January 7, 2011

The Plaid Scottie Presents: A 10,000+ Hits Celebration Giveaway!!!


Since it's a mini tradition for Whiskers to be my "fur Vanna" and pose with the giveaway items (here and here), I went to go fetch him once I collected all my goodies. But when I saw him peacefully napping on a snuggly pile of quilts, I didn't have the heart to disturb him :)

So here we go, sans Whiskers....

In celebration of the new year + my blog surpassing 10,000 hits (I know...some blogs get that in a week or even a day, but it's a lot in my eyes!) There will be FIVE winners in this giveaway. Wahoo!!! Four of the items are pictured below, and the fifth item is a mystery prize to be awarded according to a different set of rules. Yes, I know what the mystery item actually is...it's not a stall tactic! And yes, the criteria for winning said item is also a mystery....ooooooooohhh....what could I be up to? I'll be sharing this information with a 2nd party before the item is awarded so they can vouch for my honesty :)


ITEM #1: Henna Garden Fat Quarter Bundle
(from Top to Bottom: spring, melon, pink, raspberry, citrus, leaf, brown, and speckle)

ITEM #2: It's a Hoot + Classic Kona Charm Packs

ITEM #3: 1/2 yard each (1.5 yards total) of three different Ruby Star Rising prints
(From Left to Right: Viewfinders in Multi, Vintage Ladies in Ivory, Transistors in Orange)

ITEM #4: Copy of Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts 
(I know it's been out for a few years, but it's a fabulous book and my go-to for gifts)

So now all you need to know is how to enter! Well there's the usual...

Entry #1: Leave a comment.
Entry #2: Become a follower, or if you're already a follower, leave a comment telling me so.
Entry #3: Blog about this giveaway, and leave a comment telling me so.

And the unusual....

Entry #4: Leave me a helpful tip about using Photoshop Elements. I have version 9, but I'm sure there are more similarities than differences between versions 8 & 9. Know of a fabulous tutorial? Leave a link. It'll make my day! But please don't do a 2 second Google search and slap down any old link you find...I'm really looking for links to tutorials you've actually used before and have found to be helpful. Know of a fabulous book/user guide? Give me the name and author.

Entry #5: My husband and I are looking into buying our first home. Leave us a pearl of wisdom! (prayers are also appreciated, but definitely not required ::wink::)


If your email is not listed on your Google profile, leave me your preferred email address. IF I DRAW YOUR NAME AND CANNOT FIND AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOU, I WILL IMMEDIATELY CHOOSE ANOTHER WINNER. The winners will be announced next Friday, Jan. 14th.

This giveaway IS open to International participants. Prizes mailed within the U.S. will be sent via Priority Mail. Prizes mailed Internationally will be sent via First Class Mail.

Muah! I heart you all and wish you good luck ;)


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Awesome giveaway!! Seriously, wow. And woo woo on 10,000 hits, thats pretty dang cool!

I have never bought a house so no wisdom there except not to settle! Buy what you love! Also some architectural elements are just awesome in houses like bay windows with seating benches and widow's walks!

Buying your first home--how exciting! What immediately comes to my mind may is that you should get the best FIXED rate you can versus a low rate with an ARM. My hubby & I got a 7-year with a low rate anticipating that we would move before it was up. We are looking at it coming up in the next year & we can't afford to move or even refinance right now. Even still, God is good and our rate actually *lowered* a few months ago. I'm hoping it will stay that way! But I don't keep up with things very well, so many ARMs aren't even available right now. I pray that you will let God lead you through it all! :)

Congrats on the hits mark, your blog is lovely.

Best advice I have on home buying (It took my husband and a year to finally find our diamond of a house) was to find which school districts in the area are the best-they normally have a quicker sale times and appreciate faster than other school districts. Before we looked at any neighborhood we would ask the realtor the average sale time of the houses in the neighborhood (which also was very helpful). Good luck on purchasing your home!

Tips for home buying - Don't settle! In a market like this one there are lots of options (although not all of them good options) so wait until you find one you'll love. Also, get a REALLY good home inspector with lots of experience and recommendations by other people. You want one who will be really through and tell you if anything is funky. Sometimes people do their own repairs and have no idea what they're doing and you want to catch that asap! I've heard horror stories of people not checking into their home inspector and his just coming for an hour and not looking at much, then they find out x, y and z don't work and it's going to cost mega bucks. Good luck finding your first house!!

Holy schmoly! Great giveaway. I'd be happy to win any of this!

I'm a new "follower," but I've been reading your blog for a while now.

All of these prizes look fabulous. Except the book, but only because I already have it!

Also, I'm a follower as of a few weeks ago.

This batch processing tutorial has saved me a number of times through the years: http://www.creativemac.com/2002/04_apr/tutorials/psbatch.htm

& I have this tutorial on creating plaids in Photoshop bookmarked. I've never tried it, but I want to: http://cicadadaydream.blogspot.com/2008/08/tricks-of-trade-creating-plaids-in.html

When looking for a house, make a list of things that you want and are NOT willing to budge on. When we bought our house, I thought, Well, I don't HAVE to have a space for this or a space for that. But, I hate that I don't have those things. I've made a list of things that I have to have when we buy our next house. Two of those include a separate room for sewing and a separate room for food storage! Good luck.

For us, the big thing that was wrong during our house hunt was the realtor. We were just having the worst luck w/ folks and so we ended up sticking with this one woman because we wanted to keep moving forward with the search. She was the absolute worst and totally not knowledgeable. At one point I stopped taking her calls and made my husband deal with her. We did, however, learn a lot more about the process than we would have had she been a little more with it. We found a great house that we probably wouldn't even have seen if it hadn't been for her roundabout incompetence, so it all worked out in the end.

Nichole Van is a photographer, but she's created a bunch of great actions for Photoshop. Some are free and some you have to pay for, but one I use all the time is a sharpening action. Here's a link to the actions section of her site:


I totally have to up my chances of winning since you're giving away such amazing prizes. I blogged about your giveaway.


This is the most generous celebration giveaway ever! I'm so glad we've 'met' in the Quilting Divas sampler bee and I look forward to making a block for you!

What a great giveaway! Would love to win any of the prizes!

Officially following all happenings here at the Plaid Scottie!

OK, first here is your comment. :)

Re: house buying. Check to make sure there is a dishwasher before signing the deal...and an extra space for sewing studio is a given, right?!

OK so I don't have photoshop so I'm no use there although I'm guessing you put the bluebird pants on Sparty with that and gave him the magic wand. As to buying a new house, my pearl of wisdom is - on moving day, don't leave your trainers on the floor so the removal men pack them into a box and you have to do the whole move (yes the whole move) in the only shows you can find which are a pair of ludicrously high heeled boots.

Hi there! I came over from Brooke's post at Pitter Putter Stitch. Always glad to find new blogs like yours! Stop by and visit if you get a chance - www.genxquilters.com

Congrats on the hits! That is awesome, enjoy! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

My husband and I stopped eating out unless we were with friends when we were saving up to buy a house. You'd be surprised how much you save by not stopping for lunch at Panera when you're out running errands. This way we were able to afford a little more house!

Congrats! I'm on the fabric diet, so any additions to the stash would be helpful to keep me on the wagon.

Great giveaway, tricialee22 @ hotmail. com

Here's my favourite Photoshop trick, not sure if it'll be remotely useful for you.

It's how to get the white bit out of a black and white drawing, without a "halo" of grey pixels - these pixels will instead be varying degrees of opacity. This is especially good if you want to colour in a drawing comic-book style - a thick black line with colour underneath on another layer.

Step 1: make your image greyscale (Image -> Mode -> Greyscale)
Step 2: Go to the channels window (Window -> Channels)
Step 3: Command-click on the "Gray" channel, this will select all the WHITE on the screen.
Step 4: Inverse the selection: Command-Shift-I
Step 5: Copy selection
Step 6: Make a new layer
Step 7: Paste selection

Congrats! You now have a layer which contains only black pixels, in varying levels of opacity.

You can see an example of where I used this technique here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gershamabob/498447216/in/set-72157600214436441/

awesome giveaway, thank you for posting!!!!

I have some of those henna prints and It's a Hoot and they are wonderful to drool over I might add! You are awesome!

house buying tip: remember Kitchens and Bathrooms are the most expensive things to update....so if you love the house and hate the kitchen, add 10K into the price of the house, because that's what it could cost you to update/replace :-)

Wow, thank you for such a great giveaway!

A pearl of wisdo for buying your own home: be realistic about the amount of DIY you are prepared to undertake.

My husband and I are wicked procrastinators, so we bought a house which didn't need very much "doing" to it!

I don't have a photoshop tip, because I don't know how to use it, but if you haven't been to www.picnik.com try it! There are lots of cool techniques and tricks you can use for refocusing, adding elements and colors and even texts to your pictures :-)

When reselling remember landscaping is a biggie now instead of the kitchen;)

My pearl: Try to look beyond it's current decorations, lighting fixtures, countertops, etc., and look at the structure itself. Do you like the layout, does it get enough light, does it have solid construction, etc. Then, over time, you can upgrade those other items, and end up with a bigger home than if you bought one that already has those niceties since that increases the price by a lot.

And for my last entry (cause I don't blog, and don't own photoshop) a buying a new house tip. Make sure you check out the bathrooms. This tip comes because when a friend of mine was apartment shopping he never went into the bathrooms. I would ask him if there was a shower or bath, and he wouldn't know. Well, he was a guy, so that could explain it.... tricialee22 @ hotmail . com

Lovely giveaway!!!! pls let me win LOL

Love, love, love the fabric! What a nice giveaway...hope I'm one of the winners!

I'm a new follower; this is my first time to your blog. So...I'm meeting Whiskers for the first time! He's a cutie!

Congrats on all the hits ! Whiskers is so so cute !

Can't wait for more blog posts from you, as I am a follower now believe it or not!

Pearls of wisdom on buying a house: never take anything for granted...have everything in writing. Hire your own home inspector to make sure all is fine with the house...it's worth the money.

And you're too young for this advice, but I'd give it to middle-aged people buying a house: think ahead about steps and if doorways are too narrow for wheelchairs/walkers to fit through especially if an older person might be coming to live with you.

Tip on buying a house - get a home inspection and warranty. We have owned our home for 6 months and the furnace just went out. The inspector had some good insight.

another tip - move to Utah and buy my house!

As far as looking for your first house - My tip would be to not look at the paintcolors or wallpaper or carpeting. Things that can be changed can be changed. It is the important stuff that matters. The flooring, the way the bathroom is laid out and that the kitchen functions. If you need a garage don't compromise and if you need a room for sewing/crafting do NOT compromise.

Blog-post-a-day 2011 has just had it's 7'th blog post of the year http://sewsteady.blogspot.com/2011/01/you-wont-want-to-miss-it.html hehe. :P

Photoshop... well where do you start! I am not an expert at all and I don't use it as much as I used to. I found the best way to learn was to play with the software, there are thousands of tutorials etc online if you are trying to do something specific. Mine is an old version of PS (so I'm not sure if they will be the same!)but I love my shortcuts.. if you want to duplicate the current layer press Ctrl + J and if you press Ctrl + T the transform box comes up. Might just be because I am lazy of course =D

When buying a home... look for the smallest house in the neighborhood, not the biggest house in neighborhood which will be harder to sell. And get at a 15 year loan. It isn't that much more a month but you pay it off so much faster.

I'm not too sure as to what kind of tutorials you are looking for but psdtuts is a great website - it has such a diverse range of tutorials !


My favourites, since I am not too sure what you are planning on doing in photoshop (so many different things !) These were great to help me get started;


Something a bit different; http://psd.tutsplus.com/tutorials/tools-tips/pixels-image-size-resolution-photoshop/

Also, I know deviantart also has a wide range of tutorials available made by other people.


Hope they help!

Hmm, since my family and I have been looking for our house I would have to say to be patient, sometimes the housing market is a bit slow but if you jump in at the first house you like, you may be disapointed. Also, have a set of guidelines you would like the house to have - when visiting, tick or cross them off, then see if the house is still an option :)

Happy house hunting !

Love the giveaways!

What a cute pup. He looks very comfortable on that pretty quilt.

What a great give away! Thank you so much!

I am looking forward to follow you now!

What a fantastic giveaway, thanks for the chance to win. I'm following you on Google reader from today - I'm not just mercenary - I scrolled back and I think I need to catch up with your lovely projects.

I am a brand spanking new follower!

Oh, that would be cute to see that pooch modeling said giveaway items, but as they say, let sleeping dogs lye! :)

Wow what a great giveaway :-) sang(at)gci(dot)net

Just in case, as I forgot before

Tip for house buying: Try to overlook the cosmetic stuff (paint color, carpet etc) The important things are the actual square footage, number of rooms, layout/functionality and neighborhood. Also make sure to get a home inspection :-) sang(at)gci(dot)net

wow! Great giveaway! Congratulations on all your hits - that's cool!

Congratulation on the hits! I am now following and the most important info on buying a house. Don't settle for "OK". make a list of what you want and stick to it. I don't have as many windows and I need lights on all the time.
Good luck on everything.

I don't have photoshop...but I have bought a couple of houses. you are getting a lot of gems here - my experience would be to decide how much you are willing to pay for a house and offer that, even if it is below asking. We did that during the "hot" market, and though we'd lost several bids before, in this case I "knew" what the house was worth and that's what we offered (against our realtors advice). And we got the house!

There are some yummy things in this giveaway!

I am now a follower, glad to have found your blog.

Through it all: STAY CALM. when we purchased our first home, staying calm helped a lot.

Entry one: comment! I'm a first time visitor from cut to pieces and I love what I've seen! Thanks for the giveaway!

This is a great bevy of prizes! Thank you so much!

Comment two: I am now following!

Congrats on 10,000 hits! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Happy New Year!

lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

I follow you already :)

lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

I have not bought my first home yet so I will leave you with prayers that you find something you will love that is within your price range. I am currently looking for apartments and I know how hard it can be but just remember, paint and carpet can be changed :)

lindsay.forgette at gmail dot com

what a wonderful giveaway ! And congrats on the 10,000 hits! Now I've had a little look around, I can see why!

House hunting tip - always view more than once, at different times of the day (light, noise, feel) & try to imagine yourself, realistically, IN the space, living your life.

Good Luck!

Congratulations, what a great milestone to reach :)

nice prizes. Congrats on 10,000 hits!

Wow, what a nice giveaway. Congrats on the 10,000 hits.

What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

ambernoel226 at gmail dot com

Adding you to googlereader!

ambernoel226 at gmail dot com

House hunting tip: make sure there is PLENTY of closet space and try to spend some time to really listen to the neighborhood
jill.coomey at gmail dot com

Great Giveaway thanks for the chance!

I've only ever bought one home. My tips would be to interview many realtors to find one who really knows their stuff. We talked to three and the third was obviously the most knowledgeable. She really helped us pick offer prices, and explained the details of each step to us without making me feel stupid. She was worth every penny.

What an awesome give-away!!! Including the elusive viewfinders--very cool!!

Already a follower (and big fan of your projects)!

As a photographer, I love Photoshop. I'm guessing that you have Photoshop Elements since you mentioned that it was version 9 and the Photoshop version 9 is several years old (they've released CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and are now on CS5 since Photoshop 9). I used to blog Photoshop tips on my photography blog:
Most of them are for Photoshop, not Elements, but my biggest Elements tip would be to get to know the 'levels' tool. By messing with the slider you can really bring out the shadows and highlights and create more contrast (and I love contrasty photos)!
For true Photoshop awesomeness, check out Scott Kelby--he is AWESOME and writes about all the adobe programs in a way that's easy to understand!

Congrats on buying your first house! My biggest piece of advice is: don't buy a house in 2006, because it will now be worth tens of thousands of dollars less and you'll be like me, stuck with a house that is worth poo. :P So you already know more about buying houses than I do, since you're not doing it in 2006/2007!

Congrats! I would love to win something though I don't need another Hoot Charm Pack and I am not such a fan of Ruby Star. But I might have some luck for the Henna Garden or the book :) (Don't want to sound picky). Thanks for the giveaway.
If you buy a house, be sure to get some ideas what features you really want before hand, don't buy if in doubt that you like it and could feel comfortable there, don't buy if not sure if you can handle any work necessary.
I am following, but only by bookmark ;)

Oooh would love to get my greedy hands on that sandy henderson henna!! I wuv your cute scottie. I collect fake ones because i have allergies to the real thing

Photoshop - set aside a block of time and play. Learn by doing and also by making mistakes.

I've used p'shop for yonks now, but I originally taught myself to be a proficient user. I then went on to use it professionally and now I teach it!

Watch video tutorials - they really help. Wish they'd been around when I was learning :)

I'm already a follower! Love your blog dearie, and I think there are never enough pictures of Whiskers. He's such a cutiepie.

Thanks for hosting such a fabulous giveaway. You are the talk of blog-town!

Oh my crazy awesome prizes :)!!!! WOW! Thanks for a chance!

candy at fiber dot net

Wow, what a fabulous giveaway! So much neat stuff.....

I'm a new follower (can't believe I hadn't found your blog before!)

And I blogged about your giveaway here:


Ruby Star Rising mmmmmmm - great giveaway!

I am a follower already!

If you do renovations to your new home, be sure to take before and after pics!

and finally ... I'm now a very happy follower :)

Buy a house near some woods - you and your family will have lot of time spend around nature! We live far far away from woods and I miss it soooooo much!

I love the Henna bundle - great prizes!!! Congrats on so many posts - well done!!

And while I don't have a clue how to use Photoshop, I can share a couple of pearls of wisdom about buying a house -

First of all, if you are looking at buying a new house, go walk through some under construction by the builder. (You can usually do this on a Sunday, when the workmen aren't there.) It's a great way to see how careful the builders are with their construction. Do the stairs squeak? Do they use good quality lumber in the stud walls? There's a lot of little visual clues that will tell you if the builder takes pride in his work.

And finally - the chances of your closing going smoothly aren't good - so just take a deep breath before you get out of bed on the morning of closing, eat chocolate or take Prozac or whatever gets you through the day, and smile at each other through it all - when it's all over, you'll be in your new home and it would be good if you still like each other, even if it's been a stressful day!

I'm not good at computer stuff and I've got problems using PS, but so I can't give you good tips:(
But if you're keen in drawing, buy yourself a tablet. I'm now preparing myself to buy one - I've seen some result of using tablet and the drawings are fabulous! The photos corrected using tablet are also fantastic!

Classic advice for house buying - "position, position, position" - you can always do a house up, but you can't change where it lives!!

Keep a bottle of your favourite bubbly in the fridge for when you do buy!!

Love the prizes! Thanks for doing such a great giveaway and congrats on 10,000. I've got a ways to go.

Congrats on 10,000 hits! That's AMAZING! Thanks for the giveaway. I just found you from Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

wow, that Henna Garden is gorgeous! it's so hard to tell with photos online, but yours is making me want to go shopping!!
congrats on 10K hits!

10,000! Where do you find the time? What a great giveaway.

Home buying advice - look under all throw rugs for hidden damage and give a good sniff in the cabinets under the sinks for evidence of previous water damage. Don't be shy about it. Drive through the neighborhood at night, so you'll know whether you feel safe walking Sir Whiskers in the dark. Take notes at each house - you'll easily get them mixed up after you've seen a few. When you've made an offer, definitely get the home inspection by a professional and insist on a home-owners warranty. Good luck and congrats on taking such a big step!

House advice: Don't buy more than you can afford - it will make you enjoy the house much less. Take it from me - I know a couple who have filed bankruptcy twice!

For photoshop create a custom action (scale, crop, resize ect.) and use batch automation to process multiple images with one click. Does that help?

Love henna garden and the rest of your give away is outstanding. Wonder what the mystery is?

House hunting. If you're looking a previously owned homes, be very aware of the structure (bones) of the home. If there have been additions, make sure the flow with the original house. Dirt doesn't matter, and lots of things can be taken care of with paint, but good bones are everything.

When buying a house look past old wallpaper, carpet, and paint. That is all easy to change and so many people pass up great houses because they just need a little facelift. Happy house hunting. Pétra

I'm impressed. You have over 10,000 visitors, your "to make" list has many cross-outs, and you have one of the cutest dogs going. Whiskers is a doll. I'm a new visitor but feel sure you'll hit 20,000 before long.

Whoop! Whoop! Congratulations on 10,000 hits! And thanks for a chance at your great giveaway.

And my advice for home buying is - keep your debt manageable. You can also sell and buy bigger later in life if you remain in a position to do so.

Congratulations on 10,000 hits! That's quite an achievement! :)

are you buying in NO? Fun ;) I am now a follower.. what a fun give away. Save your cash because owning a house cost a lot but it is so cool to have your won house and change it the way you want to.

Fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

My 'pearl of wisdome' for home buying is to always get a home inspection prior to making an offer or made as a stipulation with the offer.

I am a new follower. Your blog looks like fun.

I popped over to your blog after seeing your hilarious DQS button, hhee hee hee, can't stop laughing!! Anyway I get here and there's a party going on!! Awesome giveaway!!

I just signed up as a follower! by the way Whiskers is so cute!!

I'll do entry #5 first--buying a house will be exhilarating and heart breaking. When I bought my first house I found my realtor because I called about a house that looked perfect for me and then learned it had sold just that day. We then laid into a month long search for the perfect house, only to end up back at the very first house after the initial deal fell through. I bought it, loved it, and still have dreams about it, even tho I sold it when I got married. Several of my friends had similar experiences--of houses slipping through their hands only to return later. So never give up. It may take awhile, but you will find the right one in time,

Congratulations, and happy new year!

Homebuying tip: it's all about location. I too will have to delve into the realities of homebuying later this year!

Cogradulations on such an outstanding milestone! 10,000! whoohoo!!!!


flush the toilets! My partner and I just bought a house and the toilet downstairs overflowed when it was first used. I wasn't there, i was just told not to use it, when I asked what happened he said it was a story that could wait till another day. More Seriously I think the thing that saved us a lot of time looking at too many houses was having a big list of requirements and not being tempted by houses that didn't tick all the boxes. It worked for us and we love our new home!!

Congrats on 10,000 hits. I think I have 10. ;) What a lovely giveaway, thanks!

What a great achievement! Congrats.

I am a follower through my google reader. Great giveaway - hope I get lucky!

Wonderful giveaway! Thanks so much!

congrats on the hits! wowzers!
you're in my reader x

Hi! Congrats on the blog having 10,000 hits! That is a huge number to me too!

And while I am not a photoshop-girl, I do know a tiny bit about home buying. My advice would be: DEFINITELY use a realtor, whether the home is listed with a realtor or not, don't get emotionally attached to any house or deal (which is way hard), get a home inspection. It is a well spent $300-$500 dollars, and if you are buying an existing home, get a home warranty. It gives a little bit of piece of mind that you won't have to deal with paying unexpected repairs for the first year in your home when what you really want to spend money on is decorating your new home (and buying fabric, of course!)

Good luck, house hunting!

I love your blog. This is a great giveaway!!

I am a follower of your blog.

My home-buying advice is be patient and don't settle. You have to love it or you may regret it. :)

Congratulations on 10,000 hits! It is a lot! Thank you for the giveaway! Awesome prizes!

paulamb at shaw dot ca

congrats on 10,000 hits!!!

i already follow your blog!

I follow your blog on Google Reader - love it!

i'm not a photoshop master, but i've learned that you can learn EVERYTHING on youtube. so i would suggest visiting youtube for some tutorial videos. a friend of mine taught herself how to use the entire adobe creative suite using youtube.

Re buying a first home ... buy less than the bank says you can afford - it's no fun being house/mortgage poor ... and I swear by a variable rate mortgage.

You say the criteria for winning the mystery item is also a mystery....and that you’ll be sharing that information with a 2nd party before the item is awarded so they can vouch for your honesty. You know what, honey??? This is YOUR giveaway, you don’t have to have anybody vouch for your honesty. These are YOUR items to give away, so you can give them to anybody you want to give them to. We don’t care. We like you for who you are. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

I’m a follower dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

Get a good, reputable company to inspect the house. This is probably THE most important thing you can do to learn the most you can about this potential investment. Don’t try to save money by going with just any inspector. Start doing your homework now and get some references for inspectors from people you trust. Make your list of things you DEFINITELY want, things you DESIRE, and things you DON’T WANT. Take your camera with you to each house viewing. The first photo will be a picture of the house listing from your realtor (address, selling price, #bedrooms/#baths, etc). The next will be of the front of the house from the curb. It's so easy to get confused about which house had which feature. When you’re trying to make your decision, it’s easy for you to know which photo was for which house dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

ooooo, house shopping, very exciting!!! i went through this with my fiance 2 years ago (wow, has it been 2 years?!) and enjoyed every minute of it. you should sit down and go over your finances very carefully and come up with a realistic budget to determine what you can afford. factor in worst case scenarios of say one of you lose your job, would the other person be able to afford the mortgage payments and all the monthly bills and expenses on his/her own? go talk to your bank and other banks and shop around for a good mortgage rate. get pre-approved for your mortgage so if you do come across a house you love, you can move on it right away without having to wait for the bank. be careful not to visit houses that are clearly out of your price range, because you might fall in love with it, and not be able to buy it and have your hearts broken. and worse, you'll compare every single house you look at after against that one, but they won't measure up! also, be able to look past the decor of the houses and the paint colours. just because someone else's house is not decorated like what your dream house would be, it doesn't mean it can't become your dream house with a fresh coat of paint and a little bit of work. i have a lot of things i can share too, but i'm not sure if the processes in the US is the same here in canada. but if you do have any other questions, email me and i'll be more than happy to help. enjoy the hunt!!!

i've posted the giveaway on my blog under fabrics fabrics!

Congrats on 10,000 hits. I think I'm only 9,950 hits behind you on my blog. LOL. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Congrats on 10,000 hits! I don't have a blog, so that sounds like heaps to me!

Those henna garden & ruby star rising prints are TO DIE FOR. Seriously. Thank you so much for the chance to win!





I'm a newbie and I am very excited to start reading your blog. As for looking at houses- start with a list of things you want: fireplace, studio, lots of windows, privacy (so you can walk around in pj's all day and no one can see you) hardwood floors, close to a store, etc. Then keep it in your purse because the moment you walk into a house and FEEL like "I want to live here" there might not be anything on your list to check off. It just feels right. Good luck and have fun

My suggestion on buying a home is to try to go by there at a few different times of day if you can. When you buy, you're not just buying the house, you're buying the whole area! So if you've got the time, check out the surroundings, go by at night and see if you've got an obnoxious neighbor that leaves the TV blasting late at night, or if you get the heebie jeebies in that part of town when it gets dark out. I know it's not always possible to do those things, especially if you're moving to an area quite a ways from where you are now, but it's useful to do if you can. The more information you have about your potential home is a boon for you! Best wishes on your house hunt. I hope you find something beautiful!

Thanks again for the amazing giveaway!



I've always wanted that book! And the fabric looks great :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

wow!! that's a fantabulous giveaway! thank you for the chance, I just love henna garden!

following with be a pleasure!

Congrats on all your hits! I'm totally impressed. Awesome giveaway too :)

Buying a house tip, firstly don't give up!! The best thing we did, and still do, is make fortnightly payments on the mortgage, instead of monthly. Some months are harder to manage financially than others, but it can really make a difference to the duration of your loan, and the amount of interest!!

Congratulations! I admire all bloggers and I love to read blogs. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

I'm a follower and I'm coming back to visit so I can check out your lists of Muses. Thanks very much.

Following : D

Sujen101 at gmail

10,000 hits - woo hoo! Congratulations and thanks for celebrating with a giveaway.

What a fun blog.... Thanks for all of your posts!!


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