March 21, 2011

In case you ever wonder...

Yes, I do read every single comment. Due to the volume from all the giveaways, I haven't had time to respond to as many of them as I'd like, but I do read and appreciate them :)

Here's some proof! I made a second reader-posted recipe yesterday after church. You gotta try these things...they're like catnip for people. Sweet and rich from the brown sugar, tangy from the rhubarb, and smooth from the cream cheese's a real mouth party. Thanks Kristie!

Whiskers volunteered to be the official taste-tester, but I had to decline his offer. He's hyper enough without devouring sugary I'd really hate to have to scrub cream cheese out of Whiskers' whiskers. He hates having his beard man-handled.

And I finally finished my Quilting Divas block for Poppyprint - woo hoo! Only one more to go now! You can see my other blocks here.


Haha! Love the photo of Whiskers. That is such a Scottie pose! Too cute!

Those would be safe with Rufus.....he's afraid of plates! He only eats off the floor! Whiskers is too, too cute!

ouuuu, way pretty! LOVE how the colors pop from the background!

I make these cookies. They are so good. I wait until people try them before saying that they have rhubarb in them. Hmmm, maybe I will make some tonight, I only have about 15 cups of cut rhubarb in the freezer (and 5 cups of finely chopped rhubarb) . . . .

That looks like a very tempting recipe. I love the shot with Whiskers. Those are gorgeous blocks too!

Those cookies look fantastic! I think I'm going to have to get some rhubarb of my own...

WOW! Beautiful block and Whiskers is SO cute!

Heehee, your dog looks so cute eyeing those things!!

I love that block you made...I really like the contrast that the dark gray makes, and those hexies are awesome...all the prints you chose are perfect together!

Your blog is becoming one of my favorites :) I thought you'd like to know!

I love that picture of him! He looks so innocent yet mischevious!!! What a ham :)

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