January 18, 2011


We were househunting this weekend, so I only had a little bit of time to work on my Rain or Shine quilt. Basically my blocks went from this to this: 


this quilt is going to be gorgeous! i can't wait to see it finished! how did the house hunting go? i loved looking at houses when k and i were looking to buy a house. sometimes i think it was too bad that we bought our house after only 2 weeks of serious looking. i wish i had more time, it was so much fun!

Looking great! Fall in love with any houses this weekend?

What a lovely quilt it will become! I'm delighted on the grey, how it blended all so well. Is it a Kona?, which color is it? I just love it, and may give it a try.

I was wondering what you would come up with! It's absolutely beautiful! Congrats to your winners!

This quilt is looking amazing!! :) I love the grey sashing!

Ohmygosh! I love these colors and the pattern.

I have been tempted to make this pattern. Yours is turning out great.

This is SO fun! I am in complete love. What a cute table runner this would be, too. And I'm not a table runner kind of girl. :)

Pretty, pretty. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

Awesome, I love the color palette you chose!!

Love this! The grey looks awesome between the blocks.

Absolutely gorgeous! It seems like a great beginner pattern that comes across as more advanced. What pattern is it?

Beautiful, Kaelin!! And good luck with the house hunting....

Yes I too would love a link to where I could get this pattern! :D

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