February 17, 2011


Soooooooo......I went on a bit of a rampage. And because I need a semi-legitimate excuse to feel better about it, I'm gonna go ahead and blame it on the househunting blues. Hello fabric purchases, goodbye willpower.

I finally caved and bought some of the Parisville prints while they were still having the 15% off Parisian sale on Fabric.com. And naturally, I doubled up with another 15% off coupon code. I've never been a huge Tula Pink fan...and it's not because I don't think she's talented...I actually really admire her skills as an artist and think she designs some of the most inventive prints I've ever seen. It's just that the colors and patterns usually aren't my cup of tea....am I making any sense? I'd picked up a handful of her prints from Hushabye and Plume along the way, but Parisville is the first line of hers that I've really loved. I think it might be because it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Marie Antoinette. That movie is pure eye candy.

 L to R: Fans in Mist, Cameo in Mist, Fans in Pomegranate, Cameo in Sky, Fans in Sprout, Cameo in Sprout

And right after I made that huge purchase, I got a 25% off coupon code from Del Ray fabrics. I knew they carried a bunch of Echino prints, so I scurried on over there because it's darn near impossible to find discounts on Echino. I also used my favorite "well I'm already paying for shipping excuse" to sneak in some prints I've been wanting for months...a dobby voile and some Farmdale.

L to R: Little Folks Dobby Square Dance in Citrus, Farmdale Blossom in Gray, Echino Cameras in Purple, Echino Bird Stripe in Green

Oh, and speaking of the I'm-already-paying-for-shipping excuse, 6 yards of my favorite Modern Meadow print found it's way into my cart at Fabric.com when I was buying the Parisville prints...

Modern Meadow Herringbone in Lake

And last but not least, here are some fun little goodies my friend sent me as a thank you for making her a quilt. She got them from my two favorite places...Anthropologie and Etsy. The necklace and snap-closure pouch are from Anthro, and the zipper pouch is from a seller on Etsy. Oh...and the best part? She also threw in about 6 brownies from the Fat Witch in NYC. She lives in Brooklyn and they're the one thing I always ask her for. Note that there are only 2 brownies in the picture....Ray and I got a little carried away when the package arrived.....


SIX yards of Modern Meadow!?! Wow, you really fell off the wagon girl. Love it. btw, that snap shut coin pouch is adorable! Love those huge wooden beads on the closure!

GIRL! Fat Witch brownies are the BEST BEST BEST! My mom ordered them for me once after she read about them somewhere and now I simply cannot settle for Betty Crocker anymore! I'm drooling just thinking of them! I guess I know what to ask my mom to get my for my upcoming b-day! :)

Great selection! You have some wonderful projects ahead of you.

Looks like christmas came very early this year. it's all fab!
I completely understand you about Tula I feel the same way. and Marie Antoinette rocks!

Mmmm brownies. I want to try one now. lol
Great fabric by the way. You did good! I love all those prints. Tula is my favorite designer by far! Love her!

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