March 15, 2011

Lookie what I got!

I received my goodies from the Urban Home Goods swap late last week, but I didn't feel like sharing until now. I wanted a few days to hoard them all to myself and call them 'my precious' like Gollum...haha :)

The lovely *amisha* was my secret swap partner, and you'll be green with envy when you see what she made me! The first item is a lovely and feminine apron that she screen printed herself! Whenever I put it on, I just want to twirl a lot....kinda like Meg Ryan and her mom in You've Got Mail. It's so flouncy and fun!

Bear with me because I took a lot of photos....I wanted to make sure you guys could see and appreciate all the little details she put into it :)

I honestly love every little print she snuck in there...and how she included little pieces of linen to break up all the patterns and colors...and how the little stripes kind of peep through the linen on the front. I said it before and I'll say it's just lovely! *deep sigh of contentment* I plan on wearing it when I bake for the first time in our new house....which will be a cherry pie! Mmm...  I really wish I could find rhubarb down here so I could make a strawberry-rhubarb pie, but it's nowhere to be found in southern Louisiana *tear* Anyone up north wanna mail me a box? Haha!

The smaller second item she made was a set of matching coasters. I know I should set these on our coffee table so everyone can see and enjoy them, but I'm not. It's because I know it will make me crazy if someone spills something on them or handles them in any manner that isn't delicate. Plus I'm selfish and want to hoard them for myself, so they'll be going in my sewing room so I can set my delicious Vanilla Coke/Cherry Coke/Sweet Tea (one of the above) glass on one of them while I sew.

I love how she used two different quilting patterns for the four coasters...two square and two spiral. And the text prints are to die for. There's something romantic about old text, you know? Ray and I went to look at furniture for the new house the other night, and I think he's going to buy me a chaise for the sewing room covered in the same fabric as this chair. Isn't it lovely? It's called "document linen print". I love my hubby :)

And in case you were curious, the person I drew in the UHG swap was Traci Turchin. I was ridiculously excited to have her as my partner because we have a lot of the same tastes and both asbsolutely LOVE linen! I sent her a cover for her 12x12x15 serger, and the other is a linen pillow for her living room (previously blogged about here and here)


Beautiful!! Love the linen.

adorable! I especially love the coasters!

Totally the apron!

That apron is so freakin' awesome. Love it! You scored.

The apron is gorgeous as are the coasters. I can see many hours of happy baking ahead of you in your new kitchen wearing your apron. Your swap partner received gorgeous items too. Jacinta

What a gorgeous apron! But even more so- the pillow you made for your exchange partner- she's a lucky gal!

I love the apron! It's absolutely beautiful!

NO WAY!!!! Lucky you. I thought this apron was one of the nicest things posted in the pool. It is wonderful that you love it so much!!! I'm still anxiously awaiting my swap's tough watching all that great stuff get received and not knowing what's headed here. Fingers crossed!


Have a great rest of the week! :)

That apron is so so so gorgeous!! I love the print inside the pocket! and the coasters are just so perfect. Lucky you to be getting a chaise in text fabric!!!

No way! I was so sure that you HAD to be my partner! lol. Maybe next time! :) All those lovelies going to other people -- I'm totally stalking my postman!

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