March 30, 2011

Scientific Fact About Dogs

If a dog and a quilt are within 20 feet of each other, the dog will find said quilt and lay on it within 2.2 seconds. Especially if it's brand new and you don't want dog fur all over it.


this phenom also holds true for cats :-/

I understand 100%. I've finally convinced my dog she cannot lay on the quilt while I'm basting it. It's only taken about 20 quilts. She always hangs out in the corner and pouts while I pin it.

OH Michelle beat me, lol, I was going to say the same is true of cats. You can tell most quilters are pet people!

Awwww, he is sooo cute! Of course, he thinks the quilt is HIS! :) Give him a pat from me!
Sandy A

yes, quilts have this same power on sticky grubby 2 yr olds.

Mr. Whiskers is soooooo cute!!

Aww your puppy is so cute! I had a scottie mix growing up and he was the sweetest little guy.

Absolutely! When my mum was alive (and her dear little Maltese/Highland Terrier cross) I'd take a new quilt to show her. Sally would happily lay, roll, cavort all over it. In fact I used to say..."This quit is not finished until Sally has sat on it"!!!!

this is twice as likely if you are pin basting!

hehe- this is SOOOOO true :)

Or, if you are trying to lay the squares out, and get a picture, or pin it, or sew it, but we love those pups anyway!

Cats are the same way.... Mine likes hiding under them though....

Stars believes that if he sits on it, somehow it must be his.

I understand completely! I have a 2yr old dachshund and he loves to burrow under my new quilts. Your scotty is so cute....

That is so dogs would have immediately brought the most mangled toy over to the quilt and laid down on it. (Aww what a cute photo!)

My cats, however, have a thing about sitting on boxes. Insane. The favorite kind are the large and flat (pizza boxes, Dunkin Donuts boxes, boxed games). All the better if the box is empty and it squishes down when they lay on it.

you are so right. But my JR likes to scratch it up to get comfy on!!

LOLOL It is so funny you say that. We got a dog from the local no kill shelter a few months ago.

Just a few days ago my daughter was finishing up her very first quilt. Each time she would spread it out to mess with it, our dog hopped off the couch and would flop down on it. We laughed and would push all 6 pounds of him off. But each time he would find a way on it.

Then I was working on some quilting stuff myself and sure enough he squirms his way past my working arms and flops straight on the fabric I was cutting. It is too funny!!!! I will have to tell my daughter to read your post :)

Ann Flowers

but there is no way you can be upset with that adorable little guy...

Ah, so true! The same goes for cats which in my house shed far worse than the dogs...

Isn't that the truth! At least it is in my house.

Yep, sounds about right! Stella always decides to get up on the bed right as I'm about to strip it in order to do the laundry. And then she sits on the pile of clean sheets as I try to remake it. It's a good thing she's so darn cute!

I have the same problem. AND I have one dog that chews quilts! So does my daughter! We have to watch those stinkers carefully.

This is also true of cats; & it doesn't even have to be even remotely finished. 9 million places they can lay, they'll pick you WIP every time :)

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