March 17, 2011

DQS10 Beginnings

I finally got some time to start on my DQS10 quilt. I've had this idea sketched for almost a month now, but I kept putting it off because it should come together fairly quickly once I start...aren't I terrible? :)


I'm using a Kona Pastel Charm pack for all the circles and they'll be reverse appliqued (which is a new technique for me). I'm also considering throwing in some toned-down prints to add some interest....but I'm not sure exactly how/what that's going to look like yet. Aren't the little bunnies cute? They're going to be appliqued over two of the circles (and I'm not certain on that either...over a print? solid?). After I drew this it made me think of that Whack-a-Mole I've dubbed it the "Whack-a-Bunny" quilt, haha! You don't have to tell me I have a sick sense of humor, because I already know ;)

Here are some pictures to give you a rough idea of what I'm going for. Keep in mind the circles will be much smaller than the squares pictured....and I'm still working out whether or not I want 4 or 5 columns like in the sketch. Right now I'm leaning toward 4.

The green prints at the bottom are ones I'm considering sticking in that row instead of the KJR print. I think I'm going to eliminate the Heather Ross print from consideration though because it's way too busy. Any other suggestions? I'm open to any nice pastel-ish, green, modern prints you think would work better than what I have pictured. I'm not really a pastel person, so it was slim pickins when I was rooting through my stash.


Dont think its for me, but if it is I would be excited!! So cute!

So cute!! Love the colors. I haven't heard of reverse applique, are you going to show us the method??

I am thinking you should use some garden-y prints since it is Wack-a-Rabbit...hehehe

Love the idea, and love that you sketch it on graph paper like I still fancy schmancy computer program for me!

I like the quilt idea a lot! Perfect for spring! I've never tried reverse applique either I'm dying to know how it goes!

Oh my gosh, that is so weird! I sketched something extremely similar to one of my Facebook friends last month because I told her I was writing a tutorial for my blog. It's pretty much the same thing, 5 circles across by 6 down. I'm doing a circle inside of a slightly bigger solid-colored circle. Ironed under and topstitched down. The quilt's almost done but I won't be able to finish it up for awhile yet because I just started 2 quilt alongs, lol.

That is a super fun idea!! Can't wait to see it come together.

I'm watching for how this comes together - looks so interesting!

Ok Kaelin, this is one of the few that have come across the group that I can totally see being for me! AND I WANT IT!!!! LOL!

you can come raid my stash if you some more pastel options. I probably..well lets be honest...I'm sure I have something. ;)

I need to start working on my DQS too! I have my idea...need to see if it will work!

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