April 5, 2011

Make Mine Modern Swap

I've had all of my small items for my partner in the Make Mine Modern swap planned out for months. But I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do for my big project. All I knew is that I wanted to use some of Kate Spain's Central Park line. I've always been kind of middle-of-the-road when it comes to her fabric lines...I don't like or dislike them....but Central Park I love (and I thought my partner would too). So I ran over to my LQS, grabbed a bundle of Ms. Spain's fabrics, and waited for inspiration to strike.

The design I came up with isn't revolutionary, but I love the simple look of it, and it makes me smile :)  The Seneca print from Central Park is my favorite, and I chose not to cut it into tiny pieces because I wanted the lovely Springtimeyness of the flowers to shine. So I cut some large (well...large for a doll quilt) 3" blocks and started playing around with things. I decided to make uber tiny pieced blocks to counteract the large-scale print (I have Crystal to thank for getting me addicted to the look of tiny 1" blocks), so I whipped out my scrap bins and went to work.

As of right now the quilt measures 22" x 17", but I may or may not add some additional sashing. I'm undecided because I also like the thought of leaving it as is and binding with an orange and white print. Time will tell :)

(Sorry this picture looks a little dingy, but I'm running on a couple hours of sleep and I'm too tired to mess with Photoshop right now!)

I love Joel Dewberry's coordinates. That honeycomb print is the cat's pajamas!

The deadline for both my Make Mine Modern items and my doll quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap 10 is April 15th, so I need to shake a tailfeather! I'm gonna try and hunker down in my sewing cave this weekend and finish everything before Monday. Wish me luck!


Cute! Orange is a favourite colour of mine, so perfect choices!

LOVE this- your parter will just adore it :)

"Good Luck...You can do it!" Lovely little quilt!

It is simple,clean and bright! Really nice quilt!

Love the orangey redness of this little quilt!

That's a beautiful and happy quilt! You didn't ask for my opinion but I'll give it anyway - maybe think about a blue or green binding?

fantastic! Central park just calls for simplicity with it's gorgeous colors!

I agree - the colors are beautiful!

I love Central Park, too. Your quilt is so bright and cheerful. Lovely.

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