March 7, 2011

Urban Home Goods - Finished & Mailed (woo hoo!)

Please excuse me for making this short and sweet, but I'm exhausted from standing on a chair, screaming and flailing my arms for awesome throws until midnight last night. But it was 100% worth it, because I caught some awesome throws...including a rubber chicken! HA!

The machine cover was waaaay too big to try and model on mine, so I apologize that you can't really get a good feel for how it looks from these pictures :(

The inside is lined with a snuggly print from Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannel line.

And this is the back side of the cover. I got the idea for the grommets from I Love Patchwork, except I moved them up from the bottom to the center.


That pillow is beautiful. I want to hear about that!

Love it! And can I say how jealous I am that you saw Bacchus AND Endymion! I guess that was worth Saturday's rainstorm :)

What an awesome package!!! I love your swap items - when at first I read that the cover was waaay to huge I was like 'oh! maybe it's for me, please be for me!', but my machine is really looong, not tall, so I'm completely bummed b/c this must be heading to someone else (at least it looks really tall and thin-ish in the photos)! Lucky partner. I just love all of the fabrics you used for it!

That cover is so beautiful!! And the cushion looks so tricky. Rubber chickens are so cool!! My brother is a musician and had one band that if you brought a rubber chicken you'd get in for free so I used to have a mini one on a key ring.

That is totally beyond rad awesome! Lucky lucky partner!!

This is SO SO SO beautiful! Both projects together look like a rainbow! I love rainbows! Dare I even hope this is mine? I really doubt it, but I can dream for a few more days!

Super cute! Your partner is one lucky lady! :)

I've been lusting after this for some time now. You could totally be my partner! Especially with that AMH print on the inside?! :) hehe I guess I'll have to wait and see!

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