April 13, 2011

Good News & Bad News

The bad news is that I'm pretty sure the Bubonic Plague has resurrected itself from Medieval times and infected me, so today's post will be short and sweet because after I finish typing this, I'm going to pop in the Sound of Music, wallow on the sofa in a tissue-covered mass of self pity, and then slip slowly into madness a coma.

The good news is that I received my Make Mine Modern package yesterday, and it was GLORIOUS!!! I seriously can't believe all the cool little goodies she sent me. I'm super excited because it all revolved around the Parisville line, and even though I stinking love that line, before this I really didn't have much fabric from it. But now that has been remedied, thanks to my awesome partner MyFabricObsession (aka Rebecca)! You can't see the title in the photo below, and I forgot to snap a photo by itself, but the book she got me is "I Love Patchwork", which had been on my "to buy" list for far too long :)

The hoop is my favorite, so I'll show that part first :) You won't believe how tiny and intricate some of her stitches are.

Even the back is adorable!

A pincushion/storage pockets/hanging scrap basket all rolled into one...

A precious wee bundle of Parisville fat quarters (and what's that pink piece of felt on the top?)

Why it's a wee baby needle book!

But that's not all folks! In one of our discussion forums, I mentioned wanting some kind of organizer for the 1.2 million remotes and game controllers floating about in our living room, so she made me this remote holder to drape over the arm of the sofa. I'm so excited...you don't even know.

...and there's even a big pocket behind the remote section for a magazine, tv guide, etc. She's so awesome! I love all the little details she worked into all my items :)


Wow girl......you scored big time. What a blessing! Hope you feel better soon!

What a wonderful gift for when you are feeling poorly. Those are so pretty!

lucky you!!! it's pictures like this and all the fun people are having making their packages that have convinced me to try to get in on the next round of MMM!

Hope that you're feeling better soon!

I've just recovered from the plague myself and it was horrible. Hope you feel better soon sweetie! Lovely goodies you've got at least you have some pretty fabrics to look at while you're ill.

WIshing you better- we've all had stuff here too, it must be going around the world, but what lovely goodies to console your poorly self! A what a thoughtful partner, the remote control holder is a triumph!

What a great swap package!!!!! I really love that remote holder. The first time I looked at it, I didn't realize the hoop was stitched, it's SO week done!!

You made out this time 'round. I just love the remote controller organizer.

Hope you feel better

Isn't Becky the best? She was my partner in Spicing up the Kitchen, and she totally pegged me as well! I love the package she assembled for you. The hoop is fantastic!

Dude. You made out like a BANDIT! Though the plague is a high price to pay for settling in and enjoying your remove pockets. Get better soon!

I'm so glad you like everything! And I hope the remote organizer fits your couch too. I would have done that in Parisville, but I was thinking of your hubby. Mine hates the cameos and would not have been thrilled for me to hang them in the family room! Enjoy!

Hey, did you see Rashida featured your pencil case on her blog today?! Small world :) I {heart} her book -- made the calendar from it for a friend for Christmas this year, and had a blast! Hope you're feeling better...

WOW! What a great swap package! Congrats on the pencil case too, it's soo cute!

Isn't it fabulous to get a wonderful swap package from someone who totally gets you?

Oh, I'm sorry! I got so excited about your swap package I totally forgot you have the plague. Get well soon!!!

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