February 4, 2011

Scottie Watch

1. If you liked the Andrea Victoria line Riley Blake manufactured a couple years ago, then you should definitely check out Mark Cesarik's new line Calypso Swing from Free Spirit! I'm really loving these prints in particular...

 (it's kinda spidery and reminds me of the movie Coraline)

I think these prints would be gorgeous for home dec projects or fashion items. I'm picturing a purse with some edgy hardware like big ol' grommets and a mustard yellow print...kinda like this:

1. Calypso Swing print in Wine, 2. Laura Gunn's Painter's Canvas in Mustard, 3. Dritz grommets in Champagne

You can get more info on the line (and see some real-life projects....not just my imaginary ones!) on his website.

2. How did I not know about the book "i love patchwork" by Rashida Coleman-Hale until a month ago? A calendar Strawberrylicious made in the last round of the Modern Swappers (now Make Mine Modern) group is what alerted me to it's existence. I'm a sucker for linen. How precious is that calendar?

 picture from Strawberrylicious on Flickr

3. If you love pretzels + warm rolls, then you should try this recipe from Two Bites in Suburbia. I promise it will single-handedly make your family love you at least 3x more than they already do (not really...but maybe...). I've made it at least 10 times since October, because it's pretty much the most delicious bread ever. Plus it only takes a couple hours (the dough does most of the work while you sit on the sofa and wait)...which is perfect for me, because I like making bread, but am too impatient to do the whole "weeks-long bread proofing" experience. I want bread in my belly in as short a time as possible :)

 picture from Two Bites in Suburbia

4.  I'm a bias binding kinda gal, and this is the best continuous binding tutorial ever. I love that she goes through the math with you, because I've had to use the equation a couple times when I needed to make binding that was an odd width.

5. Check out the super cool embroidery designs at Urban Threads (they have both machine and hand embroidery patterns). I really want this, this, this and pretty much everything on this page.


Thanks so much for showing off Calypso Swing Kaelin! That bag idea is so awesome - I love the yellow with it.

Those Calypso Swing fabrics are awesome! Coraline was a cool movie, but it freaked me out and I didn't even watch it in 3D. I can't believe it's rated PG, I would never let a young child watch that movie. Thanks for sharing your finds Whiskers!

Thanks for the link to Urban Threads! How cool are those designs? it'd be great to organise a embroidered block swap with their designs, I'm thinking!

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