March 23, 2011


I finished the top of the Whack-a-Bunny quilt (for the most part) for the Doll Quilt Swap 10. All I have to do now is applique my little bunnies, and then I can sandwich and quilt this bad boy.

I tried out a bunch of different prints, but in the end I went with the Henna Garden ones. Whenever I laid out prints that were different (like the Heather Ross and KJR prints I originally pulled), it looked too chaotic compared to the rest of the quilt. I felt the Hennas added a little interest, but still coordinated enough that the top looked symmetrical and pulled-together.  I'm still debating on where I want to place the bunnies though...on top of the prints, or the solids???

Some of you emailed me about wanting a tutorial for the reverse applique technique, so tune in tomorrow because I'll be posting one. It's a really easy technique, so the post will be brief :)


This is too cute. Can't wait to see it with the bunnies and the tute.

Wow you are fast!! I love how it's looking, and I think that it was a good choice putting that Henna in there. I also like that you put the colors in order, as opposed to randomly placing them throughout the quilt. I think I would like to see the bunnies on top of the solids so they stand out, but that's just me. So amazing, I am looking forward to seeing it all completed!!!

It looks great so far! I vote for putting the bunnies on solids.

very cute! It makes me thing of spring and easter eggs.
I would say put the bunnies on the solid prints.

This is going to be so awesome! I think the bunnies would be cutest on the solids - that way they really stand out and don't have to compete with the print.

It looks so great. I always like it when quilts aren't predictable so one on solid and one on print.

Beautiful! I love the colors you chose.

Gorgeous. Good call on the Henna Garden - it fits perfectly.

Looks fantastic! I would vote for bunnies on the solids :)

This is going to be so fab. I vote for bunnies on solids. I love the prints you picked out - they work so well!

I love this quilt so far, despite the name!! Being a bunny lover I don't like the thought of them being whacked... but, to stop being silly and sentimental, I think the bunnies would look better on solids. Can't wait to see it finished.

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