February 23, 2011

Fabric Conquests

Last week was the week of random, awesome fabric finds. I found a Neptune charm pack for $18 (including shipping) on an obscure website, and then a few days later I stumbled across a fat quarter pack on Etsy that was being sold for a song and a dance. Sometimes I feel a little guilty when that happens, because I feel like I'm taking advantage of sellers that don't know they're sitting on a gold mine!

And finally...after many long nights of intense internet searching...I found some Henna Garden in Pumpkin...and it was on sale! It was marked as a remnant because it was the end of the bolt, so I ended up with a little over a meter! I've been looking for at least a yard of this print for months, but I have a pretty strict cap on what I'll pay for yardage and could never find any that was reasonably priced. But thanks to my friend Leila, I was able to coordinate shipping from an online shop in Germany to the U.S. - yay!!! They wouldn't ship directly to the States, so I had them ship it to her elsewhere in Europe, and then she forwarded it to me. I heart my online friends :)

So....any of you make a long-sought-after fabric conquest this week? Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Please leave a comment and share your tale of fabric glory!


I had been searching my local shops for the Michael Miller - Prom fabric for quite a while...no one was carrying it so I opted to search online. (I try not to in efforts to support my local shoppes!) I found it for pretty cheap on etsy, but didn't get it. The next week Groupon had an Amazon.com GC up for sale $10 for a $20 GC. So I bought the gift card and purchased 4 yards of the fabric for a fairly decent price from Amazon.com and only spent $35!! What a deal!

Congratulations on your conquest!

LUCKY! I dream of Neptune charm packs. Seriously! If you ever find another one, pretty please think of me! You would make my month!

And that Henna pumpkin conquest is awesome!
Today I got a 1/2 yard of Neptune SSPink as a remnant for $2...

You are so lucky to find Neptune precuts! I'd love a layer cake! I was checking Etsy but had given up. Good things happen to those who deserve it. It was great of Leila to help you out!

Always happy to enable another fabric addict! ;-)

Oh dont get me started on fabric. Here in France it's a nightmare, no quilt shops near by and the ones an hour a way are so so expensive with very little choice. I order my fabric from US and have it delivered here. Had to laugh at you doing it the other way around!! Could you let me know the website in Germany please...they may be cheaper for me. Thank you.

It's always great when you find stuff you really really want. Neptune is on my wish list too. I'm on a fabric diet still so am living through others purchases lol

Score on the henna garden! Did you buy everything the shop had? If you didn't would you mind emailing me the shop's web address? I would really love to find some of this for less than $24 a yard, which is what I just paid!

I didnt really have a conquest- but I did have a good weekend.
I had a swap partner send more than I sent her and then I went to a LQS sale


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