March 18, 2011

Blogiversary Giveaway #3


It's guess what that means? Another giveaway! This week I'll be drawing for 3 different items. The first two are fat quarter bundles, and the third item is another scrap box - huzzah!

When I was putting the FQ bundles together, I wanted one stack to have rainbow prints that included white, and the other to have rainbow prints that excluded white. And for some weird reason, I kept thinking of saturated and unsaturated fats as I was coordinating them, haha :) The prints with white are "unsaturated" (because they have the white to break up all the color) and the prints without white are "saturated" (because they have no white and the colors are in-yo-face). So that's my late-night logic for you. File it away in your "pearls of wisdom" drawer.

Giveaway Item #1 
"Saturated" Rainbow FQ Bundle

Giveaway Item #2
"Unsaturated" Rainbow FQ Bundle

The gray print on the far right is from the gorgeous new FreeSpirit line Calypso Swing! I'm using some of it in one of my new projects and it looks really cool when it's cut up :) I'm probably gonna order some more yardage since I've been trying to build up my stash of grays.

Giveaway Item #3
Ginormous Scrap Box

Due to popular demand (and the fact that I still have an obscene amount of scraps), I decided to put together another huge scrap box. Pardon the carpet...I took these photos at 10:30 last night, and was too lazy to haul everything into another room to put them on a mat. So instead, you get my lovely beige carpet as a backdrop :)


  1. Leave a comment
  2. Become a follower, or if you're already a follower, leave a comment telling me so.
  3. Blog about this giveaway, and leave a comment telling me so.
  4. Write down/leave a link for your favorite springtime recipe! Is the warm weather putting anyone else in fresh produce mode? I swear, I could eat Caprese salad for every meal right now.
  5. For a 5th entry, mail me a box of rhubarb. Just kidding...but not really...ok, maybe I am. You may not get an extra entry, but you will have my undying love :)
I'm willing to ship the rainbow bundles internationally, but unfortunately due to shipping costs, I'll have to limit the scrap box to the US again. Sorry international friends :(

The giveaway will close at Midnight on Thursday, March 24. Any comments left after that time will be disregarded.


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I guess I'll be first! These are some awesome giveaways Kaelin!

And, of course, I'm a follower!

Beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the chance to win!

I love the bright colors!! Thanks for the giveaway.

I just won the last one is it wrong for me to enter again?? I'll just limit myself to one entry to not be a complete greedy monster. :)

Gorgous fabrics! Thanks for sharing them with us.

I'm also a follower. Thanks again.

Love those saturated fats!!

I'm loving all of the colors!

I love to take ripe strawberries and lightly drizzle them with aged balsamic vinegar. The aged part makes it sweeter. Or macerate them in sparkling wine. Moscato d'Asti is my favorite. YUMMMM

Oh, my, this is wonderful! Please let me win. :)

I don't know how "springy" it is, but I'm making these Vanilla Cupcakes with Pistachios for a Post-St. Patty's Day party this weekend: Yum!

Pls count me in fr the FQs bundle! Pick me Pick me !!!! LOL
Tks fr this wonderful giveaway!xoxo

You have the most gorgeous fabric! Is that just because we always want what we don't have, or are they really that awesome? :)

I blogged your giveaway! Here's the link:

Thanks for the opportunity!

Wow, you are the giveaway queen this week! I am a follower too :) I love the colours in these bundles. Boo for being international, as ever, I am willing to send you a kilo of maple syrup or whatever you want from Canada to get my hands on that scrapbox!

So funny...I totally get the saturated/unsaturated concept!

beautiful Rainbows! nice scraps too, but I'm not in the running for those :(

I've been craving smoothies recipe in particular, but I love adding frozen berries, yogurt/milk and juice/honey or sherbet...whatever I have to sweeten it up a bit.

Wow ... lovely giveaway - I love both sat and unsat (love your punning there, Kaelin ... you been eating too much sugar at night again?)

Obv I'm in UK so not eligible for the big scrap box :( but I don't really mind ... the fats would fill me up perfectly ...

... and I'll fight you for the rhubarb ... I just ate a ton of it yesterday ... love love love

i love love love fabric! and rainbows!!

and i'm a blog follower. lovealwaysxox at gmail dot com

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mmm.... smoothies
lovealwaysxox at gmail dot com

You always pull together such great fabrics, Kaelin! I love all of these.

Oh yes, I always want fresh produce when this time of year comes around. I dont really have any recipes that I can think of though. Other than a nice fruit smoothie:
1 Tbsp flax seed (optional)
3 frozen strawberries
1/2 banana, broken into 3 pieces
1/2 c blueberries
3/4 c lowfat vanilla yogurt
1/2 c orange peach mango juice (I find this by the orange juice)

Blend and yummm! You will not be disappointed! You can add blend some ice in too if you want it colder.

Now for my comment....happy spring!!! I love this time of year!!!!!

One of my favorites is for bruschetta. Take some narrow baguettes and slice them a bit on the diagonal. Place in the oven under the broiler for a couple minutes, just to brown them. Meanwhile, crush some garlic and place it in a small saucepan with some olive oil. Cook on low for a few minutes, making sure not to burn the garlic. Chop up some roma tomatoes and some fresh basil. Take the bread out of the oven, and put some provolone slices on top. Return the bread to the oven to melt the cheese under the broiler. Mix the tomatoes, basil, and garlic/oil together. Take the bread out of the oven when the cheese is melted and top each slice with a spoonful of the tomato/basil mixture. Enjoy.

I was totally going to ask you what the gray print was!

Yay, another awesome giveaway!

chancyf at gmail dot com

And I'm a follower on Google reader.

chancyf (at) gmail (dot) com

This is one of my favorite spring recipes:

chancyf (at) gmail (dot) com

And for a recipe... this isn't necessarily springy, but my friend Shannon adds a 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper to the store bought Duncan Hines brownies, and it's delicious!

Yeah giveaway!

<3 Lora; feltslc [at] plu [dot] edu

And I'm a follower :)

<3 Lora; feltslc [at] plu [dot] edu

I love those prints!

I'm a new GFC follower

Great selection, yet again!

I am already a follower.

Hi....Thank you for the chance to win some of these yummy fabric.....the colors are so outstanding....and the cool...

Shannon Margaret

I am a follower....who couldn't be....

Shannon Margaret

I just blogged about you at

I wish I could send you rhubarb! It is the only plant I don't kill, and we get oodles of it...but still snow here for a bit. I will send you this spectacular recipe for frosted rhubarb cookies. DEVOURED as soon as they are made!

Lovely fabrics, thank you for giving me a chance at winning!

I don't have a link so I will send it here....

1 bottle of Western Dressing
1 pound of Ground Beef/Ground Turkey Mix
1 head of lettuce
1 Bag of Shreaded Cheese (If the have Mexican Flavored/spicey...get that)
1 cup of chopped up tomato's
1 can of red beans....(Drained)
1 bag of tostitos chips or your favorite tortilla chip brand


Start by browning your meat mix. Drain any fat/juice from the meat.

While your meat is browning. Chop up your lettuce (or shredded lettuce from store) and put it in an extra large mixing bowl.

Put lettuce, cheese, tomato's and beans ingredients in a bowl. Please make sure you keep 1/4 of the shredded cheese for later. Mix everything together.

Take the meat and put it in your bowl and mix again with your cold ingredients. Once you have finished that..... Put the remaining shredded cheese on put the Western dressing on top and mix it one more time.

Some people I have given this to prefer to just dump it all and mix one time. I can't because of the size of my bowl it would end up spelling out So it depends on your mixing bowl size

When you are ready to eat this....crumble up the tortilla chips and put it on your salad and mix......

I personally like to scoop on to my plate and I microwave it for 15 to 30 seconds to get the salad cheesie....

I also like to do everything and chill it in the fridge for later depending on what meal it is for and the weather outside....

I hope you like....

Shannon Margaret

How the heck do you give away such awesome fabrics? Lucky us I guess!! I'd love a chance to win! If I had rhubarb to send you I'd surely do it. I'm going home to send you my favorite recipe! I'll be back!

And, I'm already a follower!!

I am sorry I can't send you rhubarb. Every time I get near it I start getting bloches and I look like I am going to swell up....I don't know if I am actually allergic to it. So I don't go near it....


Shannon Margaret

Wow, you have put together some beautiful FQ bundles. Your fabrics are so unique and interesting. Thanks for the chance to win.

Love this fabric, especially the unsaturated bundle. Late night, saturated fat, unsaturated fat, salad, recipes, rhubarb, I'm thinking you were a little hungry for a snack. I have discovered roasted garlic Hummus. That stuff is addictive. Now I'm hungry!

The spring weather makes me want to head outside and fire up the grill. This recipe makes a quick, light dinner. Good with salad and/or bread.

Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Dinner

4 boneless chicken breasts
1 or 2 cans whole potatoes, drained
1 can pineapple chunks (15 oz or 20 oz)
1 red or green pepper, cut into 1” chunks
½ cup maple syrup
4 Tbsp. soy sauce
4 Tbsp. yellow mustard
Aluminum foil pan

Drain the juice from the pineapple into a bowl; to the pineapple juice, add the maple syrup, soy sauce and mustard and stir together; put the foil pan on the grill and put the potatoes, pineapple and peppers in it; pour the pineapple juice mixture over the potatoes, etc; place the chicken breasts on the grill and use the sauce in the pan to baste the chicken; grill until chicken is done

You have the best giveaways -- thanks for the chance! Sending you a virtual box of rhubarb!

And now for my spring time recipe….My husband loves this time of year because it means he gets his Fresh strawberry Twinkie shortcake.

•1 box of Hostess Twinkies (Banana Twinkies are wonderful also if you can find them)
•1/4c Sugar (to add to strawberries)
•1 pint fresh strawberries
•1 container heavy whipping cream
•3 Tbsp of powered sugar

Wash and dry strawberries. Mix sugar and fresh strawberries and let that set for an hour or so (the longer the more juice). Mix whipping cream and powered sugar in a cool bowl until stiff. Place Twinkies in a 13x9 pan. Cover Twinkies with strawberries mixture. Top with whipping cream.

Hope you enjoy as much as he does!!

Springtime recipe -- sure! OK, it's more like late summer, but your caprese salad comment made me think you'd appreciate this:

LOVE those bundles! Awesome giveaway!

Another generous giveaway! Thank you.

I haven't tried this recipe yet, but I've been eyeing Smitten Kitchen's Spring Panzanella recipe. It sounds so. good.

LOVE the bright colors...and the scraps! Thanks for the chance at winning.

I follow you using Bloglines Reader.

Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

I'm glad to be a follower!

Fantastic fabric bundles, they're all gorgeous!

These are great prizes! I love the colours, and the scraps look like lots of fun.

I follow with Google Reader.

another great giveaway. awesome!

I think I'll be eating chilled soups as the weather gets warmer. While I know they're not to everyone's taste, there are plenty of recipes here:

And I'm definitely a follower.

oh my wow!! how in the world do you find such amazing fabric??!!

candy at fiber dot net

I'm a follower :)

candy at fiber dot net

A yummy recipe:

it's simple, but I heart it :)
your favorite brand vanilla yogart
cut up pineapple
mandarin oranges
cut up pears
cut up peaches

mix and enjoy the sunshine :)

candy at fiber dot net

I totally love your "saturated" and "unsaturated" idea!

Wow, I love your giveaways! and the FQ bundles are just perfect. I love the colors you picked.

I just saw this recipe for a delish milkshake on the Sugar Plum blog!

Also, I live in the US. Thanks!

I'm already a follower. alternate email mlwright29(at) hotmail(dot) com

Love the fabrics. Thanks for the chance!

I love the colors! So bright and sunshiny!

I blogged about your giveaway at

Cashew-Chicken Rotini Salad
1 package (16 ounces) spiral or rotini pasta
4 cups cubed cooked chicken
1 can (20 ounces) pineapple tidbits, drained
1-1/2 cups sliced celery
3/4 cup thinly sliced green onions
1 cup seedless red grapes
1 cup seedless green grapes
1 package (6 ounces) dried cranberries
1 cup ranch salad dressing
3/4 cup mayonnaise
2 cups salted cashews
Cook the pasta according to package directions.
Meanwhile, in a large bowl, combine the chicken,
pineapple, celery, onions, grapes, and cranberries.
Drain the pasta and rinse in cold water:stir into
chicken mixture.

In a small bowl, whisk the ranch dressing and
mayonnaise. Pour over salad and toss to coat.
Cover and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Just
before serving, stir in cashews.

12 servings

I love the fabrics - reminds me the St. Patty's Day rainbows!

I already follow with Google Reader-hope that counts. Thanks.

What pretty fabric! Love the scraps. Thanks for the giveaway.

Your giveaway fabrics are great additions for Springtime-oh, I could use an infusion of FQs or scraps. Thanks very much for your generosity.

I love gazpacho for summer/spring eating. Try

LOVE that fabric....Already have the purplish andrea victoria one (so beeeeaautiful!) and the orange full moon dot...but would love some more!!
OH, BTW---I would totally pay for shipping to Canada if I was eligible to win that scrap pack! (Just sayin')

I like a Spring, Summer salad of fresh greens, and this is very similar to my recipe:

I sometimes leave out the gorganzola, add strawberries instead. Maybe add baby spinach leaves. And the walnuts do not have to be sugared. Enjoy!

My Scottie dog Dougan and I are already followers...well, he's really only interested when your cute Scottie's pic appears on the screen, and he licks the spot on my screen where it appears ---eeewww. (pls note:this is occasionally followed by loud barking and or bellowing)

I love the bundle with white in it! Lovely fabrics! :)

Just blogged about your giveaway:

Love this layered salad:

Love the fabrics in giveaway #1. Thanks for the opportunity to partricipate in your giveaway. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

I'm a follower. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

love the saturated and unsaturated bundles, i really like your logic in this.

My favorite spring recipe: a simple strawberry and banana smoothie, for two, with a little extra. AND it's pretty healthy. Cut up a bunch of strawberries (I would say at least 10 medium sized ones), and one or two bananas, depending on how you want it to taste. Put that in the blender. Drizzle a little honey (I never exactly measure it) on top of the fruit. Then, pour in about 1/2 cup of milk, or less, depending on if you want it to taste less milky. Then, pour on about 2 cups of crushed iced, press blend, and you have a delicious smoothie! My sister and I make them allll the time in the spring/summer.

That scrap pile is just to die for ((drool)). The FQ bundles a beautiful too.

I have a great rhubarb story...

I love to can jam in the summer. But between pregnancies and newborns, I took two summers off. When I was ready to can again, I bought a ton of strawberries at the local farmer's market. At one of the last booths I visited, I saw bunches of rhubarb for a buck each. I remembered making a delicious strawberry-rhubarb jam years earlier and thought this was a sign I should make it again. When it was made and canned, I scooped out a little from the pot to taste. It didn't taste at all like I remembered. "Earthy" was the word I used to describe it (my husband thought "hint of manure"). Where did I go wrong??? Months later while browsing the Cooperative Extension Service's Grow It Eat It site, I saw a photo of the rhubarb I had bought...beet greens. I'll never make that mistake again!

LOVE the fabrics! soooo pretty =) makes me wish that spring was here already!

the giveaway and link are my blog under fabrics fabrics!

Those fabrics are fabulous! I'd love to win!

I'm a follower of your blog, too. :-)

my favourite spring time recipe? there's nothing better than strawberry rhubarb pie (bonus point for me since my recipe features rhubarb???)

Ok, this is more of a crawfish season recipe, and since crawfish season is in the Spring, I figured I'd share with a fellow NOLA-ian. :-)

Oh, I really want one of those bundles, they look so amazing! And the saturated versus insaturated logic makes actually a lot sense to me. Course over here it is almost three in the morning :)

I love the fabrics in your stash! Wish I could visit to play with them!

Strawberry shortcake! Strawberries macerated with sugar, biscuits (with a touch of sugar and cinnamon) and whipped cream. Yum!

You put together 2 beautiful groups! And I totally get the saturated and unsaturated. Thank you!

I'm already a follower.

Thank you!

Fajita Salad
3 boneless skinless chicken breast halves
1 Tbsp oil
juice of 1 lime
1 1/2 teaspoon cumin
1 garlic clove, minced
salt and pepper
1 green pepper, sliced
1 onion, sliced
salad greens
2 hard boiled eggs, cut in half
shredded cheese
pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, dressing, salsa (all optional)
Marinate chicken in lime juice, garlic, cumin and salt and pepper for 30 minutes. Grill chicken until done. Meanwhile heat oil in large pan on medium-high heat. Add vegetables, and a little extra cumin, to pan; cook and stir for 3 to 5 minutes.Place salad greens in serving bowls. Layer chicken, eggs, vegetables, and any other toppings.

Lovely fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

A simple yet tasty spring recipe. Thinly slice fresh cucumbers and spring onions and put in a glass dish. Coarsely chop fresh dill springs and sprinkle on the veggies. Dress with balsamic vinegar. We pick our garden bounty and eat it right away so is doubly good. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway to celebrate your blogiversary. alternate email mlwright29 (at)hotmail (dot)com

Here is a dessert which is a national dish here in Australia " Pavlova" supposedly created for Anna Pavlova the famous ballerina.
4 egg whites, 1 cup caster sugar, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar, 2 teaspoons of cornflour.
Method:- In a small electric mixing bowl beat egg whites until soft peaks form. Add sugar, lemon juice and sifted cornflour and beat until stiff and glossy ( at least 10 minutes).
Cover a tray with baking paper. Pile the meringue onto the paper and shape into a large circle, leaving the centre slightly hollowed. Bake at 130C ( 265F) for one and a half hours or until crisp on the outside. Turn oven off, and leave to cool in oven with door ajar.
When cold, decorate with whipped cream and fruit in season. It is lovely with strawberries, sliced banana and passionfruit!! Enjoy!

Thank you for the awesome giveaway. Saturated, Unsaturated or Ginormous -- like all of them. I'll be back soon as enjoy reading your blog regularly.

I love your logic! Those fabrics are wonderful and something that is missing from my stash...not may saturated brights here.

Thanks for the chance to win!
Sandy A

I'm already a follower!
Sandy A

PS...give Whiskers a scritch or two from me!

What lovely fabrics...I'd take either bundle if I was lucky enough! Thanks Kaelin!

And I am a faithful follower of your lovely blog!

And ''" is the website I go for a recipe! Try the prawn, roasted pepper and chilli pizza- yum

Here's a great Spring Soup:

Beautiful refreshing fabrics! I especially love the green chairs in bundle #2.

I'm a follower, thanks for another give away.

My secret wish is to win one of the FQ bundles, they're wonderful.

I blogged about the give away, here:

Lemon Chiffon Desert Squares!

I LOVE your bundles! So cute!

I am a follower! =) Love your blog.

I'm currently stuck on greek salads!

blogged the giveaway @

Love your blog ... great color choices - are all these giveaways from your personal stash?? I just started quilting ... building my stash slowly

When I was in grade school, we used to get this dessert for lunches that was so good, and so simple to make. It was called Charlie Brown Pie, and is just a layer of graham cracker crust, chocolate pudding, and whip cream spread on top.

Again, so simple, but so good!

That's one of the prettiest giveaways I've seen in a while! Thanks the chance!

Did you put this post up then take it down? My reader was quite confused! :)

Those colors are amazing! Love this giveaway! Just found your blog tonight. :)

I made this recipe last year & plan to make it whenever I have my hands on some fresh peaches. It was amazing!

Lovely bundles - Thanks again :D

I love my mom's easy fruit salad: Just take coolwhip and a container of yougurt, mix together and throw in a bunch of fresh fruit, cut into small pieces. Delicious!

I have some rhubarb in my freeze from last year, but I imagine it's probably not very good anymore...I had some freezer issues back in January, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw it away!

Wow, fantastic bundles! And I would lurve those scraps too, but I'm overseas.

Sweet spring giveaway... we just got a tonne of snow but I'm still hoping for warm weather!!

I am a follower! Love your blog!!

Another giveaway? Oh, dear:) I love the bundles you pick and I think "Unsaturated" Rainbow FQ Bundle is my type in this giveaway (I'm not completly sure, because first bundle is also awesome:).

Sorry, no rhubarb... it is buried in snow, won't come up until May... can you wait that long? I remember as kids we'd stick rhubarb in sugar to eat (mmmmm delish!).

The saturated and unsaturated bundles are lovely. I am from Australia. Jacinta

I am already following your blog. Jacinta

I have a recipe on my blog that I call my Quinoa Summer Salad, but of course anytime of the year it tastes good. Here is the link:

I have buckets of rhubarb growing in my garden. Hmmm, think US customs might have something to say about it if I sent that off to you. You will have to live vicariously through me eating rhubarb crumble, rhubarb streusel cake, rhubarb muffins....mmmmmm

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