February 21, 2011

Get your keisters over to Purl Soho!

Purl Soho is having a crazy sale right now! They have a ton of Echino and other Kokka fabrics on sale for $10/yard, Modern Meadow for $5.76/yard (and they have a pretty large selection), a handful of Folksy Flannels for $6.36/yard, as well as assorted laminates and oilcloths (including some Nicey Jane and Echino).


I went right over there and they still have 4 different flannels when I was filling my cart, but by the time I entered my payment info, they only had one! I did get 4 yards of various Kokka prints though!

Thanks for the tip! I ran over and snatched up some of the flannels and some Modern Meadow prints. I love a good deal!

Ha ha -- so you guys are the ones who snagged up the flannels :) I ran into the same situation as Kelly... Thanks for the tip, Kaelin!

Yay! Thanks for the tip, I snagged some Modern Meadow for a quilt I am planning for waaaay less than the price in my local quilt shop!

Thanks! Now I can make my purse out of the modern meadow prints I wanted to use.

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