January 22, 2011

Introducing "Scottie Watch"!

I've been wanting to start a lil somethin' called "Scottie Watch" for a while now. The name popped into my head because of this scene from the movie Anchorman. I love Paul Rudd. He's so under-rated. I crack up every time I see him jerk his head up and say "Panda Watch" so seriously. My other favorite scene from that movie also features him....but I'm getting off track....(which I so easily do)

Anywho, I've been hoping to put together a recurring "Scottie Watch" bit for months now, but wanted to make a logo first. Since I didn't get PSE9 until Christmas and have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut off for the past few weeks....(and because my husband is currently playing his XBox and not actively fighting me for the laptop)....this morning was the first opportunity I had! I wanted to get this up and running yesterday since it's going to be a recurring Friday post, but some family came into town last night and we wanted to go visit them :)

Basically I want this to be a kind of catch-all post that highlights everything from cool internet finds to free patterns/tutorials to sweet sales to tips & tricks. I wanna use it to help out my fellow quilting peeps, especially since most of us have only recently gotten into quilting and have barely scratched the surface of the wealth of knowledge available. I'm still learning new things every day...and also, one of my bizarre talents is finding internet deals. You have no idea how many times I stumble across things and think to myself "Eureka! This seller has no idea they're sittin' on a gold mine!"...and if I don't decide to buy it myself either because a) I already have the item, b) there's more than one available, or c) my husband has met his quilting tolerance limit for the week and will maul me like a bear if I buy more quilting supplies...I want to pass it along to you guys! I can't not tell people about sweet internet finds, and since most of the people I usually forward these things along to are on fabric diets (*cough* Angela), I wanna share the love with you all :)

So today, here are a smattering of fun things for you!

1. Mary Ellen's Best Press is my favorite quilting "accessory". It's amazing. It's like holy quilting water in a spray bottle. If you hate ironing like me, you'll love this too. You have no idea how much quicker and easier it makes ironing, because my fabric is ridiculously smooth after a few quick passes with my iron. I've found it in Hobby Lobby, Hancock's, or online at Fabric.com. I'd recommend scrounging up a coupon from one of those stores before you buy it though, because it's a tad expensive and ranges from $6.99-$9.99 bottle.

2. If you're a fan of Heather Bailey or Anna Maria Horner, this website has a borderline obscene amount of Chocolate Lollipop, Garden Party, Bijoux, Pop Garden, Fresh Cut, and Nicey Jane still available.

3. And this site has several Katie Jump Rope prints on sale for $4.99/yard. It's misspelled "Katy Jump Rope" so I think that's why they've lasted so long!

4. One of my favorite sellers on eBay is Creative Merchandise Auctions because they have about 500+ Free Spirit prints for usually $5-6/yard. They have Katie Jump Rope, Good Folks, Garden Party, Park Slope, Monaco, plus a couple old Home Dec lines by Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, AMH and Denyse Schmidt.

5. There's a free online graph paper website I use for paper piecing & pattern making. You click on the type of shape you want (squares, triangles, hexagons, etc), the size of the shapes, and even the color of the lines, and then it will generate a pdf for you. This is how I make all my hexagons for different quilting projects.

Have fun exploring!!!


Where do you get the coupon for the Best Press btw?? I would love to know so I CAN STOP drooling over this stuff and actually buy it!!

BTW, this is a great thing you are starting;)

Have you found a product that will iron for me? You know... I can spray it on and suddenly the fabric is ironed and ready. Yeah! This would be nice. :)

Oh I love Creative Merchandise - I've ordered from them several times. Very speedy delivery too!

Thanks Scottie Watch! Great graph paper link. I love Creative Merchandise too, great for backing fabrics. i've never seen the spray in Australia but I'll watch out for it, I love a crispy, flat block!

What? You are going to give away all of our tips and tricks? LOL. You better share them with me first so I can greedily snatch them up! ;)

I'd like to see your husband maul you like a bear. That's too funny. I just don't see that happening. He adores you far too much.

And mandy, if you ever do find a product that actually irons for you, then you better share. Come to think of it, have you tried the Wrinkle Release product? That helps a lot too...

So, I went to the site on #3 and saw they still had the print I wanted. I picked out some stuff and I kid you not, the shipping was the SAME price as the fabric I put in the cart! Either, their website really sucks or they are trying to rip you off with shipping to make up for the low price :(

Good idea though !

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