March 8, 2011

Mary Perrine, You're My Hero.

I've been in several bees & swaps with Mary now, and she's super awesome. Not only does she share my loves of quilting and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but she makes me blocks made entirely out of Flea Market Fancy. And for that, Mary, you are my hero. This was for the Quilting Divas Mini Bee.

Isn't it gorgeous?! Look at the precious wee baby pinwheels! As if it weren't enough for her to send me a FMF block to pet every time I walk over to my sewing area, you can see in the photo that she also sent me a baby stash of prints! I think it might be time for me to find a way to mail that crawfish etouffee she's been asking for...

And below is a photo of a new quilt I'm starting. Half of the blocks are from the last round of the 3x6 Bee that I participated in, and the other half are from the Quilting Divas Bee....but I asked both groups to base their blocks off this one by jenjohnston. I also have a handful of blocks from those rounds that aren't pictured. I love them, but couldn't find a way to make them work with the rest of the blocks. But no worries, I've already come up with another cool project for them for our home :)

Obviously I need a few more blocks....and some kind of sashing. I'm working on those issues...


Your blocks all look awesome together!

How pretty! Its going to be a great quilt!

I still love that block you based it on so much! It's such a clever combo of colors. It's the blue in it that is really special. It's un-expectingly subtle, when it could have been in your face.

HAhahah I think you are my hero!

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