January 6, 2011

A smattering of things....

I have kind of a random smorgasbord of crafty goodness today. Mostly received items, but a few new things from me as well!

I received not one, but TWO awesome pillows from my partner in the Pillow Talk Swap 4. She shipped them all the way from Australia, so I didn't get them until the day I left for Kentucky (the 23rd). I actually picked them up from the post office about an hour before we were supposed to leave, and boy was I glad I braved the post office to get them. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to gaze lovingly at them during the 10+ hour trip...or pass them around to my entire family to admire and envy during Christmas....


n' Back

Front of Pillow #1
(You wouldn't believe the amount of detail in this pillow. She hand stitched the front...plus she took the time to find all of the most adorable fabrics in the world. It's a fact. Note the Scottie fabric at the top, center....and the Heather Ross Alice along the bottom left side!)

Front of Pillow #2

And here's a fun little mosaic of the pillows I received + the pillow I sent (to ladmquilter) for the PTS4!

Next up are the blocks I've received so far from the 4th quarter of the 3x6 Bee. I received a super awesome block from jenjohnston last quarter, so this time around I asked my fellow hive members to create blocks to match. Jen's block is the first one shown, and the other 4 are the ones that were made for me this quarter.

(I threw that last photo in for good measure...hehe! My hilarious mother-in-law bought my husband a self-inflating sumo suit for Christmas....lol!)

And lastly, we have some fun stuff from me!!! I finally finished all the cutting for my deliciously colorful Rain or Shine quilt. I rotary cut my little heart out while watching a Criminal Minds marathon on Christmas Eve. Do I know how to party or what?

Block Group #1 (curse you blurry photo!!!)

Block Group #2

Block Group #3

Block Group #4

Block Group #5
(the 3rd one over is light yellow, not white...I've seriously gotta get my paws on some natural lighting...working until dusk is for the birds)

My husband bought me Photoshop 9 for Christmas, so hopefully I'll be able to figure it out soon and start posting some decent photos on here! Wish me luck as I attempt to conquer photo editing. Any tips?


I've fallen in love with block groups #'s 3, and 5!! So many beautiful pinks :)

gorgeous pillows! this is such a fun swap!

Very cool pillows that you received! What is the new quilt that you are making, I like the color groups!

The pillows are lovely, especially the diamond one. WHo was your generous partner?

I love the diamond pillow! And I can't wait to see how your rain or shine quilt comes out. I plan to try that pattern soon.

Oh, and apparently we are both party animals, because I watched the same criminal minds marathon on Christmas Eve...:)

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