February 2, 2011

I cracked.

So yeah...my self-imposed fabric hiatus lasted about a week and a half. Aunt Bea's 30% off closing sale did me in. I knew better than to look. Because if I look, I talk myself into buying something. *sigh*

I'd bought a few fat quarters of Innocent Crush when it first came out, but I've been waiting to buy yardage because my LQS was supposed to be getting some in. Unfortunately, it's been 4 months and they still haven't gotten any because the company is taking forever to ship the bolts :(  I held out as long as I could...but 30% off was too alluring to resist!

And since I was already paying shipping....might as well throw in a couple prints I've been wanting forever ;)

Anyone else score some good loot from Aunt Bea's sale? Feel free to post a link in the comments to your fabric scores :)


haha! I always do the same. Both with the shipping and talking myself into buying because it's on sale. For that reason I haven't looked at Aunt Bea's sale. Maybe if it gets down to more than 30 I won't be able to resist!

I love the fabrics you've chosen, particularly the multi-animals and the one with birds on, though the bikes with flowers are great too. I'm not surprised that you succumbed to the fabric sale... At least they weren't full price, right??

*sigh* I'd been good all January, then I was away for the weekend and saw a LQS, and brought home a couple of yards of shot cottons. I'm totally guilty of "well, I'm already paying shipping...." but this time it was, "well, I've already broken my diet for the week" so I bought a whole bunch of fabric that I'd had sitting in a saved cart for ever and ever (or at least a couple of weeks)

Cute fabric! It was on sale, so you can feel better about that, right?

if you must fail- fail spectacularly :)

love the haul :)

oh goodie! you found some park slope birds! I've found some more I believe but I was trying not to be an enabler. lol. I guess I shouldn't have worried. Everything looks yummy!

Why, yes, yes I did. Still hasn't shipped as they are so busy with the sale, but I'm a patient person!

Same sale broke my stash pact, as well. I really wish I'd gotta some Innocent Crush for a swap I'm working on, too.

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