March 19, 2011

It's a wonderful day for pie.

I finally found my beloved rhubarb here in New Orleans, and our reunion was glorious!!! Thanks for the awesome new recipe Tong...I love that the crust calls for both shortening and butter, because I think butter gives a pie crust so much more flavor, but shortening gives it that awesome texture.

About to go in the oven...

About to go in my belly...


ooo that looks delicious!! i'm glad you liked the recipe! btw, i love your rolling pin and that big orla kiely tin!

nice pie! our rhubarb is just starting to poke from the ground so it will be awhile before we get pie in our bellies. Enjoy!

It's makes my mouth water - I think there is still snow banks on my rhubarb! You make a lovely pie Kaelin!

Rhubarb is my favorite pie! Yours looks absolutely perfect. I can almost smell it ...

I remember eating rhubarb pie as a kid. :) It looks yummy!

Beautiful pie! I too take pictures of my pies. I'm always very proud of them ;)

AHHHHH!!! You are making me hungry!!!

Want the taste of butter, but the consistency of shortening? Here's a trick I learned overseas where there is no shortening: Use a hand blender to thoroughly mix 1 lb butter with 2 cups of oil. I generally use canola, but olive or any veggie oil works. I also put in a liberal dash of salt. This stuff keeps in the fridge for weeks & weeks -- just like butter. It's spreadable straight from the fridge and will utterly change your culinary life. For reals. :)

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