March 9, 2011

Ready for Spring!

Look at these gorgeous greens! Aren't you ready for springtime and flowers and fluffy bunnies munching on clovers? Because I am! :)

I received my first month's fabrics from Pink Chalk Studio's Monthly Solids Club today! (I wrote a little bit about it here). Seven of the eight solids are from the Kona Cotton line, but one of them is from the Bella Solids. This was my first encounter with Moda's solids line and I'm loving the texture. I wish they were more readily available at chain fabric stores and my LQS like the Konas, because I would probably switch based on texture alone! As soon as I start a new project, I'll let you know how they sew in comparison with the Kona Cottons.


I just got them too! I am loving looking at them.

I love them both, from what I've used of them. I wanted to join that, but wasn't sure if I could swing it. Oh well, I'll just drool over yours!

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who likes the Bella Solids so much! I think they are a bit smoother. Pretty greens!!

Definitely agree the Bella Solids have a much nicer hand, but I haven't washed them both up for a true test yet. This is a sweet stack!

oh goodness, Kaelin, I've been back to this post about 20 times LOL! these colours are so delicious ... just wish I could afford the bloomin postage to the UK every month ... it's the same as the fabric ... not that I don't understand why , just that I'm sad I can't join in ... !!

I've used the Moda solids before and they wash beautifully ... just seem smoother and slightly less harsh/more friendly than Kona :) [that would be my stupid synaesthesia talking!]

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