February 4, 2011

Total Freakout

Guess who will be at Jazz Fest on Apr. 29th? That's right. Mumford & Sons will be in my own backyard! Jazz Fest is awesome. You all should come. Feel free to join me (and the 2 people I've already recruited) on that date :)


Oh, you have to go to see them :) When I saw them late last year it was wonderful and their album helped me navigate my way through many a dark hour. x

ooooh I am really jealous!! Take some pictures for me!

Jazz Fest -- awesome! They know how to party in New Orleans :)

OMG the line up for Jazzfest is unbelievable!!!I don't think I should've looked. You'll have to do reviews of who you see. Australia is so far away and therefore expensive for bands to travel here that just one of those artists would be a big deal let alone all those names I saw as I scrolled down in one place! And there's some real legends there. I downloaded Mumford and Sons Sigh No More album on your recommendation. Its great, it got a lot of airplay in my sewing room over the weekend.
It reminded me of a song I love but hadn't heard for a while- Eric Bibb , I Heard the Angels Singing- check it out on You tube, you might like it.
Sorry for such a long comment, sometime I get a bit enthusiastic and music is a passion.

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