March 22, 2011

March Bee Blocks

Not only did I finish my Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese blocks by the deadline this month, but I'm a week early! Woot woot! Crystal meticulously cut up teeny little 1 1/2" squares for us to make these darling scrapbuster blocks (instructions here)

Block #1

Block #2

Both Blocks

Crystal also had a really cute idea for personalizing her Bee quilt. She asked us to cut a 3.5" x 4.5" block from our leftover white fabric and applique a 1" piece of fabric from our own stash on it. Then we were to write our name, location, and our favorite quote/saying on the label with a fabric marker. Pretty cool, huh? I'm a bookworm and Ernest Hemingway is one of my favorite authors, so I used a quote of his that I love.



I love your blocks. All those tiny squares. So pretty.

Those blocks are perfectly perfect! Love the quote.

Cool, those are great blocks, and what tiny scraps!!

These are one of my favorite blocks! Been admiring them for a while. Great job!

The blocks look great. :)

Have a terrific Tuesday!

I really love those bee blocks! They look like a lot of teenie fiddly work, but just awesome put together! And the signature card with a block on it: brilliant!

These blocks look soooo good but I quake at the thought of 1.5" squares! Love the signature block idea and I love the quote you chose.

perfect fabric for you in the signature block! (although I'm a little surprised you used a pink one. are you turning a new leaf toward pink?)

Super cute as always!

Awesome blocks! and love the idea of the little saying labels. That's going to be a beautiful and special quilt!

this is very beautiful. It would like so beautiful on pillow.

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