March 10, 2011

By the way....

WE SIGNED A CONTRACT ON A HOUSE YESTERDAY! I'm finally going to have my very own sewing room!!! No more sewing on the dining table any more!!! WOO HOO!

Our house hunt was quite a roller coaster ride, and frankly I almost gave up a few times along the way because I wondered if it was worth the stress. Most of the houses we looked at were in horrifying shape, and as soon as a decent one would pop up on the market, other house-hunting vultures would swoop in and snatch it up within hours. Our offers were constantly being undercut because the listing agents would call every interested couple in the universe once we put in an offer, and we even dealt with an agent that ignored our offer altogether and refused to return our agent's calls. What made that situation even more fun, is that after she rudely ignored us for a day and a half, she was presumptious enough to call 3 hours after the contract had expired to tell us they'd (obviously) accepted another offer, but if the deal fell through, she'd call and let us know. Pretty sure that bridge had already been burned...

But I'm glad I hung in there, because God had a special house planned for us...and all the puzzle pieces eventually fell into place. And even though I'm ridiculously excited about having my own sewing space, not having to walk my dog down two flights of stairs to potty at 7 a.m. anymore, and being able to take quilting pictures outside without neighbors watching me like I'm crazy, I'm actually most excited about having a home I can share with other people. My husband and I both have full-time jobs, but our true career and life's focus is ministry. We're both in seminary working on Masters degrees, and some day...when we're finally finished with school...we'd like to do long-term mission work in Asia (most likely Japan or China). Recently, we've taken over the college ministry at our church, and I'm excited about providing a home-away-from-home where they can come and eat decent food, watch movies, sleep, and otherwise feel semi-normal without 30 other people around. And Ray and I are only a few years out of college, so they won't feel like they have to tiptoe around and be super straightlaced like they would around their "elders".  In a big, fat nutshell, I'm really looking forward to opening our home to other people....and not just with our church...but with family, friends, new acquaintances, and everyone in between :)

So I know...I just dropped the religious bomb on you guys, haha! My faith is a big part of my life, even though I don't talk much about it on here (which is intentional). I realize religion is a polarizing subject, and I'm not one to shove uncomfortable topics on people. I'm not afraid to talk about it, and I'm more than happy to have a calm, friendly, & intellectual conversation with you about it if you ask, but it's my general belief that when people want to talk about personal subjects like religion, family, money, etc....the moment will present itself organically without me having to beat anyone over the head with it. You all are here for quilting, so I try not to touch on deeply personal topics unless I feel it's a unique moment in which I can (and should) share something about myself.

So I hope you don't think I'm a psycho religious nutjob now, because I'm 99% sure I'm not. But if you do, that's cool too. To each his own ;)

So you wanna see some photos of the inside? It's pretty awesome. The previous owners just refinished the original hardwood floors (ooh! ahh!) and added crown molding.

And they also completely renovated the kitchen...which is my favorite room of the house since I love to cook and bake. Even Ray is pumped about the kitchen, because we have room for two refrigerators...Angela's husband created a monster with that idea. The first time we went over to their house, Ray got really excited when he saw they'd taken two basic refrigerators and switched the door hinges so they both swung open from the center-out like one giant fridge. Last night he spent an hour searching the internet for the same model as the one the owner's are leaving so the two will match...he's so precious :)

Cross your fingers all our inspections go well next week!


Good for you. This looks like a terrific house to make your home in. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it and in it.

Congratulations! It looks lovely and won't it look even better with a few quilterly touches?

And no I don't think you're a religious nut. :-)

wonderful, exciting news! Enjoy :-)

What!!!? A phone call girl!! Come on! You bought the house!!!??? I want a tour! When are you moving in? When can we sew there?

I love that Ray wants to do the double fridges like us! Too cute that he was researching for another version of the one there.

But woohoo! Congratulations! Stop emailing me about fabric swapping and tell a girl that you BOUGHT A HOUSE! *happy dance*

ps. you may be a bit crazy but it's not because of your religion. ;) I think it's the quilting... lol

Congrats!!! That is so exciting!!!

Fantastic news! Congrats, the house looks gorgeous!
And no I don't think you sound like a psycho religious nut... as you said to each his own! :)

congratulations!! the house looks beautiful and i hope all goes well with the inspection and you'll get to enjoy your very own house soon!

Soooooo super excited for you- and it's such the perfect house :) LOVE it- and yellow is the best- I will so paint a house yellow someday (when I get one that's not stucco- that's about all they have here in the West) :)! And I love that you feel strongly about your faith- that makes us who we are, I believe :). Your goals and reasons for getting this house are marvelous- fingers crossed, and prayers too ;)

the house looks wonderful! Congratulations ...

... and I'm with the others ... your faith is obviously important to you and it helps shape who you are ... who am I to question anyone else's faith? Mine may be very different, or it may be very similar ... but it's mine!

Love and light and good luck with the house admin xxx

YAY! Very exciting. Now you have to join the spice up the kitchen swap so you can get some fun stuff for your brand new kitchen! Can't wait to see what you do with your sewing room!

Congratulations! How fun to have your very first home. I hope all goes well with the inspection. It looks wonderful.

Huzzah -- congratulations!!!! That is fantastic -- I can't wait for the day when I can buy my first house :)

Congratulations! It looks a beautiful house and you must feel chuffed to be having your first home :)

I've tried to email you a reply but my gmail won't deliver the message to your scottie email. Eep! Any thoughts?

Crossing my fingers for the house - it is lovely!

We are actually boarding a train in Atlanta in the morning for New Orleans. It will be my first trip there ever! We are coming for a cheer-leading competition, but will be there for several days of vacation. Any must sees/eats/dos?

By the way, I went to Dallas Theological Seminary. I think blogging is a great potential for ministry! Just gotta find that right balance between pushy and transparent.

What very exciting news! We looked for almost a year before the Lord led us to our new home. And when we saw it, we knew it was the right one. Enjoy your new home. And may the Lord bless it to further His work.

Such a cute house! I am so jealous!! Good luck with these next house buying steps. :)

Congratulations on your new home!! I hope all goes well with closing the deal, moving in and settling. That's super exciting!

No worries about spilling your beliefs - I'm down with whatever people want to share. I'm here for the quilting, but it's nice to know what people are about, after all this is your space and we're just visiting!

That is so awesome Kaelin! Congrats! and it is so adorable in that lemon yellow!!

I am SO happy for you! Those are gorgeous floors and great lines--I know you are like a kid in a candy shop right now :) Congrats!

Acts 17:26 - He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. Congratulations!

Thanks for finding this house for me! I'll stop my own looking & just move in -- GORGEOUS!!! Congrats you fabulous fellow crazy religious and KJR nut job!

I'm crazy jealous over those floors!!!! Congrats girl!

Great house! It's all cute and cozy looking from the outside and then nice and spacious inside...great combo! I hope the inspection goes well and that you're able to turn it from a house into the home you want to enjoy and share.

Congrats on the house; it's beautiful! I'm going to be looking for my first house pretty soon, and I hope it goes smoothly for me too!

I LOVE YOU KAELIN! EVERY PART OF YOU! AND THIS NEW HOUSE IS AMAZING!!!!!!! You two are very lucky and I have a feeling you are also going to be extremely happy in this cheerful, beautiful home!

Hey congrats! You new home looks beautiful, those floors are fantastic- all ready to move into!

Congratulations! Hope everything goes smoothly, the house looks wonderful.

congrats!!! your new home looks amazing!

Katie Jumprope is awesome & so is your box of scraps. Great giveaway. And your new home is LOVELY - I'm so happy for you.

Jaw dropping cute house! Good things come to those who wait. Congratulations.

Its beautiful! I bet you are excited! What great news! YAY!'s gorgeous!

Your house looks great! Those floors are to die for. Congratulations on your first house. I hope you make many wonderful memories there.

It is so gorgeous! Congrats on your first house - I hope to be there someday!

eeeekk!!! I LOVE it!!! Gorgeous hardwood floors too! I just know Whiskers is going to love sliding around!! Congrats!

what a lovely, lovely bungalow! those floors are gorgeous, and it all sounds wonderful. congrats!

Absolutely beautiful. I'm so jealous. I live on a street where four (out of about 15) look just. like. mine. I do love my sewing room though... Your floors are GORGEOUS by the way!

Wow - completely gorgeous! Those floors are to die for. I am crossing my fingers that the inspection goes well. (Tip: don't let it freak you out; they have to point out every little thing - just be sure the "big" stuff is okay).

And I kind of laughed out loud at the term "psycho religious nutjob" - I think the fact that you used it pretty much confirms you're not one. I think it's terrific that this home will let you and your husband live the kind of life that you want.

Congrats on the house...I know I am a little late but since I am a new follower I guess I deserve a reprieve. LOL

I used to teach college age in my church before I moved 3 states away and I love that age group. They were always hanging out which opened the door to many great "lessons" without the need to shove it in their face. Many of them simply need a mentor and it sounds like you and your husband are great ones.

I will be praying for you and your ministry as I know how trying it can be from time to time. If you ever need to chat about challenges or victories I am available.

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited for you!

Happy day! Your house is so cute, much bigger than it looks. Two fridges and a sewing room? How does it get any better? Congrats.

Congratulations! The house is adorable. And I love your idea of 2 fridges. We have a full sized stand alone fridge and a full sized stand alone freezer and I thought that was awesome. Two fridges, though, is crazy! Especially come summer when there's all that gorgeous produce.


(did you look under the sink- lol)

Two fridges would be nice!!

God has a plan and we might not love the journey but I believe we are always put where we are suppose to be. Our house in on the market and we don't know where we are going next but I keep telling myself " God has a plan"

Aren't you glad that you waited. What a great house. We are so impatient and stressed out and God is saying, Keep calm, I have something much better for you.

Cute as a button outside, BEAUTIFUL inside! I like your faith report too :)

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