February 28, 2011

Bee Blocks for verykerryberry

Kerry sent us some ADORABLE sewing & kitchen themed fabric for February. I loved every single piece of fabric she sent and I really, really, really want to keep these blocks for myself! If I hadn't already been late with my previous two month's blocks, I might have been tempted to hold them hostage for a little while before I mailed them :)  But sadly, they will be going in the mail tomorrow...*sigh*

We used a tutorial she'd written herself called Floating Bricks. I loved using this pattern because organic quilting really gets my creative juices flowing....cutting and sewing however you want without having to worry about straight lines and seams matching up...ahh...it's a beautiful thing!

And I hope she doesn't mind, but I threw in a piece of unsanctioned strawberry fabric from my stash. She has the word "berry" in her Flickr name....plus it matched the rest of the fabric perfectly...so I couldn't resist!

Block Numero Uno

Block Numero Dos


Just caught this in my reader- so lovely and the strawberries are perfect! Thankyou :) Hope you liked the little scotties, I just had to send them!

those blocks are adorable, I love the floating look! maybe I will try this sometime :)

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