March 31, 2011

DQS All Around

I received a gorgeous Doll Quilt in the mail yesterday from emedoodle!!! It's funny because we always end up loving what the other makes in different swaps, but have never been paired up before. I even joked to her a couple weeks ago that "someday the swap gods will match us up!"...I'm sure she had a good chuckle over that one ;)

Look at all the gorgeous little details! The teeny tiny wonky stay, the wee little embroidered bicycle...

...and the embroidered quote from a song ("Lullabye") by one of my favorite artists, Ben Folds!

And that's not all...check out the back!!!

She made a teeny tiny flag label and put it on the back as a little "signature" of hers...

...and best of all, she embroidered a little Scottie label for me and Whiskers! You can ask Ray, I was really going crazy over that part...I kept screeching "look how precious Ray!..LOOK how precious!!! It's Mr. Whiskers!"

As if that weren't enough, she added all kinds of adorably wrapped little goodies! Ray called while I was sitting in traffic driving home from work, and he told me there was a FedEx on the doorstep. I put two and two together and drove home like a lunatic so I could get my grubby paws on it my apologies for not having photos of it all cutely packaged! There were also two little chocolate bars in there, but the hubby ate them about 30 seconds after I unwrapped them.

I got a notebook, some awesome embroidery floss, flower straight pins, a matching zipper pouch, and some extra fabric and a gray zipper (which I actually needed - yay!)

I'm SO stinking excited because this quilt will match my new sewing room perfectly. The house we're buying has gorgeous white crown molding running throughout, and I'm going to paint that room in Behr "Manhattan Mist".  My new quilt will be the first thing I hang on the wall in there :)

And here are a few quick photos of the new doll quilt I'm working on for my partner (since I had to scrap the other one). I decided to go with another simple design because I thought it would suit my partner best, plus I plan on hand-embroidering a scene on it. Once I finish I'm thinking about binding it with some Kei Dots in Yellow.

And here's a shot of the can see the hand quilting a little better here.


Are you ever a lucky girl! Your package is awesome and I cannot believe you let your husband eat the chocolate! I do not think my husband would dare eat my chocolate!

I'm so glad you liked it! I worried for the last week that you wouldn't! I had so much fun with this little quilt!

Stunning! I really am amazed at all the detail!!!!

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