't bring a real estate agent (sorry to those who that is your profession) or you pay them an extra percentage. Also when buying a new home from a builder you can negotiate.

Ooooh, this would calm my need for fabric on the fabric diet :)

I haven't bought a home but my parents advice to us when we do was figure out your own price range. The bank will loan you a bunch but you and your hubby need to figure out what you can afford comfortably. Plus all the fix'its. like water heaters and garage lights.

While I follow you, I wasn't listed as a "follower" so now I am :)

Pearl of wisdom for a house, Set you budget that you are comfortable with and DON'T EXCEED IT at all! We once heard that you should never spend more than 2 1/2 times your yearly salary on a mortgage and will live by it forever (we've done it the other way too, never again). Being house poor sucks.

Woohoo for 10,000 hits! Congrats!

I follow you through Google Reader (and love you!)

House advice... 1. Do not believe the bank when they tell you how much you can "afford" cause HOLY COW that's a huge house payment that you likely cannot afford. 2. Be PICKY. Make a list that you will NOT live without and stick to it. It's a total buyer's market so be patient and you'll find the one. 3. Whole house inspection is a MUST.

Good luck!

Congrats on 10,000!
beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

wow!!! great fabrics!!
thanks for the giveaway :)

I'm with Anna on the house: "House advice... 1. Do not believe the bank when they tell you how much you can "afford" cause HOLY COW that's a huge house payment that you likely cannot afford."

You do not want to be tied down to the house and not be able to go out and do fun things (or buy things)!

photoshop tutorial - a professional photographer has been mentoring me a bit and she recommended the site below. you do have to join (free), but the forums are invaluable. the tutorials forum has tons of post processing stuff...I've dabbled in it, but haven't thoroughly digested it (I've been focused on learning about light recently). but everything I've read on there has been crazy helpful...and the experts are more than willing to give you more specific help when you need it. hope it helps!

beckymac1 at hotmail dot com

Thanks for offering such an amazing giveaway and for reaching 10,000+ hits.


house buying tip - envision your future and then buy the house that fits that vision as well as your current life. we were short-sighted in buying our first home and ended up selling and buying another just two years later. it's not quite as easy to do that in this economy, so be smarter than we were:)

Hi Kaelin,

Thanks for a marvelous giveaway -- what a nice Friday surprise!

I love the Henna Garden Fabric!!! Hope I win!!

I am a follower of your blog. I love it!

House hint: Don't become house poor. Only buy what you can afford without giving up too many other things.

As for Photoshop, I'm not totally sure which version you have!:) I have CS4 (CS5 was just released recently, and they've been calling it CS... for a little while).

I'm not amazing at Photoshop by *any* means, but I've consulted AdobeTV (here is the Photoshop "channel": http://tv.adobe.com/product/photoshop/) quite a few times to brush up just before job interviews so I can pretend I know what I'm talking about! The explanations are really clear and particularly useful if you're a "visual" learner. And if it helps, I'm sure a trial download of PS CS5 is available at adobe.com -- they usually offer 30 trials. Enjoy and thanks again!

You are only a 1st time homebuyer once...make it count and find all of the rebates, no or low closing costs, etc that you can.

Also make sure that YOU keep track of the timelines, due dates, homes you want look at, etc...don't always rely on your Realtor to do it for you and keep you informed. I was minutes away from missing out on my dream home because my Realtor failed to contact me. Thankfully it all worked out; but could have been disasterous. My Realtor was great; but very busy.


I'm taking a photoshop class this semester so I will be able to give you loads of tips soon!

On the house: Congrats!
We just bought a house this summer and I was a loan officer in my past life so I know A LOT about buying your first house. (please, message me if you need any help or advice. i know lots abour mortgages)

Rates are awesome right now so that's a big plus. I suggest to first decide what you can afford and stick to it! Don't forget that in your payment you'll have insurance and taxes and maybe PMI (Ours totals about $350/mo) There are some great houses out there just over your price range that will tempt you but remember, you don't want to be house poor (biggest mistake people make). FHA is a great way to go for a first time buyer, there's a low money down requirement but there are more fees to get the loan. you can also let your realtor know that you are interested in sellers concessions and the seller can pay for some of your closing costs on the loan to ease the money you bring to the table! We did this and only paid $4000 at close (including our money down). The rules now are 5% down and up to 3% sellers concessions!
Then get approved for a mortgage before you even look.
Then get a realtor you trust and make sure they know what you want. We got rid of our first one because he showed up late, gave us houses out of our price range and came to meet us in cutoffs (no joke).
We got lucky and found a great house in 4 months. But, we had an offer declined and lots of looking on the way!

Happy Hunting!

Congrats on all the hits! Over 200 subscribers too! :)

Wow, wow, wow. What a fabulous give-away. Thanks so much for the chance to win. I love your blog!

oh, that pup is so cute - I wouldn't be able to disturb him either!

I don't have any great tip for photoshop, but The Pioneer Woman does! http://thepioneerwoman.com/photography/category/basic-photoshop/
I also LOVE Lightroom for just basic photo editing.

I follow via google reader. :)

Hmmm...house buying. Set a budget and stick with it. Visit lots of houses to find out what you need, what you love, what you can live with-out. Set aside a bit of money for upgrades/changes/furniture after the sale goes through. It is fun to make your house your own!

No photoshop tips sorry - I'm thinking about taking a class to learn PSE.

And house tips - patience is key with short sales... and don't be afraid to have multiple offers out at the same time - we had one out that we didn't retract until we actually closed on our house. And when you get to the point where you can get an inspection, please do...but know that the inspector will still probably miss something.

Wow! Congrats Kaelin! Way to go!

I have never bought a house, but we have thought about it. My advice would be that you can change the inside, but it's a lot harder to change the outside if you don't like it.

House Tip: You'll know it when you find it! If you walk into a house and it isn't for you or something about it is bugging you, just walk away. For such a big purchase you need to LOVE it. My latest house, I knew it was the one the minute I stepped in and it was!

House advice....Don't go over budget! Consider that property taxes and home owner insurance will be part of your mortgage payment. These intangibles will add to your cost year after year and you won't have control over taxes be raised or rising insurance costs. My monthly mortgage payment nearly doubled in ten years and I was hardly prepared for that to happen.
Good luck and you do have a prayer from me!

I'm a follower and have been for some time! Cool to see you on Heather's blog though :)

I've blogged your giveaway here http://nelliesniceties.blogspot.com/2011/01/plaid-scottie-giveaway.html

but you're on my sidebar too :)

Oh geez girl, you had to make me bust out some photoshop knowledge didn't you?!?

I can't help you with photoshop but I've done lots of house buying. It's mega stressful but so exciting. We've always bought the houses with the ugliest interior that way we haven't felt bad when we've ripped it all out and started again...usually works out cheaper too so there's scope to add some value. Location is always far more important to us than the cosmetic appearance. Duff location equals pain in the butt to resell!! Anyway enough rambling,you'll be in my prayers :)

Ok my House buying comment.....since I myself dont have one I cant really give you too many tips other than two that I would keep in mind myself. Buy one that you dont have to do much to, or if you buy one that you do have stuff to fix...do it before you move in or you will never get it done.
Two, if you plan on the sound of little feet in your future, be sure to research schools in the area. You would hate to buy a house in a not so good school district only to have to move in a few years,unless you dont mind moving multiple times. Oh and you have to live in a house 5 years to make any money from your purchase :)

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

Photoshop is great, I took a class on it back in my day. Of course its been forever since I have played with it. I should go and get it to load it on my computer.
I usually work in layers. You can add a new layer to any project and each item is a new layer. Try to keep all your layers separate or you will later end up forgetting and having two items on on layer and it will make you mad. Thats my best tip. As far as tutorials, I would do a google search and find one, but Im sure you have already found most of them. If you have questions though ask away :)

I am a new follower, and I love your site. The fabrics are great, and I found you through the Make Mine Modern Swap on flickr.

I have Photoshop CS4, so I am no help on that front. Plus I use Paint for my photos, since it is so much easier for quick edits.

Regarding a house. Get a real estate agent you trust and who several people have recommended recently. The housing market is way different than it was five years ago, and you need someone who literally is willing to fight for you. Other thing is make sure all your finances are in order. Check out Dave Ramsey!

Hubby and I have bought and sold 4 houses, and the best advise we ever received was from our mortgage guy. Buy the cheapest house in the nicest neighborhood you can afford. May sound shallow, but has been good advice for values.

By the way, I am in Houston, so you are near me on the gulf! I hope you find the house of your dreams.

Oh yeah, I put your giveaway on my blog!

Any of the fabrics would be a hit in my daughter's quilt that I should have started a while back but just now getting to it - no rush since it needs to be finished by the end of May!!! ARRGGHH!

Wow, congratulations on 10k hits! I am sure this giveaway will help boost you up even farther hehe!

Well girl, you are going to have a heck of a lot more hits after this giveaway. ;) You naughty thing...you didn't tell me how fabulous this giveaway would be!!

Since I know that I've contributed to the 10,000 hits on your blog, I know that I'm a follower. ;) It's official and everything.

I'm a CS5 user of Photoshop so I probably wouldn't be able to help you with any tips or tricks for version 9. I do however know that I am a huge supporter of StumbleUpon.com. If you choose Photoshop for tutorials it will give you all sorts of new tricks to use on web sites from all over the world.

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

I've added you to my favorites and love the giveaway!

I have faithfully blogged about your giveaway. Thank you for giving everyone on a fabric diet something to dream about winning! ;)


Great giveaway! I love your Scottie,he is adorable!!

I am a new follower (found your giveaway post on flickr!)

Wonderful giveaway. I am so happy for you, 10k hits, learning something new and buying a home. Wow girl..starting the new year off right!

Congrats! Love the fabrics!

Darn...I don't know anything about photoshop yet. I haven't even started to play with it yet, But I do have tips for EQ...so let me know when that counts. LOL.

and my pearl of wisdom is the gift of my husband. He's THE person you wan to look over any house you are possibly thinking of. He'll discover the good, the bad, the ugly and easy fix. I'm nice, so I'll share him. ;)

I don't know anything about photoshop, but my mom is a realtor.... Make sure you absolutely LOVE the house. You don't want to invest the time and money into a house that you have so many things that "would be perfect if...." and end up investing MORE time and money into fixing things--- (unless that's your thing, then by all means go for it!). Wait until you find the house that you LOVE and can not WAIT to move into! This is going to be your house, you can't just sign a new lease in another place in a year :) Good luck, though! I hope you find the perfect one!!

I don't have any PhotoShop advice, but I do have some house hunting advice. Unfortunately, I learned this from experience.

If the house you are looking at has a crawl space, PLEASE have someone you trust go under the house and see if there is any evidence of flooding. Every time it would rain, our house would have at least 2 ft of water under the house that would sit for days, which can cause mold. We believe after doing lots of grade work and landscaping that we have fixed the problem, but it has caused a lot of heartache. It would also flood our front yard, driveway and into our storage room in the carport. I've walked out to my car barefoot, pants rolled up and water above my ankles before. It's not fun :(

So, now everytime I hear of someone buying a new house I always tell them to check under the house and the grade of the land (For example, our house sits lower than the street).

Good luck in the search!

My little bit of wisdom on buying a home...spend what you can comfortably pay with the ability to save and to play. Just because you get a loan for $$$ doesn't mean you have to spend it all.

What fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

mrsb04jc at yahoo dot com

Oh I <3 these items... thank you so much for the chance to win!!

Hey girl, I just love your little dog.Thanks for the chance

And I'm a follower... I found your blog through Angela @ Cut to Pieces, so glad I did.

Thank you for the giveaway chance!

I am a new follower after Heather's post the other day. Great blog so far!

I blogged about your giveaway at: http://quiltyascharged.blogspot.com/2011/01/giveaway-at-plaid-scottie.html

Congratulations on 10,000 hits! It's a pretty big deal to me, too. :)
I love the Henna Garden fat quarter bundle! I don't think I'd seen that before. :)

As for advice on buying a new home (we just bought one, too!) I took as many pictures as I could of each home. Of everything! Looking at 5 or 6 houses in a day, it all runs together, so pictures of each home really helped me sort it out. And I took a picture of the realtor's information sheet before we walked into the house so I had definition between one house and the next. Good luck!

Congrats on your 10,000th hit! I have really been enjoying reading your blog!

Angie (angie@craftedAngles.com)

What an amazing giveaway!! I just love your blog, it is so super fun and you always have such great projects. I had the mario brother song in my head for a week after you posted your adorable mushroom pillow :)

I follow your blog too!

Angie (angie@craftedAngles.com)

I follow your blog, and I saw that you were featured over at Heather's the other day!! Congrats!!

10,000 views - that's a milestone that'll be a while off for me! Congratulations!

On a house...Location, location, location! I'm not talking about for resale, but make it the location you want. I've have 4 houses, and location is always the biggest factor in how much I like living in the house. Do you want to be able to walk places? To a school or a park or a restaurant? I had a house on a steep hill once and loved the house but hated the hill. We only lived there a few years because the hill turned out to be a much bigger problem than I thought. Too hard for a toddler to play outside, a pain to walk the dog, bad in snow, etc. Hang around the neighborhood a bit if you can. Talk to some of the neighbors if you can. Also, I've always had a feeling about a house--just felt at home right away when I walked in. That was the clincher.

We bought our first home 3 years ago and while I don't know if we really knew what we were doing but here is a tidbit I wish I would have known. Check the toilets, like actually lift the lids and look inside. It will tell you a lot about the state of the house over the previous years :)

If you're going with an open mortgage to get the lowest interest rate, give yourself a $$ cushion by not stretching yourself to the limit, or you won't be able to make payments when interest rates climb.

And just because you get pre-approved for a certain mortgage limit, doesn't mean it is a good idea to stretch things to the limit.

10,000 hits is quite an achievement. I only just started my own blog a few months ago. Maybe in 5 years I'll hit that mark!

What a great giveaway!
I adore henna garden!

I'm a bit of a technophobe and I know nothing about photoshop - I don't even know what it is!! and you won't be surprised to learn I don't have a blog!! but I do have a house!! and my only advice would be to follow your instincts!! they're usually correct!

great giveaway! Congratulations on 10,000 hits!

Thanks for a great (GREAT) giveaway, Kaelin and congrats on 10k hits! Woo hoo!

Awesome giveaway! Congrats on the 10,000 hits!

My best advice on purchasing a home for the 1st time is, buy the home you know will work for you and your (possibly) growing family in the coming years. I know from experience that if you buy a home and say to yourself "Well, this will work for a while."- You may end up not being able to get out of said house when it no longer fits your large family (4 kids later in a 1200 sq foot home). Good luck on the house hunting!!

I know nothing about Photoshop but we've bought two houses now, so here's my advice:

1. teach yourself to look past how the house is decorated when you're deciding if you like it or not. Who cares if you hate the seller's furniture? It's not going to be there when you move in!
2. look at details like closets (or lack thereof), storage etc.
3. remember there is always something that goes wrong as soon as you move in - budget for those "oh by the way" costs.
4. choose the area, then the house.
5. get a realtor you trust and who will be a pitbull for you in the negotiations. ours saved us about $55k between what she got for our house we sold and what she negotiated off the purchase price of the one we bought. definitely paid for her commission!

What a great giveaway you have! I will join and try my luck :)

I am IN LOVE with that book!
I've had it out of the library a bajillion times!!

I just blogged about your giveaway :)
It's on the left sidebar: http://shape-moth.blogspot.com/

Thank you for a chance at this giveaway...henna garden is my favorite print by sandi henderson...i love the RSR prints...but probably won't buy them (resolution - blah)charm packs are so practical...and i just made the color wheel quilt from that book and would love to own is vs. constantly borrowing from the library!

when buying a home have it examined by a home examiner before you decide for sure-- seriously worth every cent!

when house hunting i suggest you be really open minded and honest with yourself...and think of the future...school districts, upcoming traffic changes to the area? i would love for our house to have a basement, but we didnt plan to live here this long...you just never know! good luck!

Vinegar will make a slow shower head fast again if the problem is hard water and is way cheaper than buying a new one. Let it soak for half an hour or so and it should run like new! It will clean hard water off of walls too.

I love your blog, and your giveaway is amazing! Thank you for this opportunity! :)


congrats 10,000 hits that's awesome!!!

Thank you for the giveaway. In looking over the Henna garden I realized I don't use much brown. Need to remedy that. nanasew at gmail dot com

And about the PS. I myself am a beginner in PS, that's why I use online tutorials very often. Last one I used was this: http://veerle-v2.duoh.com/blog/comments/photoshop_vintage_effect/
It shows nicely and easily how to give your photos a vintage look. I was usin it in this post on my blog: http://shape-moth.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-giveaway-edward-bat-softie.html
The photos look very cool.
Hope it was a little bit helpful :)

Congrats! Thanks for the chance to win!

What an amazing giveaway! I'm no help with your questions though, having never used photoshop or bought a house!. Thanks for a chance.

I'm a follower now. Your blog is new to me, but I will certainly be back and watching your every move!

I am already a follower.

You are giving away some amazing things! And Whiskers looks too cute snuggling in the blanket!

Congrats on 10,000 hits! That's a big accomplishment to me, too (and coming from one who *cannot* keep up her blog)! Fabulous giveaway!

I only have Photoshop 7 but I love using different actions on my photos. There is a blog called Pioneer Woman who has free actions you can download as well as extensive tutorials with screen shots of the process of using them.

This link is for the actions: http://thepioneerwoman.com/photography/2010/03/actions-update-2/

Under the photography tab of her blog is 2 different photoshop sections, both with insanely helpful tips and tutoriuals for all sorts of functions. She uses CS3 but there are tons of similarities between the versions that they still help me and I use 7.

Oh my Whisker is a little doll doggie. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! Congratulations on hitting 10,000 hits!

I love all the items up for grabs! You're site is so much fun and I love when I see an update in my google reader! Congrats on 10,000!

I am already a follower :)

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