January 25, 2011

Quilting Divas - Hexie Block #2

Here's the finished hand-sewn portion of my 2nd block for the Quilting Divas Mini Bee. I still have to cut the edges and frame it with some sashing. Thank goodness I picked blocks that require hand work, or else I'd slip slowly into madness while waiting for my machine. The shop called late yesterday and said they're backlogged, so it will be 4-5 business days before they finish the repairs on my machine. Boo.  Hiss.


Beautiful color combination! I hope your machine will be ready sooner than they told you.

I just love these colors! And of course, hexagons are awesome=)

I feel your pain with the machine repair! Talk about ants in the pants while you wait!

Well done on the hexies! I'm about to start putting mine together for my charm quilt. 1500 of them! Any tips? Yours look really nice/clean.

Beautiful colours! I think you should set up a picket line at the store or do a sit in until you get your machine fixed. Do these places not realize the separation anxiety quilters face without their machine babies?

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