March 3, 2011

We.Want.Fun. (A Blogiversary Giveaway!)


I promised fun, didn't I? So fun you shall have. In celebration of my 1 year blogiversary, I will be announcing a new giveaway every Friday this month! I'm cheating and posting this week's giveaway a little early because I'll be having an evening of fun-filled Mardi Gras-ing tonight and tomorrow, so I won't have time to post this tomorrow. Before you judge too harshly, Mardi Gras is very different when you're a local, because what the media shows the outside world is pure rubbish.

Lemme break it down like a fraction. There are two Mardi Gras....the disgusting-frat-boy-tourist-Mardi-Gras in the Quarter, and the local, family-friendly Mardi Gras that takes place on St. Charles Avenue. The best way I can describe it is to call it a city-wide tailgate party down St. Charles. You bring the whole family, set up some chairs, possibly a tent and a grill, and you hang out all day chatting with the people around you. There is no flashing or wild bouts of debauchery....just (mostly) good, family fun. And one of my favorite things are these genius inventions. Parents are so inventive. Obviously the little kids are too short to catch things or be seen by the riders with throws, so some creative person took a 6 foot wooden ladder, screwed a box with a safety bar on the top, attached some wheels, and voila! You have a portable booster seat for your kids to sit in and catch stuff! Only in New Orleans. I love this city :)

And bonus, on Mardi Gras Day (Fat Tuesday) most people tailgate AND dress up in costume for the parades. Also, local high school or military bands march in between each float during every parade (not just the ones on Mardi Gras Day), so I threw in some pictures for you to see! It's so much fun. These are all from last year:

(it's not every day you see a banana riding a bicycle)

So anywho...I was saying...tonight a bunch of us from the NOLA MQG are meeting up to go to my personal favorite, the Krewe of Muses parade. It's a fairly new Krewe (hence the sucky weekday parade time), but they have the best pageantry and throws. It's an all-female Krewe, so there you go. Leave it to the ladies to come up with kick-butt satirical floats and the best throws (hands DOWN!). They throw stuff like eye masks, bracelets, bedazzled shoes, feather boas, and cool bags. It's so awesome.

But enough of my prosthelytizing about Mardi Gras. On to the really good stuff!!!

Up for grabs this week are:

Item #1

Fat Quarter bundle of the Beach Mod Circa 60 line by Monaluna. There are a total of 9 FQ (2.25 yards), and it's a 100% organic cotton collection (ooh! ahh!)

Item #2

A copy of Denyse Schmidt Quilts, personally touched by me (just kidding about that last's not really a bonus...more like an unavoidable peril, haha!)

So you know the drill. Here are the rules on how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment.
  2. For a 2nd entry, leave a comment telling me that you're a follower. If you're already a follower, leave a comment to that effect.
  3. For a 3rd entry, blog about this giveaway, and leave a comment telling me so.
  4. For a 4th entry, state one thing you've always wanted to see/do in New Orleans. Poor little New Orleans doesn't get many compliments, bless her heart, and she needs a little morale boost every now and then ;)
This giveaway IS open Internationally. The giveaway will close at Midnight on Wednesday, March 9th. Any comments left after that time will be disregarded. Also, if I draw your name for one of the prizes but can't find an email address for you, then I will immediately draw another winner. Long story short, make sure you provide me with some kind of way to contact you.

Good luck & thanks for playing!


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I don't mind being #1 - I've won before as #1! Happy Blogiversary!

Can this entry be simply that I would love to visit New Orleans one day? Because everything about it seems fascinating. Except the heat and humidity (of which I am so not a fan, no matter where it is).

Thanks, by the way, for the local's perspective on Mardi Gras. I had no idea.

OOOh great giveaway, Hope I win!!! I love Circa 60.

I've always fancied a trip to New Orleans to listen to some great Jazz

Sounds like Mardi Gras will be a lot of fun!

What a nice giveaway! I'd love to visit New Orleans someday...

As far as New Orleans goes, I would love to visit. It seems so different from where I live in New England (and that gigantic family friendly block party sounds like a lot of fun!)

I've always wanted to visit New Orleans. I'd love to take my millions of dollars (cough, cough yeah right) and eat tons of delicious food at every tasty place in sight. And your Mardi Gras sounds wonderful and fun too :)

You weren't a-kidding when you said the good stuff! It doesn't get better than Beach Mod! The book looks like such fun, too! Happy Blogoversary!

I'd love to win the fabric bundle, it's SOOOO, me.

of course I'm a follower!!

Love your blog! You are dangerous for me, with your Scottie Watch though, I love that you find some sweet deals and then share them. OMG that fabric you are giving away is right up my alley, if I don't win it, I am totally buying it.
Happy Blogaversary :)

I blogged about it, here:

New Orleans, whenever I think about it, the movie The Princess and the Frog comes to my head now, my daughter loves that movie. I also think of COLOR and fun. I've never been there, someday I will.

We've always wanted to visit St.Louis #1. We had planned a vacation to N.O. once, planned to stay a couple weeks, poured over the travel guide books, booked the hotel, etc. Yeah, that was the terrible year of Katrina, so we didn't make the trip. One of these days though, we'll do it!

I've never been to New Orleans, I think I'd like to see the French Quarter, first. Then everything else.

Oh my gosh those booster seats are so fun! I do wonder why there are wheels on top...can't figure that one out!
I'd love to win the book you fondled, I'm lacking in good quilting books. But the fabric would be very welcome too ofcourse ;-)

That fabric is divine! What a generous giveaway :)

I just love Mardi Gras!


I actually visited NOLA during HS on a church trip... uh, bad idea - that trip was responsible for my first drops of alcohol, lol! We stayed in the Quarter, so I didn't get to see much of the city outside that little area - I would like to see one of the cemeteries!

I am already a follower


Wonderful blog and thanks for the giveaway.

Oh my do I love this fabric line! The little rvs and campers just kill me! Thanks for the opportunity to win!=)

I've always wanted to simply visit New Orleans - can't believe I've never been! I would love to see some of the art museums and galleries, though.

Put your give away on my side bar, under Give Aways :-)

I've always wanted to go to New Orleans to eat. I've heard they have the best gumbo in the world there.

Those ladders are awesome. I need to remember that the next time we go to a big parade :)

I follow your blog and just love it :)

I've always wanted to visit the french quarter and those wonderful old cemetaries with the above ground tombs "Cities of the Dead". Not that I particualarly like cemetaries its just that the tombs themselves look so beautiful and I love the history around it.

I want to go to New Orleans for some of the food. I hear it has home cooking like no other :)

I have been to New Orleans once about 6 years ago, only a short visit much too short.Would love to come back one day and go fabric shopping with you and then eat. The food ooooooooooooh so good I never ate so much in my life! I want cornbread and fresh crab yup and some other goodies as well. Ok hungry now lol!

I lived in New Orleans. I had to move because Hurricane Katrina kicked me out. I went to my mom's in Leesville to ride out the storm, only to find out that I couldn't go back to my beautiful apartment on the west bank (Algiers) and that I was no longer employed. so, with my sweats and flip flops, I went to Baton rouge (where I begged floor to sleep on from whoever had it) and found a job working for FEMA. Ironic, right?

While working for FEMA, I met (and later married) a firefighter from Columbus, OH that was sent to help with the rescue efforts.

We got married on February 2, 2008 (during Mardi Gras) on the Steamboat Natchez in New Orleans and then had our honeymoon right there in the Big Easy, drinking, watching parades and exploring the city. I got married in a red dress and we had King Cake for the reception.

I don't regret any of it!

New Orleans holds a special place in my soul.


Looking forward to the rest of the month now!

Very nice -- thanks for the chance. I'm pretty much in awe of Denyse Schmidt :) AND I THINK YOU OWE ME AFTER ALL THE MONEY I'VE SPENT ON THE SALES YOU POINT OUT!!! (kidding, of course!)

Let's see... I went to New Orleans about 10 years ago and loved it...yummy beignets and muffalettas! BUT I never got to try crawfish, and I've regretted it since. So that is my one big quest for next visit to New Orleans!

I would love to go to New Orleans for the food! Eating is one of my hobbies, and I get to travel a lot for work, which leads to eating all over the world. Unfortunately New Orleans isn't someplace that I can go for business, so haven't made it there yet.

And, I love NOLA. Crawfish, crawfish, and more crawfish, please. Also, an oyster po'boy.

Blogged here:

You did promise fun and you just weren't kidding. Thanks for the insite regarding Mardi Gras. Being from the Pacific Northwest it's nice to know there is a family version.

I'm a follower.. and can't wait to see what next.

I'm a follower as well.

What a brilliant idea those Mardi Gras ladders are, fabulous for the little ones. Not sure if this is open to international followers but I am entering just in case.

I want to see any part of New Orleans. I was there when I was a tiny thing for the World's Fair in 1984 and that, sadly, is the only time I've been.

Hope you have a fun time at the parade! It's been a great 1st year on the blog!

I've never been to New Orleans, but I have wanted to go to the Jazz Festival ever since my friend (who used to live there) raved about it.

What a neat celebration! Those ladders are perfect!

Happy Bloggerness-aversary !

I am a follower and have been for a few months now !

I'm a follower. Thanks for a great giveaway! Have fun watching the parades.

This isn't necessarily a sight I'd like to see in New Orleans, but I'd love to try an authentic beignet sometime.

Yahoo! This is a great giveaway Kaelin!!!!!

I'm a follower!!!! I'd follow you anywhere....except if there are roaches where you're going. I hate roaches. I won't follow you if there are roaches involved. he he

I want to go on an eating bonanza in New Orleans! There are some fantastic places to eat there!

Mardi gras looks fun! Congrats on your year blogiversary!

I am a follower! Thanks for the giveaway :)

I'm a follower in Google Reader, and I don't have a blog, so I'll skip #3. ;-)

I've been to New Orleans only once, and it was a fantastic trip. I'd really love to come back again, just to see things from an older, wiser perspective.

I love that boy cool.

I have always wanted to go to Jazz fest in New Orleans.. been to Mardi Gras, (but that was in my days)

Oh that parade looks like so much fun, thank you for the chance to win some great prizes.

I follow you and LOVE IT!!!

Great giveaway! I've been having my eye on those Monaluna prints and would LOVE to win them!

I've been reading your blog for a while, but I'm now an official follower.

I've never been anywhere in the south. This may be a bit morbid, but I would love to see some of the cemeteries in New Orleans. The ones where I live are pretty flat and boring. I've seen some amazing ones in NY and I think New Orleans would have incredibly interesting cemeteries.

Have posted this on my blog....told you it took me a while LOL.

I'd LOVE to get those boy prints to do some sewing for my little man :)

I follow :)

I'd love to experience the food and nightlife of New Orleans.

Nice giveaway! I have been wanting the beach mod!

I would love to run the Rock n Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon in New Orleans! Thanks for the giveaway!

I've always wanted to check out the architecture in New Orleans. All those old southern style house...gorgeous.

You Mardi Gras looks a whole lot more fun than what we see on TV. Thanks for the opportunity to enter your great giveaway. Congratulations on your blogiversary!!

I am a regular follower of your wonderful blog.

Great giveaways(s)!! please enter me!

One of the things I have always wanted to do in New Orleans is to view and visit some of the wonderful old manors there.

I just love that fabric.. it is SO fun!

I am a follower of your blog thru Google

I've been to New Orleans, but I havn't seen the Mardi Gras parade, so I would love to go during Mardi Gras..whooo hooo

Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for the opportunity

Happy blogiversary!! And wow, Mardi Gras looks like fun!

Great post
Great giveaway
Count me in please!

I've never been to the US but I'd love to visit New Orleans to see the Mardi Gras - and to meet you of course!!

Great blog! Love this giveaway!


I would just love to go to New Orleans, or anywhere in america again. Ive been to New York once and it was not enough! America has so much more stuff and so many more interesting things than here in the UK in my opinion!

Happy anniversary :)
Pfi, such a great giveaway. I never touched designer's oganic cotton, can;t wait to see it.

I'm a follower from the last giveaway :D

oooh, so exciting, I love love love giveaways!

and I am also a follower :-)

OMG! such a generous giveaway!!! tks fr sharing!

i'm yr follower, always;)

Oh wow, what a great giveaway!! (and that family Mardi Gras looks like so much fun, I had no idea they do that!

Congrats on the blogiversary! I wish you at least 50 of blogging:)

I'm an old follower - old at your blog and after 30:)

I've never been to NOLA, but I would love to see everything. I especially want to try and beignet! mmmm... they look so yummie!

I'm a faithful follower!

Hmmmm..... I've just always wanted to see the cool cemeteries and, of course, EAT!!!!

I have always wanted to see the French Quarter!

First thank you for taking the time to share how different the Mardi Gras are, it is so true what you described as the "other" type is all we do see on the news. It was very interesting. Love the ladder idea, very clever.

I would love to be entered into your drawing, the fabrics are so lovely, thank you for the opportunity.

Ann Flowers

#2. I am a follower may I please have a second entry:)

Ann Flowers

#3. i posted about your giveaway on my blog. Who could pass up a opportunity to win gorgeous fabrics:0

Ann Flowers

Thanks for showing a side of Mardi Gras we don't see on TV - this looks like good family fun. Have a wonderful time! Thanks for a chance.

Ack! I just decided to add this line to my wish list! Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

...AND I already follow you in greader!

#4. What would I like to see if i came to New Orleans. Well my family love geocaching(which is a treasure hunting game where you use a GPS to hide and seek containers with other participants in the activity) these containers are EVERYWHERE literally, in New Orleans the park called City Park has 70 caches in and around that whole area. It would be so fun see all you have there including the botanical garden, while caching:)

Ann Flowers

...AND I'd be excited to visit New Orleans to try some new food! Almost all of our trips end up revolving around local food. Beignets? PLEASE.

Thank you for all your photos. It looks like you had a great time. I have been coveting the fabric for a while. I LOVE it. I am just getting in to quilting and have 3 yards of random fabric so far so I would love to add this to my stash and actually make something. :)

I would love to participate in the clean, family friendly version of Mardi Gras and I would really like to try an authentic King Cake. I have had one here (in Florida) but I hear New Orleans ones are way better.

Happy Blogaversary! You are already at the parade, but I'm sitting at home waiting for the baby sitter to I have time to enter your giveaway! But we'll see you soon at Muses!

Well I'm clearly a follower. I'm even following you in person! lol. Teehee!

what would I do in New Orleans? Well I'd have a sew along weekend with my fabulous sewing gals! Of course, I might have to go to Jac'imo's first!

I'm a follower. That fabric is so cute and the book looks inspiring. Jacinta

Do to in New Orleans? That was tough having both worked and lived by for a number of years. But there is always something - a ride on the Steamboat! Just too expensive to have splurged on that.

Mardi Gras sounds like so much fun. Hope you had a great time.

Happy blogiversary.

I always get a little smile when I see a post pop up in reader bacause I know I am in for something good.

Already a follower :-)

I want to see the giant railway clock from The Curious Case of Ben Button, please tell me it is actually a real clock (although not the majical part).

It is the small things that ammuse me :)

Have wanted to go to New Orleans for years. I have heard so much about it, but have never had the chance to go. There is a restaurant in NZ I often go to that has Creole food and that's about the closest I ever get to getting there!

I've blogged about your giveaway. Jacinta

And what a fun fabric to giveaway! I just discovered it through Fat Quarterly's March Madness. :)

I've followed in google reader for awhile but now I follow visibly too!

Oooh la la! Such a fun giveaway! Have fun at Mardi Gras!

I have been to New Orleans, but the last time was for hurricane relief. Soooo, I'd love to see it all spiffed up!

I would love to simply visit New Orleans (and eat! lots!)!

I think I would just love to walk the streets of New Orleans listening to the sounds and checking out the sights. I'm sure it would be fun filled. I have flown over it though. The view was amazing! Jacinta

Thanks for the giveaway! Love that fabric.

what a fun giveaway, and happy blogiversary!

I'm also a follower. Thanks again.

I want to go to Cafe du Monde and try a beignet...I've heard about them, but never been there to have one!

I have to admit that I've never had a strong desire to go to New Orleans. But I do think I need an exposure to good Cajun food, so I'd hit up the food locations. Have a fun vacation.

Happy Bloggie-versary! Well done on such a successful blog!

Gee, I would love to see everything and anything in New Orleans - Mardi Gras, the food, Bourbon Street, the paddlesteamers, the colour and life ot all appeals and is so different to Australia where I live.

That fabric is so adorable! Congrats on your big day :)

Happy happy one year blogiversary!

Love that fabric. I have been checking out that bundle! Its so cute!

I have actually been to N.O. and Mardi Gras. (not the family version)
I wouldn't mind going back one day, but the crowds were horrible!!
Hopefully I can come and visit someday, not to see the city though...just a couple cool blog chicks I know.

We were driving from FL to TX last month and stopped for dinner is your lovely downtown NO and had the best seafood! Yes, I'm coming back for more great seafood!

Thanks for the giveaway!

I am already a follower!

I don't know why there's hate for LA!! There is so much to do there, but a personal favorite seeing as I live in a state with repressive alcohol laws is to get drive through daiquiris! My sister lives outside of NO and it's always fun to visit.

I'm definitely going to a Saints game!! Who dat?!

happy bloggaversary! have fun at all the mardi gras festivities!!

i've added the giveaway on my blog under fabrics fabrics!

i've never been to new orleans, i would love to check out all the fun that's mardi gras!! maybe next year?

Wow, what a fun giveaway, please count me in and happy blogiversary!

I never knew there were two Mardi Gras. I would like the family friendly version MUCH better. Is it the same time as the other Mardi Gras?

As far as New Orleans, I have a lovely friend who grew up there, so I'd love to visit, and I'd especially like to try the food!

I follow your blog with Bloglines.

I've been to New Orleans once and decided that the next time we go there I want to ride one of the horse drawn carriages around town.

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