March 14, 2011

Mini Rituals and a Mail Organizer

The New Orleans MQG has developed kind of a mini ritual whenever we have a Weekend Sew: Chick-fil-A. We meet around 10, talk and swap fabric for (at least) the first hour, finally get down to brass tacks and start sewing, and by the time noon rolls around, someone declares that they want Chick-fil-A, orders are written down, and someone goes off as the official food collector for a couple Spicy Chicken Deluxes and Dr. Pepper. Then we sit on Angela's floor and watch TV (this time Glee) while munching and chatting. So. Much. Fun.

Needless to say, I don't get much sewing done, but fun is always guaranteed at our get-togethers. We're very much a New Orleans guild...laid back - and there to spend time with one another more than to do the work at hand, haha! I kid. We all work our hearts out on our sewing during the's just that we enjoy being around eachother so much that we can't help but get distracted...and I love that so much about our group! I'd rather have fun than be productive :) I have a feeling our odd humor, inside jokes, and my general loudness might end up frightening people when we're at the Sewing Summit together...because we're all night owls and will probably be making a ruckus in the sewing rooms until 3 am, haha ;)

I brought three projects to work on Saturday, and ended up barely finishing one. But I'm glad I focused on the one I did, because it's a mail organizer to hang beside our door. We really needed one because our mail always ends up scattered around the house in "crap piles" (what I like to call stacks of miscellaneous paperwork that gradually appear on all our tables). Plus it was a UFO that had been nagging in the back of my mind for months. I've had the fabric cut and ready to sew for almost 8 months, and it wasn't a hard project, so I have no idea why I kept putting it off.

I got the pattern from One Yard Wonders, and while I really like the design of the organizer, I suggest you read through the directions a few times before starting, because they can be a little confusing and there's one major error that I found. At the beginning of the directions it tells you to cut 4 lines every 6 inches starting from the bottom of the main panel, but when you get to the end of the directions, you realize they meant you to draw 4 lines every 6 inches. If I hadn't read through the entire pattern before I started, I would have been royally now you can avoid that mistake should you decide to make an organizer for yourself :) Hopefully I just have a weird copy and it's been corrected in later printings.

There are four pockets: in, out, bills, and misc.

And here's a picture of the back so you can view the Echino cheater print in all it's glory. This is from one of their first lines and I've been hoarding it since 2008. I still have about a yard left I think I'm gonna use for a sofa pillow in my living room :)


Love this! I have that book too and just may have to make one myself. Love your blog and your Scottie! How cute! If you have time come on over to and consider becoming a follower. You just picked up a new fan!!


How I wish I could be at one of your guild meetings they sound like such good fun!
Pretty mail organizer I may need one of those for myself one day. Beats shoving everything in a drawer {my system and it works lol!}

I love your organizer. You were smart to hoard that fabric. It's gorgeous!

yay for sewing days with Chick-fil-a! They are the best! Especially when my sweet hubby runs out to get our food so that we can later run to the fabric store. ;)

I did manage to get some sewing done over the weekend after that. lol. But I need to get more done when we are together! I used to. But I think I'm lazy because I haven't had to move my machine...Hmm...

Can't wait for when we have sew days at your house!! Woohoo!

I love it! :) Glad you have lots of fun with your guild people. We just had our first guild retreat and it was amazing. I got a ton done, but mostly because I stayed up past 3am each night! That made up for all my chattiness during the day! I'll see you at the Summit! :) Need to make my hotel arrangements this week! :)

I like the organizer. Also, it sounds like you have a lot of fun with the guild. Mine isn't that laid back but it is a good time too. :)

Ok, I did some math and it looks like your sewing days include....uhhh, about an hour of sewing. teehee, you girls sound like so much fun!

Your organizer is the bees knees. I think that is the perfect fabric to choose for it - it will be fabulous in your new house!! I'm following the Pink Chalk Fabrics blog as they work their way through 1 Yard Wonders project by project, and there are MANY of them with errors. Good thing you read all the way through!

I have the one yard wonders book and hadn't thought of making this organizer - I love the Echino!

great mail organizer! i really ought to make one of those for myself!

This is really nice looking. I see that the sides kinda "bow in". I think I would support the back somehow. Otherwise, it looks great. Thanks for sharing. What are the dimensions of the finished pockets?


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