March 2, 2011

Urban Home Goods WIP

I started working on my 2nd project for the Urban Home Goods swap last night. Here's a sneak peek...

And remember when I told you about my swap with Emily? Originally, I was only supposed to receive 3 different colorways of the Mendocino Presentation in return....but because she's the best swap partner EVER, she sent me even more Mendocino! The School of Fish and Kelp print in Blush are HALF YARDS!!! This was definitely the best swap I've ever participated in! Thanks Emily - you are the freakin' best!!!


Love your urban homegoods piece in progress! And holy cow, that's a great fabric haul. :)

Half yards? Half yards?!! Lucky schmucky.

Love your swap item...can't wait to see what it is! And presentation mermaids, yowza!

I still have not gotten those fish! I have dreamed about them! LOL
Love your swap so far.

lucky you, look at all those pretties!

I am working on my UHG swap tonight!

Love that camera print :) Looks great!

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