February 24, 2011

An Awesome Swap

Thanks to a referral from my friend Angela, a girl on Flickr that was looking for a bag in exchange for some Mendocino came across my path. Angela knew I'd been hunting for some of the Presentation, so I made this bag in exchange for 3 different Mendocino prints, including the Presentation one. It was a fun twist to the usual swapping experience :)

After browsing through my photostream, my swap partner decided she wanted the "A Day in the Park Backpack Tote" by Liesl + Co. I've made several of these, so I was able to put it together in a couple days. The worst part was actually cutting all the fabric, because I had to fussy cut most of the exterior fabric, plus you have to add interfacing and a layer of canvas under the exterior fabric to provide extra support. It's a lot of cutting....but the pattern is really easy to follow and the bag itself is very well designed. I have one that I take on every vacation, and it's a God-send. I'd highly recommend the pattern in case anyone is interested :)

Here are some "action shots" of the bag at work...sorry they're kind of murky, but I wanted to take them inside on a chair so you could see how the straps work!

Backpack Mode

Tote Mode

Closeup of the Front

**Some of you asked for specifics on the fabric, so I thought I'd add that info to this post. I knew they were older home dec fabrics from Amy Butler, but wasn't sure on the specifics since my swap partner is the one that picked them out and mailed them to me.  I thought they were all from the Belle line, but after I surfed around AB's website for more info, I discovered two of them are actually from Nigella. The main fabric is Primrose in Aqua, the straps are Seeds in Okra, and the interior (which isn't pictured) is Starflower Tiles in Forest.**


kaelin it's so gorgeous!! But you need to show the inside as well!! That is so great too. As the person who hooked you up with this swap, (woo woo!) I'm officially requesting more pictures of this awesome bag. ;)

Wow, it's beautiful, and maybe I'm behind, but what fabric is this?

Great fussy cutting on the front!!! This looks like a fantastic bag and sounds like a great swap for both of you!

Cute, I love how the front turned out!

Great bag! I made a bag with this pattern and found it was easy to follow...it really is a great bag! That Amy Butler is one of my favorite fabrics...I still love her older lines so much!

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