January 4, 2011

Snow = Laziness

I took this early in the morning before the sun was up. I love getting up and looking at the unblemished snowfall before the salt trucks and cars turn it into dirty sludge...and I love how eerily silent it is after a fresh snow. It's one of my favorite experiences in nature :)

Doesn't snow make you feel lazy? All I wanna do on a snow day is curl up on the sofa with an old quilt, watch movies, and occasionally raid the refrigerator. It started snowing almost the moment Christmas arrived. We were down in the basement watching It's a Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve, and right around midnight the most beautiful snowflakes started falling. When I woke up the next morning, there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground. It was both a blessing and a curse. Ray and I had plans to go see friends in Ashville, NC and my mom and I had also been organizing a trip to the National Quilting Museum and Hancock's of Paducah for months, but unfortunately both trips had to be cancelled because the roads were so bad. There was a layer of ice under all the snow, roads in Kentucky aren't exactly straight and easy to navigate, and my husband and I are super paranoid because we got in a really bad car accident during Christmas 2007...so we decided to stay close to home and make other arrangements.

Beware the dread pirate Snow Beard!

I decided to make the best of things, so I stayed in and did a lot of sewing while Ray played his XBox in the background. Sometimes it's nice just to stay home and do nothing for a couple days. I think maybe the snow was God's way of telling me to lay low and relax for a change...I'd been running on all 8 cylinders the past 2 months. So aside from a quick day trip to meet a college friend at our alma mater, I did a whole lot of nothing last week. And it was glorious.

Right about now you're probably saying to yourself, "but where's the fabric? Snowy Christmas anecdotes are all well and good, but WHERE'S THE FABRIC?!" Patience, my precious. Patience.

Remember that day trip I mentioned? Well after I met my friend Meghan (the one I'm making the Modern Meadow quilt for), my mom and I stopped at a quilt shop in Louisville. After cancelling our trip to Paducah, I wasn't about to go home empty handed, so I looked up the address to a quilt shop I've bought a few things from online before. I'm soooo glad I did...can you say JACKPOT? It was ginormous. Appearances are definitely deceiving, because the photos of the storefront online made it look like this tiny shop in a strip mall. Nope. It was massive. So massive that they had an entire back room filled with nothing but hundreds of clearance bolts of fabric. Unfortunately we got there only an hour before they closed, so I ran around snatching up fabric like a soccer mom on Black Friday.

All of the following fabrics were purchased at Among Friends Quilt Shop in Louisville, Kentucky:

Instead of putting your purchase in a plastic bag, they had a super cool idea. If you spend $75 or more at their store, they put your purchase in a fat quarter sack. All they do is baste two FQ's together, so when you get home you can easily take it apart and use the fabric! I'm totally suggesting this to all my local quilt shops!!!

All of the goodies stuffed in my little sack :)

I found all the Park Slope fabrics in the clearance room! All of these are at least 1 yard cuts. From L to R: Riley Blake Cheery Dot in Blue, Park Slope Floral Dots in Teal, Park Slope Leaf Dots in Teal, Park Slope Floral Dots in Orange, Park Slope Floral Dots in Pink, Joel Dewberry Basket in Red, Heather Bailey Mod Beads in Green

Fat Quarters!!!! From L to R: Metro Market Apple Slices in Black, Hoots in Marshmallow, Hoots in Sky, Neptune Anchors in Aqua, Riley Blake Star Dots in Blue, Misc Orange Fabric???, Wheels Micro Dot in Brown

Riley Blake Colorful Christmas Dime Pack


Wow great fabric finds there :D

I just stumbled upon you blog byway of another (can't remember which!). I love the fabric you picked up, and looooove your taste in dog. I have a Scottie as well, named Angus.

I agree--the quiet of the snow is one of the most beautiful things about nature. Looks like you had a great Christmas vacation :)

oooh, great finds! I love that Park Slope! The orange fabric is from Riley Blake's All Star 2 I believe

I want your fabric!!! Darn! i need to take a trip to a quilt store with hundreds of clearance bolts in a hidden back room.

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