April 11, 2011

My insanity + finished Doll Quilt Swap 10 photos :)

Saturday morning was pure madness. I got my dates mixed up and thought the DQS10 mailing deadline was the 15th instead of the 10th, so I was up until 1:30 the night before watching TRON Legacy/hand sewing the final parts of my doll quilt. I kinda love hand quilting for that reason...because I can be semi-normal person (instead of a crazed lunatic behind a loud sewing machine) and watch movies with friends and fam while simultaneously sewing and gettin' stuff done. But as I was saying...I was up until 1:30 a.m. the night before, and we had a MQG Weekend Sew at Angela's house at 10 a.m., so when I overslept that morning until 9...it didn't help my situation at all. It takes me 20-30 minutes to drive through New Orleans traffic and get to Angela's, and I had to mail out my doll quilt before I went over there, plus pack up all my sewing accouterments and load them into the car for the sew...ugh...it makes me tired and frazzled just thinking about it again!

I managed to throw on some clothes (sans shower), run around the apartment grabbing all my stuff while trying not to trip over Whiskers (he was juking around at my feet the entire time because he thought we were playing a fun "running around" game), get on the internet and write down my partner's address, and head out the door carrying enough crap to qualify as a crazy bag lady. All I needed was a trash bag of empty Coke cans and the image would have been complete. So I get to the post office, realize that I forgot to take pictures, so there I was at 9:30 a.m. at the post office, snapping photos like a lunatic in the grassy median in between parking spaces. I finish the photos, call Angela to let her know I'm running 30 minutes late, walk into the post office, when I realize I left my partner's address and all the "extras" for her swap package in the car. I had to dig out my keys (with one hand since I'm on the phone), unlock the car, grab her stuff, and then literally turn and run back into the post office in order to beat out the 4 other people walking toward the door who would have gotten ahead of me in line. I scrawled a message to my partner and stuffed everything into the box while standing in line, and mailed it away (almost forgetting to get Delivery Confirmation).

I finally get to my car and start driving to Angela's, when I realize I kinda smell like hot garbage since I didn't have time to shower and had been running around in the sticky, blazing 89 degree weather (yes, it was the early a.m. on an April morning and almost 90 degrees...welcome to New Orleans). Since deodorant isn't exactly something you can borrow from someone..."hey, can I rub the deodorant you'll use every day hereafter on my smelly, sweaty pits?"...I had to make yet another stop at Walgreens. But at least I found a new scent I liked...Lemongrass & Mint...and I picked up a Coke Zero because some stress Coke was in order. Sometimes, when I'm tempted to think I'm normal and everyone else is crazy, I need to remember what I probably look like to other people whenever I stand in front of the deodorant section at Walgreens for a full 5 minutes taking the caps off of deodorants and whiffing back and forth between 3 different scents. They're probably thinking something like "is she trying to get high?" or "for the love of God lady, pick one because I need to get in there and grab something!"

So anyway, you didn't need to know that at all. I just thought I'd share some of my general madness with you so you could feel more normal and "together" than me, lol! I have so many irons in the fire at any given time, that I'm usually running around like a chicken with it's head off.

Here are the post office median photos that I took :) The pictures don't do it justice because the colors of the thread are much brighter in person and show up more. I feel it's kinda hard to make out the scene I stitched from these photos.

Mr. Bunny's Treehouse

Mr. Bunny and son hopping out of their hole

The treetop. I used two different colors of green thread.

The sunset.

The back.

My swap package. I threw in a couple KJR fat quarters and some of my favorite straight pins. It's funny, because my partner emedoodle put some of these yellow pins in my swap package, and I'd already bought some of these muti-colored ones to put in my partner's package a few weeks back. Great minds think alike :)


You're a pip! Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!

Love the quilt. Your hand quilting really adds to the entire look! Beautiful!!

Love the quilt. Gorgeous. And the description of you at Walgreens made me laugh. Yes, I've done that.

I really enjoyed your post. Makes me feel somewhat "normal", whatever that is.

you know they extended the deadline for the swap till today... Monday...lol

The stitching is wonderful, the story with the coke and deo was hillarious!

Kaelin, that's hysterical, and I love it! Sounds like many a "normal" day for me! The doll quilt is fantastic - great idea, that quilting!

Your quilt is adorable, and well worth the insanity! I just love the hand-stitching, especially the tree!

loved reading your story - it made me laugh!

You made me laugh today, Kaelin - thanks for putting your insanity out there for my amusement. And your quilt is absolutely beautiful.

Beautiful doll quilt! I'm the same with with deodorants and other scented things. You gotta choose just the right scent. :)

The quilt is so cute! And your mad dash did make me laugh a little. So been there!

Good golly Miss Molly! That is beautiful!!!!!

Your quilt is so much fun. I love the stitched tree and sunset, and the fabrics you've used!

trust me everyone...it was even funnier to be the one on the phone with her while she was doing all of these things! lol. Kaelin, I'm so pleased that the silver lining is your new deodorant scent! Woohoo!

Oh too fun- I am just as crazy- you are definitely in good company :)!! And you made me giggle pretty good- I really needed that tonight!! Sweet dreams and hope the rest of your week is less crazy :)

I hate to laugh at your crazy day, but the thought of what other people must have been thinking while you were taking pictures in a post office parking lot have me giggling pretty hard! You definitely win the race of the most insane day this weekend!!

I love this post. I was cracking up laughing, and my 3 yr old son comes running in wondering what he's missing! This post is too funny! Thank you for sharing. Makes me feel a bit more sane!
Funny at Steve's comment uptop that the deadline was extended. That's the way it would work!! Congrats on your 101 Patchwork...!

The bunnies are adorable! I love the story, too. Great post!

Awesome story! Your quilt turned out great!!

Love the quilt. You are NOT the only one who stands in the deodorant aisle. It's terrible to have to smell deodorant all day that you don't love, and considering that one tube will last months, that's a LONG time to smell something EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I'll have to go check out the lemongrass mint!

Oy, I thought that smell Saturday was just your pits, but now I know it was lemon grassy stinky pits and dirty hair. omg - how gross! lol.

The swap quilt came out totally adorable! :)

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