January 14, 2011

Rain or Shine Progress...and the WINNERS!

So I know what everyone's really itching to find out...and that's who won the giveaways! And because my flu symptoms have eased up and I'm no longer Crabby Appleton, I'm feeling nice today and I'll make this brief :)

Since my previous post about the Rain or Shine quilt, the fabrics have gone from this:

To this!

Elizabeth Hartman's original pattern only calls for 4 different fabric bundles/blocks, but I wanted this quilt to be a little bigger so I went with 5 (also....I was indecisive when picking out fabric...so my inability to narrow down the choices contributed to the extra block ::wink::)

I made one block from each stack of fabric because I was itching to see what my finished products would look like :)

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Adding the solids into each bundle was kind of a gamble, but I really like how it turned out. You may think it looks like crap in a handbasket, but I'm lovin' it! I think my print & color choices are so 'in your face' that the blocks would be total chaos without the solids mixed in...but that's just me :)

And now what you've all been waiting for...THE WINNERS!!!

Item #1: Henna Garden Bundle...

Comment #73 from Belle + Bee:

"Congrats on 10,000!"

Item #2: It's a Hoot & Kona Classic Charm Packs...

Comment #158 from What Comes Next?:

"10,000 views - that's a milestone that'll be a while off for me! Congratulations!"

Item #3: Three 1/2 yard cuts of Ruby Star Rising prints...

Comment #34 from Leila:

"Oh swoon!!! I've been so anxious to get my hands on some Ruby Star Rising! This is one generous giveaway you have going here!"

Item #4: Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts

Comment #504 from Debbie:

"The very first home that my parents bought didn't have a drain in the kitchen sink. They didn't know that when they bought it (just a bucket under the sink), so since then my grandmother's wisdom to buying a house is to look under the sinks!"


I decided that I would do a surprise giveaway this time around! The criteria was that the first person to mention my dog by name in a comment would receive a fabric necklace like the one I made my sister, except made using the colors of their choice!

And the winner was....Bry! She left the comment:

"You are giving away some amazing things! And Whiskers looks too cute snuggling in the blanket!"

** The winners will be contacted shortly. If I don't hear back from them by next Friday, Jan. 21st, I will redraw new winners. **

So there you have it! I want to thank you all so much...you wouldn't believe all the helpful tips Ray and I got from your comments! I honestly got out a notepad and started writing them all down. It's funny how most of them were pure common sense when I read them...things that when you read them you say in your head "why wouldn't you do that?"...but I know if left to my own devices, I probably wouldn't have thought of them on my own. Seriously! Because honestly, I have a million different home-buying related things to think about right now....and most of them aren't practical...they're things like "where am I going to put such-and-such in my mythical home?" and "what color do I want to paint my future sewing room?"

So thank you readers. Thank you for bringing me back down from the clouds to think about practical things....like interest rates and home inspectors and missing plumbing...hehe :)

And thanks to all of you who pointed me toward Pioneer Woman. She's pretty much the bomb. And although I'm by no means a PSE expert now, I'm no longer afraid to open the program for fear I'll make my computer explode.


congrats for the winners :)

and blocks are very nice :)

oh my goodness is that me?! lol I had to go and check my comment....it is me WOW I'm doing some serious happy boogie here!!! Thank you SO much I heart this fabric!
Your blocks are looking really good, I find all those points meeting in the middle quite challenging. Well done you :-)
Back to my happy dancing I go!

sniff. sniff. Congrats to the winners. sniff. sniff. ;)

Congratulations to all of the winners!!

I love the blocks you have made - they are beautiful!

awesome! Congrats to the winners!

Im so excited!

Thank you so much!!

I LOVE the colors in the blocks! So, so pretty!

Also, I met the Pioneer Woman at the Nat'l Book Festival last September, and she's as sweet as can be! I blogged about it, because she signed my cookbook and I had several photos taken with her!

I love your fabric choices for this quilt! This one is on my "2011 to do list". I love the book!

Congrats to the winners!

Oh my...your blocks are GORGEOUS!! I super duper extra love the way they turned out. :) Looking forward to seeing what comes next...

Totally loving the blocks! I think plum and mustard are such a fabulous color combination. And thanks again for the surprise win! So excited to wear such a beautiful necklace!

Not crap super cool! I was going to say my favorites were 1 and 2 but I actually like them all.Great combination's all around.

Congrats to the winners! I LOVE the fabrics you chose for your blocks, and can't wait to see the finished product! :)

Your blocks are fantastic!! REALLY!!

holy crum Kaelin... I love these! :)

Just take a look a the centres of those blocks! Immaculate

Congrats to the winners! Your blocks are beautiful!!!


wahoo! This was a great way to end the work week - thank you Kaelin! I'm glad you're feeling better, and I'm really liking your blocks!

Congrats to the lucky winners and Congrats to you for such fantastic blocks!! Just looking at those neat points makes me bow down before you ...

Your blocks are so beautiful! I can't wait to see them all together!

I got my book today!!
Soo excited!
Thank you~

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